Starting from scratch?


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Is there any way of starting from total scratch again in this game? While I like the shared stash, now I haven't played in years so I deleted my old chars and started a new one as I couldn't remember anything from my old chars anyway. But I still got a large storage with some items in and I got quite a few advancements in crafting, is there a way to reset this. I played originally on Europe server, quitted came back and switched to American servers for a clean start, but I really don't want to start on asian servers. So can I clean it out sometimes. I know reinstalling won't help as I got a new PC since last time and that didn't change anything? I think it should be possible to clean start everything if you want. (With a lot of warning so you don't accidental delete your chars and progress).

So can it be done? And if yes. How?


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No, it cannot be done. That's why Blizzard created Seasons.

Diablo is pretty cheap these days. I would suggest buying another copy and playing on a new account.