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SPTF Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Single Player Trading' started by frozzzen, Jul 27, 2010.

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    SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    NOTE #1
    This guide is not a fixed price list. It gives a guide price based on the average SP user. Values will vary from the values given – up and down - depending on the needs of buyers and/or generosity/wealth of sellers. If there are more people interested in item, prices will be more then it says here and again, if you try to force yourself to trade item, letting it go cheap, don't expect too high value. Save your item for better day.

    NOTE #2
    In present time the values of the items varies more than ever. With Blizzard introducing version 1.13c and increased rune drops, runes have become MUCH easier attainable. Values will vary and the value will not always equate to or be proportionate to the rarity of the item (runes especially).

    NOTE #3
    The SP economy is very different to the Bnet economy. Some members of the SP(T)F have accrued wealth over many years. The lack of resets means some items will be able to command a very high price. This can be especially true of rares, crafts and really high end uniques.


    The SPTF has no official currency. Despite this, prices have been given values in terms of perfect gems (henceforth dubbed "pgems" (these also include PSkulls) as well as runes, as these are (more often than not) the preferred methods of payment.

    Crafting runes are worth only portion of pgem. Probably somewhere 1/5 - 1/3 of pgem.

    Um 25 Pgems
    Mal 40 Pgems
    Ist 80 Pgems
    Gul 100 Pgems
    Vex 180 Pgems

    Perfect Amethyst = 1.5 pgem
    Perfect Skull and Perfect Ruby = 1.25 (sometimes)


    There is no most valuable rune in SP(T)F. It VASTLY depends on who are trading with. Most useful runes would be Ber, Jah and Lo, but that doesn't mean that they are more valuable then Cham and Zod. Once again it depends on who are you dealing with and it is always good idea to ask in price check trade for opinion. That thread is there for reason – use it.
    It should also be said that the source of the rune may have an effect on it's percieved value. Two examples are: Hell Forge Rushing can seem to diminish the value of a rune and a newer trader may seem to diminish the value of an item.

    Trading high runes vs high runes

    Like said above, there isn't most valuable rune across SP(T)F trading scene. Due to recent trades and observations from multiple members we have rough draft of rune values starting from Lo.
    I added most popular opinions for rune values, based on discussion we had in this thread. Both opinions had good arguments and reasons why values range from this to that number, and it would be foolish to ignore any of them. Tnx for input guys, really appreciated :)

    |      |    Fabian   |    Greebo   |
    |      | range | avg | range | avg |
    | Lo   | 32    |  32 | 32    |  32 |
    | Sur  | 30-38 |  34 | 30-38 |  34 |
    | Ber  | 54-62 |  58 | 64-72 |  68 |
    | Jah  | 62-72 |  67 | 72-80 |  76 |
    | Cham | 34-42 |  38 | 34-42 |  38 |
    | Zod  | 62-72 |  67 | 72-80 |  76 |
    Main difference is way how runes Sur and Cham are valued against rune one lvl above. As you can see some consider 2 Sur = Ber and 2 Cham = Zod on average, while others think that 2 Sur > Ber and 2 Cham > Zod slightly.
    * Also it has come to my observation that most people threat Cham = Ber/Jah so bear that in mind when trading.



    Vampire Gaze (random stats)  - 15-45 pgems
    Vampire Gaze - (high end) Ist+
    1.07 Vampire Gaze – 1.5-2 Ber/Jah
    Ethereal variants can bump price up significantly
    Harlequin Crest - 35 pgems
    1.07 Harlequin Crest – 1.5-2 Ber/Jah
    1.07 Valkyre Wing – 1.5-2 Ber/Jah
    Kira's Guardian (50 – 69 allresist) - 10 pgems – Mal (depending on roll)
    Kira's Guardian (70 allresist) – Ist+
    (quite sought after, people value perfection on this)
    Andariel's Visage (random stats) - 15-20 pgems
    Andariel's Visage (10%ll) - Um
    Andariel's Visage - (10%ll/30 str) Gul+ 
    Ethereal variants can bump price up significantly
    Nightwing's Veil <10% CDS - 15-30 pgems (hard to find buyer)
    Nightwing's Veil ~11-14% CDS – Ist-Vex
    Nightwing's Veil 15% CDS - Ohm+ (depending on other stats)
    Crown of Ages (one socket) - 20 – 30 gems as grailer
    Crown of Ages (two sockets, random stats) – Gul-Ohm
    Crown of Ages (two sockets, 15% DR) – Ber/Jah
    Griffon's Eye (random/lowish roll) – Ohm-Lo/Sur 
    Griffon's Eye (high end) – 1-2 Ber/Jah+
    Griffon's Eye (+15/-20) – 3-4 Ber/Jah

