Starting A SSummoner


Starting A SSummoner

hey all, I jsut ddi a full restart, and am making a summoning necro. Just curious, but since it's single player, I am going to have to actually do work to gain levels. Normally on battlenet, I would jsut do runs and leech, so it wouldn't matter what order I maxed skills in, but it will in single player. Just curious, can anyone give me a rough idea as to where my skill points should go?


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First one point in Amp, Raise Skeleton & Skeleton Mastery. Then it's just maxing RS -> SM -> CE (and points in utilities in between). It's that easy.


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hawkdale said:
Ahh thank you, and sorry for my horrid spelling.. this keyboard is really wierd.

EDIT: No mages?
Mages are pretty much only in the way.


erics said:
You can follow Nightfish's guide.

Mostly you max raise skeleton then skeleton mastery then max corpse explosion.
He did a guide about coffee cup?


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when I do summoners I just work with the first summon available and work down the list though as soon as i can get mages i get a few of those out then go back to maxing skellys


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I've played many summoners up to clvl 96 ... and believe me it takes a long time to do just that because summoner/exploders - while great from players1 to about players5 or so - really lose steam above players5. Some areas you can get by like the Pits where the monsters are relatively easy. I would not like to do Baal runs with a summoner/exploder on p8 that's for sure. Well, unless I had a BEAST beserker axe/caddy along with perhaps a DOOM polearm for my merc. :jig: But that ain't gonna happen.

Anyways, this is my experience and recommendation(s):

- max skeletons first, then mastery.

- put only one point into clay golem and let +skills bring your CG to respectable levels.

- put one hard point into mages and revives and let your +skills help you out.
I feel that 6 or so mages and 13 or so revives from only 2 hard points is well worth it considering your skill tree(s). Especially the revives. One point into revives and you can get 13 or so hard hitting, virtually indestructable meat shields. That's awesome. Especially when you can review Urdars for Meph and Baal runs. Well, well worth it.

- Okay, corpse explosion. You DON"T have to max CE. While this takes experience ... you'll have your sweet spot of CE radius that you'll enjoy and then it becomes gravy after that. IMO, you can sacrifice or reallocate 4-5 hard skill points into something else. Namely some bone armor and synergies (bone wall/prison) which, once you learn how to use can be extremely powerful and useful. You're gonna get much more out of bone armor/wall/prison which are cheap to cast and are extremely effective in the right skilled hands ... compared to another yard and a half radius of CE. The difference between 8.3 yards and 9.6 yards of CE. Really, let's think about that for a moment. No big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, a Naj's Puzzler on switch is a must for me. I haven't gotten a "godly" necro ammy with tele charges so I use a Naj's with is really nice with the big charge capacity. The pros of a Naj's is that you can minion stack. That's where you tele and pop your whole army right on top of a monster or Meph. Effectively, your whole army meat shields for you and you won't get hit. When running Meph for instance you minion stack, walk back and cast your curse of choice (decrep/amp or both alternating).

Of course, tele is also great for transporting your army and making MF runs more efficient.