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Starting a PvP SS druid

Discussion in 'Druid' started by HaLoPhReAk, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. HaLoPhReAk

    HaLoPhReAk Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 2, 2005
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    Starting a PvP SS druid

    So, for my newpk druid, i've got a druid in hell chaosing, and I am thinking. which way should i do this, my current gear i have right now is:

    Cerebus (high one) or Jalals (i think cerebus)
    Fort (also have nigma..?)
    Angelic ring/ammy (or bk/highlords?)
    Greif PB (darn low)
    Boots: Treks, Gores (which?)
    SS w/ um
    Bloodfist or

    I want to do fury (is rabies as cracked up as it sounds?). Should i do greif pb, ss? Ebotd pole arm or zerker? And yes, i have looked through the guides.
  2. Kiba

    Kiba Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 31, 2005
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    Here is the gear i recommend if you can only afford 1 set of gear with out the switches

    Heres the Physical dmg route

    Jalals with a 30+ed% jewel if you want damage or Um rune if you wanna tank more elemental attacks.

    Fortitude , Highlords , 2x ravens . And keep angelics in stash if your exspecting too fight high def char's but make sure you put in enough dex with angelics equiped too get max block with ss if you use angelics and ravens+ highlord.

    Bloodfist or dracs are good Gore riders are a must and so is grief pb.

    Here is the Rabies route too get high rabie damage but still have decent fury damage.

    Jalals with a pd facet, grief pb
    Bk ring+ raven with a +3 shape shift ammy , goreriders
    40%+ Bramble and as many shape gcs you can get.
    aim for 45k rabies if you use rabies setup

    sorry bout my typing and inferior sentance and spelling skills.
  3. dodobird

    dodobird Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 18, 2006
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    "sorry bout my typing and inferior sentance and spelling skills."

    lol @ that (sry posting from mobile, kant do cool quote thang. (i just used 'thang' lol))

    Ok yea, totally agree, most important thang (yes! 'thang' again) is SS gc's imho, they add ALOT of bonuses. Also, I've tried both and Jalals seems to work so far. I currently use an ebotdz, and am very happy w/ it (use it instead of grief cause the stats seem pretty hawt, but its a personal prefrence). Finally, yea, rabies is the shet, funny kills, and godly for high def chars since you only need one hit to do your thang (lol).
    Sorry in advance I'm a bit drunk (I can still stand), so this post may not be all I wanted it to be. Happy H-ween.


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