Starting a new ww/trap hybrid, hi all and a few questions


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Starting a new ww/trap hybrid, hi all and a few questions

Hi all, I recently decided to make a hybrid assassin (Happy Assassin your guide is excellent, thanks for writing that). I'm coming from a fury wolf who's a lot of fun to play melee but he has problems against casters he can't catch.

So I've leveled my new sin to 83 currently, going to hit 90 b/c I know how important OW is for this build. So far I haven't spent any skill or stat points.

Gear I have acquired so far:

2/24 dancers
mage enigma
fcr/10dex/80 mana/cold res/pois res ring
trangs gloves
2xshadow 12 fhr gcs
5xshadow lifers
2xshadow / dumb mods - max damage i think
and 2 circlets, which brings me to my first question:

Which of these 2 circlets should I go with?
2 sin skills
20 fcr
25 str
103 ar (will be nice to help with ar problems)
37 cold res i think

2 sin skills
20 fcr
17 dex
17 all res
34 poison res

I'm leaning towards the str one because it has more stat points and the AR, and I think I can make up for resists through charms.

My second question involves claw choices for chaos/fury.

How important is it to have the fastest trap breakpoint? (i.e. use runics or greater talons) And what skills do I _need_ on them?

I know I want dragon flight to save stat points, and lightning sentry to increase trap damage.

I'm thinking that both claws need to have dragon flight, so that if I take off chaos and use, for example, an um'd upped tucs' and fury (for OW against casters) I'll have dragon flight on the fury.

Third question - when you do the switch to bramble gear, how do you get the str for all your gear without enigma? Do you need to put hard stat points into str to cover this change?

Lastly, for amulet - I was thinking if I got a 2 sin / 5 fcr amulet I could ditch the fcr ring and wear something with more resists/ar/whatever. Is this advisable? Stick with maras? highlords?

I know this is a lot of questions so thank you for reading through it!



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If you can make up the res from your second circlet then of course use the first, bit of a no brainer.

Trap placement is a very nice thing to have, but not absolutely necessary. I would try as hard as possible to get quick claws, but dont pass off a good claw because its slower like a suwayyah.

You absolutely need +3ls on both of your claws, this is in no way negotiable. You only need df on your chaos claw however, as traps alone arent very good to kill casters with, and if you have df as a skill you wont have dt/dc to kill them with.

Besides that for claws you should look for Venom/shadow master/WoF, then look for mindblast as a last minute thing.

You will need some hard points in strength and dexterity to use your bramble switch. Personally I cant stand gear switching so I didnt bother building with a bramble in mind. You really shouldn't need to put too mant points in though, I cant remember what happy lists in his guide but I would swap out the boots of course for gores, maybe your circlet for shako.

If you use a fcr amulet I would definently go with the second circlet unless you have a fcr amulet with res on it, otherwise you'll dip under max res...assuming you dont have 10 20/11 or 20/5 sc's. I would just stick with maras, you can probably get a fcr ring with stats similiar to a rare melee ring.

Thats my opinions on your questions, Im sure order and happy will come in and point out everything I said that was wrong (If they havent posted while I was posting that is).


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I would definetly stick with Maras for its +2 ALL Skills. The +2 sin ammy won't net you an extra +2 BO.

Also, I don't think shadow master is necessary on the claw since you need 2 hard points on the summon for her to mindblast frequently anyway. Wake of fire is useful on the claw though, for stunning with LS and MB.

And yeah, you'd need to invest more strength and dex for the bramble switch. If you want to take it further and get a Widowmaker switch, you'd need even more points invested to dex. If your going to have a bramble switch, I'd strongly advise Giant Skull since it grants Knockback on both claws.