startin kit for sorc?


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startin kit for sorc?

Hello. i was just wondering what starting gear you use when making a new sorc? everytime i make one i seem to be halting at lvl 10 and not being able to kill much after that and then just joining random andy/travi runs untill lvl 20 for there any way to change this?


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Man I haven't done cows since the new patch. I usually level the character in act I until about level 12 and scoot over to act II, take out radament, do the quests and then do arcane or tomb runs until somewhere like level 24. Then I call on friends for help.

Your best bet (IMHO) is to try and gather as much cash as possible and gamble for rare gear. The other problem is where are you putting your skills that you're not able to kill? If you're in a public game and are hanging with the crowd, contributing, you shouldn't have a problem getting levels.



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Well, I usually start out meleeing. Hell Forge Hammer / Khalims Flail / Tan Do Li Ga, Bloodfists, Pelta, Hsaru Boots + Belt, Angelic Jewelery + Armor will take you a long way. I use a lot of static to get one hit kills with either spells or melee for me and merc as much as possible and frost nova to chill stuff when going cold tree as well. I totally abandon meleeing somewhere between level 25 (Shard + WoE) and 28 (Razorswitch). Only problem at low levels is mana, I usually burn through >50k gold in manapots till I reach level 24.


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Any old bow and a stack of arrows bought in act 1.

A friend logging on to a shared account with a level 44 enchant sorceress ;)
(20 minute enchant, 3000+ fire damage)

Later, adding death hand's gloves + belt

Later, angelic rings + amulet


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As far as lvling goes, solo through act 1 in a 8 player game, you should have no problem hitting lvl 18 (I do it every time). For a low level sorc, I give them the same stuff I give all my other chars: pieces of isenharts/sigons/angelic/cathans/arcannas/artic set (obviously not all on the same char, but typically some combination of those) and a bloodrise or something. There's a lot of 1/2 decent low lvl gear out there.


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I personally prefer Sigon's + cathan's(ringx2+ammy) with Hellforge Hammer
That requires lv 11 and 45 base str