Star Wars Episode III Website Redone...


Star Wars Episode III Website Redone...

Has anyone seen how Lucas has the website set up for Episode III now ?

It has a few random templates with music, you get a doifferent one whenever you load the site.

I just noticed today ...

The hype of it all is growing.......


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I found this cool star wars site on the net and yes i know the irony of me actually supporting a star wars site after me bashing it. But this site really blew me away. All i can say is turn up the sound if you want to hear of the best themes of all time!
LOL. that was actually pretty good shinnok. =| at least you got me

i mean .. i like bond too. its just star wars needs more attention now - the trailer was hot. anakin is a dirty little bastard. so is that chancellor guy except hes old and .. crusty


~Kazama Fury~ said:
You guys are so easily fooled!

The website is pretty nice, finally I get to see the full trailer.


Iv'e had it on my comp both at home and at work for two weeks already.

Shinnok you are so easy to predict.


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I saw the full trailer at Best Buys last week. It actually looks pretty good. It's a "darker" star wars reminiscent of the The Empire Strikes Back. Looks like Georgy fired all of his kiss-ass and found some real writers.

But then, his other trailers looked good too. Hopefully, he made a movie instead of an advertising for his merchandise this time around.
Omikron8 said:
........only to be crushed by the abismal plot, acting, etc.

The last two movies were an insult to the first three
meh, dont know why every1 is bashing them. i thought the second one was rather good. the first one was :rolleyes: decent.

even though it doesnt aid the plot very well, the idea of the good guys spanking some ass appeals to me.


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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

I think the first prequel was just so much tripe and treacle (they explained the Force, they had Elmo play Anakin, they created Jar Jar) but the second one was much better by comparison (it isn't as good as any of the three original movies but I can easily see how Hayden's Anakin could become Vader...try as I might, I can't see Jake Lloyd becoming anything more menacing than a constipated Ewok).

I am looking forward to Episode III...I want to see Vader in his heyday, when he could actually fight with a lightsaber (the one real downfall I have with the original movies was the poor saber combats...too staged and stiff). I particularly like the manipulations Palpatine/Sidious pulls off in order to become Emperor and at the same time crush the Jedi. It is both believable and enjoyable.