    Skin of the Vipermagi 20-30 allresist - 5-15 pgems
    Skin of the Vipermagi 30-34 allresist - Um/Mal+
    Skin of the Vipermagi 35 allresist - Gul
    Skin of the Vipermagi 35 allresist/13mdr - Vex+ 
    Shaftstop - 20-25 pgems
    eth Shaftstop – Ist+
    Duriel's Shell - 5-15 pgems
    eth Duriel's Shell - Mal/Mal+Um
    Skullder's Ire - 10-15 pgems
    eth Skulder's Ire – Ist-Gul
    1.07 Skulder's Ire – 1.5-2Ber+
    Guardian Angel - 10-15 pgems
    Eth Guardian Angel - Ist+
    Ormus' Robes
    Lightling/CL with high %LSD - Um-Ist
    Blizzard - Gul–Ohm+
    Energy Shield - 30 pgems/Um; high %CDS can make it more valuable
    Fireball/Meteor with high %fsd - Um-Ist
    The Gladiator's Bane (random/lowish roll) - 15–30 pgems
    The Gladiator's Bane (high roll) - Mal/Mal+Um
    eth The Gladiator's Bane (random/lowish roll) - Mal/Ist
    eth The Gladiator's Bane (high roll) - Vex+
    Arkaine's Valor (only +2 skills worth trading) - Um
    1.07 Arkaine's Valor – 1.5-2 Ber/Jah
    Leviathan - 30 pgems - Mal (depending on the damage reduction roll)
    Templar's Might - Um-Mal (eth variants might go slightly higer)
    Tyrael's Might – 2 Ber/Jah

    Moser's Blessed Circle - 10 pgems
    Stormshield - 15-25 pgems
    Head Hunter's Glory (only 3 socketed is worth trading) - Ist/Gul

    Chance Guards (random roll) -10-20 pgems
    Chance Guards (40 MF) - 30 pgems
    Magefist - 5 pgems
    Dracul's Grasp - 30-60 pgems
    Steelrend (random) – Mal
    Steelrend (high end) – Vex+

    War Traveler (30-40MF) - 15-25 pgems
    War Traveler (40-45MF) - Mal-Ist
    War Traveler (45-49MF) – Gul-Ohm
    War Traveler (50MF) - Lo/Sur
    Gore Rider 10-20 - pgems
    Sandstorm Trek (random) - 10-15 pgems
    Sandstorm Trek (15str) - 15-25 pgems
    Sandstorm Trek (15str/15vit) - Mal/Ist
    Sandstorm Trek (15str/15vit/65+ PR) – Vex+
    Etherealness can bump price up significantly due to self repair
    Shadow Dancer (random/lowish roll) - Um
    Shadow Dancer (2/20dex+) – Ist-Gul
    Shadow Dancer (2/25dex) – Lo/Sur

    String of Ears (random/lowish roll) - 10–15 pgems
    String of Ears (8ll, high DR) – 30 pgems  
    Razortail - 10-15 pgems
    Snowclash - 10-15 pgems
    Thundergod's Vigor - 10-15 pgems
    Arachnid Mesh - Ist
    Nosferatu's Coil - 20-35 pgems
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord - (random/lowish roll) 10–15 pgems
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord - (15%DR/+35 vitality) Ist+
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord - (40/15) Vex-Ohm

    Rune Master - 20 pgems (only 5 socketed are possible to trade)
    Messerschmidt's Reaver - 15 pgems
    Death Cleaver – Ist
    Executioner's Justice - Mal/Mal+Um (depending on the roll)

    1.07/1.09 Raven Claw – Ohm 
    Wizendraw (random stats) - 10-15 pgems
    Wizendraw (-35% ecr) - 30 pgems
    Witchwild String - 15-25 pgems
    Windforce - Vex

    Gull - 15-25 pgems (TC3 and high MF give a descent high value)
    Wizardspike - 10-20 pgems
    1.07 Wizardspike – 1.5-2 Ber/Jah
    Fleshripper - 15-30 pgems
    eth Fleshripper – Mal

    Bonesnap (300ed or very close) - 20-30 pgems
    Stormlash - Gul-Vex
    Schaefer's Hammer - Ist-Vex
    The Cranium Basher – Ist-Gul
    Earth Shifter – Ist-Gul

    Bonehew - 10-20 pgems (for eth variants price could go up)
    The Reaper's Toll - 25-40 pgems
    eth The Reaper's Toll – Ohm-Lo/Sur (depending on the roll)
    Tomb Reaver (only 3 socketed is worth trading) - Ist-Vex+
    Eth Tomb Reaver (random stats/sockets) – Ist+
    Eth Tomb Reaver (3 socketed, high rolls) – 2 Ber/Jah

