Starting Sorceress - does the following Hotkey setup work? <

Ed from Russia

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Starting Sorceress - does the following Hotkey setup work?

I am starting on my first sorceress, I still haven't decided whether to go for Meteorb or Blizzard/Firewall. Single player PvM.

Do you think it's feasible to have the following set-up (assuming Meteorb):
Weapon switch 1: Fireball left, Meteor right
Weapon switch 2: Glacial Spike left, Orb right

This will allow me to with one button between Cold and Fire. The only other spell I need to use regularly is Teleport, so I'll need to hotkey this together with Meteor and Orb (e.g. on Z-X-C).

The consequence of this is that I will need 2 weapons and 2 shields, which is both good (can be specialized for specific tree) and bad (harder to get proper gear).

This then leads to my next question:
Is there a point in using 2 weapons, or will you at some point use only one weapon? I have to admit that I am not up-to-speed with the Sorceress-specific equipment yet.


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As a general rule, I don't like weapon switching too much. Partly due to laziness, and partly due to the annoyance of constantly switching. As it is, my Blizzball often has to weapon switch to use her CtA, but at least that is within a set period of time.

If your theory is that it will allow you to use specialised weaponry, then you are correct, but imo, it is still too much of a bother. We're talking about stuff like Death's Fathom for the FO switch, and a +3 sorc skills fire Eschuta's for the FBall switch. And in any case, as a Meteorb or a Blizzball, you really should be aiming for full Tal's.

With full Tal's, MF'ing a 2 CM 2 FM Tal's orb is going to take some time. When you do find it, you would want to use FBall, Meteor and FO all on the same primary switch which you use for that Tal's orb.

If you set up your hot-keys well and within easy access of your keyboard hand, switching between FBall, Meteor and FO (all on the same switch), as well as the utility skills like TK, Tele, Static, etc., will be easy. This will also keep your secondary switch free for pre-buff gear, like Shiver Armour from an orb/staff, or if you're rich, a CtA.

Why Blizzard/Firewall? It works, but it's not as fast. Do you mean Blizz/FBall?


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Go meteorb! (ok, maybe blizzballer) But yes, either way use full tals.

I wouldn't bother with 2 weapons and shields. I just put fireball on left click and let my right click vary between FO and teleport. I have my MF gear on (alibaba and Rhyme) weapon switch and those are generally set at Fireball (left) and FO (right). I don't cast too many meteors at all - too slow.

I have thought about keeping a 2nd tal orb as my 2nd weapon switch (paired with a 4x IST Monarch). This way you keep your set bonuses intact, keeping most of your firepower. The downside would be that you're loosing out on all the MF of gull/alibaba. I only time I weapon swap is just before dealing the killing blow anyway, so there's not much need for killing power there.

For most meteorbs you don't put any points in glacial spike. It doesn't help your orb at all, and it's a weal spell by itself. Maybe you were thinking of Blizzballers who use glacial spike to increase the freeze duration of their blizzard? (But then they don't use frozen orb, just blizzard)

-edit - damn he types fast.

Ed from Russia

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I was thinking of Blizzard/Firewall because I like the Blizzard spell a lot, and it seems to be a bit less common so at least a bit original. Plus, from my other characters (mainly fishymancer) I know how annoying Blizzard and Firewall can be. I'll reconsider.

Advise on gear is great, but at this moment I have no access to a proper connection since I moved, so I play offline for now. I plan to get back online within the coming months, so I'll use your advise then.

Ed from Russia

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To add:
Apart from using different weapons I figured that with weapon switch you can change both your right and left spells with one button. Naturally if you don't use glacial spike that's not a requirement.

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It's better to keep always the primary setup. You may want to alternate Fireball and Orb, when you have lots of cold AND fire immunes on your screen.
Like most I always keep FBall on left and hotkey Meteor/Orb/Tele/Static/TK on the right button...