Starting an Amazon


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Starting an Amazon

Im just curious what spells to max out. I was thinking of maxing out lightning fury, 10 on jab, 1 on guided arrow, and maxed out valkery. Tell me what u think, i am open to any suggestions.

P.S. I already have titans revenge, t-god, magewrath bow, and i'm looking for valkery wing.


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go to this thread for a lot of usefull guides and information.

what kind of zon did you wanna make? looks like you want to make a hybrid. there's a couple good guides in that thread for them. dont use jab if you do one point is sufficient.

for a lightning zon go with;
20 lightning fury
20 charged strike
20 into a synergy
17-20 into valk

1 or more into all of the passive tree making sure to have a decent amout of pierce either through skills or gear (razortail)

for killing lightning immunes there's several ways to go about it. personally i liked using demon limb for good fire damage. with this you dont have to switch weapons in mid battle. either use jab for extremely fast attacks with the fire damag or charged strike. big mobs are easy try to hit them from an angle that will maximize the number of times that the first jav pierces and splits. charged strike single creatures/bosses (works best on "big" creatures).

for more specific info check out the stickie


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jritschel said:
Whats synergy. I didnt see it under any of th spells.
^^ Since you are new to the game, I suggest you going to the arreat summit website and read more about the amazon skills.

Synergy is a feature of the game that putting points into one skill increase the dmg/effectiveness of another skill.

If you really want to make a hybrid for your first zon out of the equipment you listed, then maybe

20 Freezing Arrow
20 Cold Arrow
20 Charged Strike
20 Lightning Fury
1 in all pre-req
Rest in Valky

I suggest this because the bow you have (Magewrath) isn't a very good physical dmg bow.


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Hmm I dont really want to be focusing that much on the bow (just to be used as a backup). So i was wondering if impale is any good? Or any other good jav/magic spells. Thanks


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yeah i said hybrid then wound up not putting any bow skills... you dont need impale in fact there's a sticky at top of page about impale, something about even a person wanting to try and maximize impale to the fullest decideng that even then it's not good. without a good bow just ignore bow entirely and get an alternative to lightning damage through your jav skills. popular options are having demon's arch + tiamats rebuke on switch for tons of elemental damage that isnt all lightning or like i mentioned having demon limb enchant charges on switch. i prefer the 2nd option for the reason i mentioned wich is you dont have to switch mid battle to deal with lightning immues.... a pack of lighting immues will be a bit of a problem for you even with good alternative damage so you'll just have to learn how to keep your merc and valk in the battle. throw up a decoy near all 3 of you to take some hits and try to stay near valk+merc so you arent surrounded. when battleing light immues a one point jab with one of those gear alternatives is the way to go, it attacks at a superfast rate.

if you're not focusing on bow skill wise you'd need a really good bow like faith, windforce, etc. since you dont have those as options i'd just stick entirely to jav skills with a hefty valk+merc team. plan out what you're going to do about lightning immues and you should be okay.