spyware thing


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spyware thing

ok, i was just walking around reading other ppl's comments when i heard someone say something about a spyware on a computer tat shows links i just realized tat my computer do tat! with words like DIABLO and stuff.
can someone tell me how i can get rid of it? i read someone saying something about OPERA but i dunno how to download it. hlp is much appreciated.


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th5418 said:
go to www.download.com and search up spybot. download and run.
While you're there pickup "adaware" also. Use both of these programs together every few weeks and clean out all the ads and spyware crap that everyone gets. I've used both together because there are some things that spybot catches, but adaware doesn't, and vise versa.


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I know spybot search&destroy (spybotsd?) is freeware, i use it myself. I also believe ad-aware is freeware.


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Yeah, both are freeware, but you can show your appreciation with a paypal donation.

Make sure you update them both BEFORE you scan for spyware.