Started Playing Again...


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Started Playing Again...

I resently started playing D2 again, and I want to get some items so I can make some other characters other than an MF sorc. I've got an MF sorc right now, but I dont think she'll be any good anyways in Hell, so I'm restricted to basically NM Meph, which, although he can drop some decent items, I won't be able to get the items I want, or need to be successful in Hell.

My sorc is a Static/Firewall sorc, Due to the fact that I can Tele in, static to 25% and then let my Firewall do the job. I think overall, this will be a very weak MFer. She is currently level 38, in NM act2. I do have Visceratuant shield, Lore Helm, and Magefists. I was wondering, what would you suggest I make? I wanted to go TS, only because then after I got bored of doing Meph runs, I could always go and Duel.

Would a TS/Orb sorc work?
20 TS
20 Lightning Mastery
20 Orb
12 Cold Mastery
1 Teleport
1 Telekenesis
5 Lit Preq
5 Cold Preq
84 Skill Pts

My Frozen Orb damage would be 295-311 with -75% Enemy Resists, and my TS would be 872-1270. So that's pretty good. Any thoughts?


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That build seems rediculously weak. Try checking out the stickies, they have some good builds.


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It's always fun to try out other paths than the one most travelled - but if you just want a strong sorceress to find great items, think about a pure Blizzard build or (if you want to be able to solo) a Meteorb. TS is extremely weak. Good item hunting!


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SpearULater said:
my TS would be 872-1270. So that's pretty good. Any thoughts?
For a lightning spell, have you considered Charged Bolt? My sorceress has this set up as part of her build:

Charged Bolt 20 = 1011.30 - 1161.20 (42.13 - 48.38 for each bolt of 24)
Lightning 12 = 5.10 - 741.30 (Used as synergy for Charged Bolt)
Lightning Mastery 5

You need to get right next to the monster for it to be effective. You also have Magefist which can help with FCR. Of course with +Skills items and equipment, the spell becomes stronger. TS strikes randomly so you don't know where it will hit next. Some like this but I prefer to aim and fire. :)