Srbi zivi li ste


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He's trying to say: Is there people from Serbia? I guess he's just looking for friends who speak serbian :point: But I don't know if he's going to find some


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omg wtf banzzor plz.

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DragonTK said:
Ne siguran da onde biti Srbi ovdje ipak onde biti jedan gomila nama Engleski jezik ljudi ovdje.
Great man i like this very good.
And it's ok i just try to find my old friend but his quit a game.


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Serbian leng have no bad spelling because you can't spell bad. All words are reading just like you wrighting.
But gramer is soo hard it's for us (i mean Serbs) easy to say who is from Serbia and who is not.


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Um, Black_KING, as interesting as this may be to you and a very few others, please stop making this type of thread. This is a Diablo game board, not a personal messaging service, or a place to seek out your Serbian "brothers".