Start a new Hammerdin, questions about leveling equip... i


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Start a new Hammerdin, questions about leveling equip...

Sense I'm starting from scratch on ladder the only items I will have is what drops from monsters, so I have a couple of questions about leveling equipment.

1. Should I try to focus on Stats,resist, or +skills?
2. Any low-level runewords that can be helpful?
3. Do any good items drop off normal-nm act bosses?
4. I will be soloing most of the time(besides baal runs ect.), any items I should focus on getting?


Evrae Altana

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1. Focus on skills, FCR, and resists.
2. Spirit and Insight
3. Vipermagi, Peasant Crown, etc. are attainable in NM
4. Focus on getting the Vipermagi, Spirit sword, and Spirit shield. With those 3 items, it will be pretty easy.


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Low level rw
On you: Go with spirit sword & shield. U will hv some nice +skills, resists (spirit pala shield)
On merc: Insight

This is a common cheap combo. With this, u are rid of mana issues.

Good items off normal/NM bosses
viper: This baby comes with +1 skill, FCR, resist. Even a low stats one is nice.
glove: frost burn
boots: Nat boots, waterwalk
Belt: strings
rings: ravenfrost

Try gambling for +2/+3 pala helm in NM (not sure if +3 is available in NM)
Try gamble for +3 pala combat amu.


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Suicide Branch wand is good alternative for weapon if you get it before you make spirit sword.
+1 skills, 50% fcr, 10 all res, 40 life...

Also I prefer Magefist gloves over Frostburns. You dont need mana from Frostburn if your merc use insight.

SB, Magefist, Viper and 25 spirit (low) will even get you to 125 fcr level :azn: