Staff-Spinning Barb Build


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Staff-Spinning Barb Build

Right now Im playing D2 Classic (no LOD) with Version 1.10. I just found out that Mace Mastery works on staves, so I decided to do something I always wanted to do, and make a staff-spinning barb.
I plan on Maxxing the Following skills:
Mace Mastery
Battle Orders

Anyone got any Ideas for this build? Maybe a few points in Iron skin?
Im going to post my progress as this character progresses. Im starting to learn alot, like that strength doesnt have a big effect (if any) on staff damage, and most staves have low skill requirements (cause they are made primarily for sorcs).


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Ok. Here is my first Report:
Character Level: 4
STR: 40
DEX: 25

MM: 3
Bash: 1

Weapon: Long Staff of Shock
Base DMG: 2-8
Adds 1-7 Lightning dmg.
+50% dmg to Undead.

Total Damage:
Normal Attack: 4-21
Bash: 6-26
Not too bad for a lvl 4 character, but I really need to get this up...

Notes: Used this on Den of evil, Most monster died within 3 hits, Corpsefire took 5 or 6 hits. Now, on to Bloody...... Ive got a 3-socketed long staff, that I plan on putting 3 chipped topazes in. cant wait for that. :)


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I was in a game last night (mebbe it was the night before) with someone who said he had an upgraded ribcracker with something like 200-450 damage (don't remember the exact figures).
With the CB, IAS and other mods, that'd make a pretty awesome weapon.


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Ribcracker is an exceptional unique, so it should be classic usuable...but don't quote me on it, I haven't played classic in about 3 years. :lol:


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Hopefully my brother will bring my laptop back soon, so I can play LOD once more....... Although, If that happens, Ill probably play my Kicker Assassin, or my Raven/PC Druid....