Starting again...Questions


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Starting again...Questions

Hi all! I used to be around here a few years ago and now I'm just starting all over. Since I have nothing, notta, zilch, I figure the smartest thing to do is build something that is as least dependent on gear as possible. Right now I have 1 guy, a lvl 26 Sorc mid way through act 3 norm. I play single player, completely untwinked, using only what I find. I might use the RWM later on if I ever find the runes to make it worthwhile.

Anyway, my question is this: Meteorb or Blizzballer?

I could go either way since I haven't wasted any points. Blizzball sounds fun, but it seems to rely on having alot of +skills gear which scares me since right now I have no + skill items and no idea when or what I'll find down the road.

So what would some you guys with experience suggest?

My main goals are:
1. Being able to solo through the whole game(SP)
2. Being able to MF in all the popular places within a reasonable time.
3. Not dying very much because dying s**ks(LOL) and I'm an old man with a family so losing experience really hurts due to limited playing time.

Also, what about blocking vs life? I could go either way here too. So far, I haven't put any points into dex,vit or eng.

TIA....I'm really impressed this forum is so active after all these years. I guess that says alot about the kind of people playing this game.


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a hush came over the crowd. No one spoke. He approached the podium. He whispered one word - meteorb...

sorry, it must be past my bed time. I'll try to come up with something better tomorrow. But for anyone that's seen me post in the last 3 months they probably new what I was going to say. Meteorb is my favorite char. Meats all your goals and does it pretty cheaply. I'm also a big fan of spirit shields so that kinda means max vit (no block).

You should get some decent gear after a while. Try to hit the 63% FCR breakpoint if possible. But that will probably take a while to find good gear. +skills are always nice, but not the greatest. It takes a good balance of skills, FCR, FHR, Resists, Life, Mana, and MF to enjoy the game.

In NM you should be finding some 4os crystal swords. Make a spirit sword. If you ever find a monarch - make a spirit shield too. This isn't too hard even untwinked. For armor and helm Vipermagi (up'd if possible) is a good setup. Lore runeword is the good one for early sorcs right? Ort+Sol if I remember right. Oh yea - get an insight merc as early as possible. He'll really help with the mana problem most sorcs have early on. Gloves/Boots/Belts - just go with whatever you can find that has resists, +stats, FHR or MF.

Your perfect setup (who doesn't know what I'm going to say next - anyone?)

Full Tal
Perfect Spirit
Magefists (up'd)
Rings of your choice (Nagels for MF or SOJ's for mana+skills are probably best)
Boots of your choice (war travs for the MF are nice)

this setup will get you to the 105% FCR breakpoint. (if you can't get a perfect spirit, just use a FCR Ring.) Get a charm (or 2) that will give you 6% more FHR to hit the 86% breakpoint. You'll have nice resists, good MF, lots of skills and -enemy resistance (even before you facet any of your gear) *but you'll probably never get all this stuff completly untwinked, sorry


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Thanks for the tips. I know I'll probably never have all the godly stuff but thats ok. Before when I played I had a lvl90ish Strafezon and it was actually less fun after I had most of the elite gear.

As for blocking....Is there any reason for the all or nothing approach? i.e. max block or none. Would say, 60% or 50% block and more life be a bad choice?

Anyway, thanks again.


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Many forumites here choose one or the other. The reason is you usually want your endgame character to have good stats. If you go max block, you should continue to the end otherwise all those points in dex will go to waste. :smiley:


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I started over also a week ago, I'm now a level 71 Meteorb, Vipermagi, Wizspike, Whistan's (sorry I went block), Tal belt, Magefist, MF rings, ammy and belt. And a Pierre Combalt thingy for my merc with some decent rare helm/armour. All untwinked and either found by me or traded for things I found. And a mule full of low-mid level items waiting for buyers.

I can easily do Meph/Andy/Countess/Baal/Cow runs in NM. Still having some trouble soloing Hell, but a little more MFing for better gear and I'll be fine.