Spyware & Adware Help!


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Spyware & Adware Help!

Well.. I accidently clicked on an ad. It was a mistake! Now I've been bombarded with one or two ads every other page I visit, including Google, and other sites I KNOW aren't supposed to have ads. I've tried using Adaware and SpyBot Search & Destroy. No use, they keep coming back.. any help?


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Ad-Aware and SpyBot get rid of most things, but not everything. The only other spyware remover I run is Microsoft AntiSpyware (which I leave in active scanning mode all the time). Not to mention Norton.

1. So, maybe download MS AS and try it (AA, SP, and AS will all find programs the other 2 won't). Also make sure all of your detection files are up to date, and try running deep/full scans rather than faster/smart scans.

2. Another thing you can do it open Task Manage (Ctrl+Alt+Del), go to processes, and search for each one on Google along with the word "virus" or something like that (such as: firefox.exe virus). XP is pretty bloated and usually has a lot of "necessary" processes which you obviously don't want to mess with, but most nasty viruses will show up in there somewhere as well. (One I had didn't show up in Task Manager until it had actually popped up a window, though.) Usually a site that discusses a problem will also say how to fix it, although some are more dangerous registry-editing type solutions and others want you to register to view the fix. This is how I've gotten rid of the few nasties that none of the anti-spyware programs could kill. You might also find other crap that's slowing your computer down by running in the background as a bonus.

3. If you're running IE, get FireFox. I haven't had a single spyware program get on my computer since running FF and MS AS (I'm not sure if one or the other is more responsible, but I'd put money on FF) and I still visit the same sites, although FF will still ocasionally fall prey to a java virus, which Norton always happily quarantines.

4. Or, as a last resort, backup all your important files (I use an external USB HD), grab all of your reinstall disks, and format that sucker. Heck, I usually do this every year just to keep everything clean.


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BricBrac said:
ah beautiful link! thank you, i'll try all those ideas.
System restore. Is the only way.

edit: I recently upgraded my os to XP and realized that where before going to a remix site that I like using ie resulted in no penalty under windows 98, just going to the site using windows XP it flooded my computer with spyware and I had to do a system restore. The spyware was so bad I couldn't do anything. I have to use Firefox now. I had no idea it was so much more of a problem under XP.