Starting character

Which act is your favorite questing act?

  • Act 1

    Votes: 16 24.6%
  • Act 2

    Votes: 9 13.8%
  • Act 3

    Votes: 7 10.8%
  • Act 4

    Votes: 24 36.9%
  • Act 5

    Votes: 9 13.8%
  • I hate questing

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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You'd probably get a more even responce in the comminity forum. But I'd say the best starting chars are Meteorbs, Blizzballers (both Sorcs) or Fishymancer (Necro - who's not on your poll somehow). They can all be pretty successful on a low budget. Everyone else comes in a distant 2nd place.

(I'm really curious who said Druid? IMHO they make lousy char's even when you have good gear)


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MageChick said:
(I'm really curious who said Druid? IMHO they make lousy char's even when you have good gear)
Lucky for you that you didn't post this in the Druid forum... they would eat you! I have a Wind druid who is decked out pretty well and he's great. I'm waiting for a 3 socket Tomb Reaver with at least decent ED% to drop so that I can build a 4 frame Fury/Rabies werewolf. They are great and cool too. Those seem to be the two mainstream ones. Then comes the Summoner, Fireclaws Werebear, Mauler, Shockwave Bear, Fire Elemental Druid, etc.

Flumpyness said:
rofl i did forget necro btw is blizzballer the blizzard and fireball?


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Nope. Skill bonuses fully affect the masteries, synergies require hard points.

If you're not going to get more than maybe +10 to skills you might want to
put some more points into CM though, up to about lvl 17 including +skills.
FM is best kept at about the same level as the second fireball synergy.
For example, if you max fireball and meteor, keep firebolt and fire mastery
at about the same base lvl.


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If you want to see how masteries and synergies work -check this out. Synergies and Masteries Explained by PhatTrumpet.

Its a little more complicated than that, but its a good starting place I guess. It really depends on how much +skill gear you have. In order to maximize your damge you are basically balancing a two part equasion.


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It's a great guide for blizzballers. You'll see the first respond that he got was someone telling him to use more than 1 pt in CM. It'd debatable. I will say that you want to get to a minimum of slvl 17 for CM. If you go a few points above that - that's fine too. For every dual tree sorc there is - you have have choose where to put your limited number of skill points. There just isn't enough points to go around. The more in CM, then the less you have in synergies, or the less you have in the fire tree.

If you stick sctrictly to the guide you will do fine though.


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Frostburn is the resident blizzballer expert. But this should be 99% accurate

Blizzballer - assuming lvl 90 with all skill quests. This skill distro is set up for maximum damage against 0% resistant monsters. If you aren't quite that high, then your Ice Bolt probably won't be as high. Some people also like to pump Glacial spike, but you don't get any extra damage out of it, so I wouldn't spend more than a few points here. If you want to maximize damage against a more resitant monster, then add more cold mastery and reduce your blizzard synergies (say baal who's 50% resistant - add 10 more points in CM - you can also add in some cold facets which will get you both more damage and save you 1 point each in CM.)

Cold Skills
Ice Bolt (9+) points. Prerequisite, Synergy - keep adding here after lvl 90
Ice Blast (20) points. Prerequisite, Synergy, Secondary Fast Cast Spell
Glacial Spike (1) point. Prerequisite, Synergy
Frost Nova (1) point. Prerequisite
Blizzard (20) points. Main Timered Spell
Cold Mastery (1) point.

Fire Skills
Fire Bolt – (1) point. Prerequisite
Warmth (1) point. Increases the rate at which mana is regenerated.
Inferno – (1) point. Perquisite
Blaze – (1) point. Perquisite
Fire Wall – (1) point. Perquisite
Fire Ball – (20) points. Main fast cast spell, Synergy for Meteor.
Meteor – (20) points. Secondary Timered spell, Synergies for Fireball
Fire Mastery – (1) point.

Lightening Skills
Telekinesis (1) point. Prerequisite for Teleport.
Static (1) point
Teleport (1) point

Helm: Tal Rasha's (socketed P Topaz)
Weapon: Tal Rasha's Orb (2/2/2, socketed Ist)
Shield: Spirit Monarch (35% Fast Cast)
Armor: Tal Rasha's (socketed P Topaz)
Belt: Tal Rasha's
Gloves: Magefists (up'd 2x)
Boots: War Trav's *this doesn't matter for damage sake, just using something for comparison sake (and they are darn good MF boots)
Amulet: Tal Rasha's
Rings: 2x SOJ's
Charms in Inventory:
Sorc Torch


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Hey mage that stuff you gave me, DGen is my cousin, and he wants to start so can you help him get on my account n give the stuff to his accnt?


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May I vote either Fishy or Druid? I didn't see necro on the voting thingy so I voted Druid.

Good luck and Good hunting! Owoooo!!!


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Re: Starting character

I like act 2 it feels huge while giving you a lot of side places ( tombs, at etc ) to explore and kill.


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Re: Starting character

I think my favorite starting character is act 4, the rewards are great even though there aren't very many quests and she can kill really fast.



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Re: Starting character

What should i have as my starting character
I usually do a necro (summoner) or a blizz sorc. I've gotten bored with doing summoners though ... they can get boring to play. Now with 1.13 you can go full blizzard through nightmare and then respec to something dual tree like meteorb or whatever floats your boat.