    Knell Striker - 15 pgems (one of the rarest TC3 items)
    Heaven's Light - 20 pgems-UM (depending on the roll of +skills and sockets)
    The Redeemer - Um
    Astreon's Iron Ward - Ist-Vex (depending on the roll)

    Kelpie Snare - 10-20 pgems
    eth Kelpie Snare - Mal/Ist (depending on the roll)
    Hone Sundan - 10-20 pgems
    eth Hone Sundan - Ist+ (depending on the roll of Enhanced Damage)
    Arioc's Needle - 10-15 pgems (eth variants could go higher)
    Steel Pillar - Mal/Ist

    Bane Ash - 15 pgems (one of the rarest TC3 items)
    Ribcracker - 15-30 pgems 
    Ribcracker (only 295+ED) – Ist (eth variants could go significantly higher)
    Mang Song's Lesson - Ist-Gul+ (one of the rarest uniqies in the game)

    Blade of Ali Baba - 10-15 pgems
    Lightsabre - 15-20 pgems
    Azurewrath - Mal-Gul (depending on the roll)
    The Grandfather - Mal/Ist

    Warshrike - 10-20 pgems
    Eth Warshrike - Mal+
    Lacerator - 10-20 pgems
    eth Lacerator - Mal+

    Arm of King Leoric - 15-20 pgems
    Boneshade - 20-30 pgems
    Death's Web (random/lowish roll) – Ohm-Lo/Sur
    Death's Web (2/-45 or better) - Lo- 2 Ber/Jah
    Death's Web (2/-50) – 3-4 Ber/Jah

    The Cat's Eye - 15-25 pgems
    Atma's Scarab - 10-25 pgems
    Highlord's Wrath - Ist
    Mara's Kaleidoscope (20-25) - Ist-Gul
    Mara's Kaleidoscope (26-29) - Gul-Vex
    Mara's Kaleidoscope (30) - Ohm+
    Metalgrid - Mal-Gul (depending on the stats)
    Seraph's Hymn - Um

    Nagelring (25-29MF) - 10-15 pgems
    Nagelring (30MF) - 25 pgems
    The Stone of Jordan - Vex+Gul
    Raven Frost (random stats) - 10-20 pgems
    Raven Frost (20 dex) - 20-25 pgems
    Raven Frost (20dex/220ar+) – Gul+
    Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band - Ist-Gul
    1.10a Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band – 1.5 Ber/Jah
    Carrion Wind - 15-25 pgems
    Nature's Peace - 20-30 pgems
    Wisp Projector (random stats) – Mal-Gul
    Wisp Projector (20% lite sorb) – Vex-Ohm

    Titan's Revenge - 20-30 pgems
    eth Titan's Revenge – Vex-Lo (depending on rolls)
    Thunderstroke - 10-15 pgems
    Bartuc's Cut-Throat - 10-15 pgems
    The Oculus - 20-40 pgems
    Eth The Oculus (stylepoints) - Mal+
    Eschuta's Temper (only +3skill are worth trading) - Mal
    Eschuta's Temper (3/20% to single element) - Ist
    Death's Fathom (random/lowish roll) – Vex-Ohm 
    Death Fathom (+25-29%CSD) – Lo- 2 Ber/Jah
    Death Fathom (30%CSD) – 3-4 Ber/Jah


    Arreat's Face (random roll) - 20-30 pgems
    Arreat's Face (6% ll) - Mal+
    Wolfhowl - 20-30 pgems
    Jalal's Mane - 15-20 pgems
    Spirit Keeper - 15-30 pgems
    Ravenlore (only high end) – Ist
    Homunculus - 20-25 pgems
    Darkforce Spawn - random roll - Mal (mostly as grailer)
    Darkforce Spawn - 3p&b skills – Vex+
    Herald of Zakarum – Um-Mal

    +3/-3: 5-15 pgems (no one wants them)
    +3/-4: Pul
    +3/-5: Mal/Ist
    +4/-3: Pul
    +4/-4: Um
    +4/-5: Ist+Mal
    +5/-3: Um
    +5/-4: Mal/Ist
    +5/-5: Vex/Vex+Gul (due to big demand 5/5 lite facets tend to go for Lo/Sur or close)
    +3/-3: 5-15 (pgems no one wants them)
    +3/-4: Pul
    +3/-5: Um
    +4/-3: Pul
    +4/-4: Um
    +4/-5: Mal/Ist
    +5/-3: Mal/Ist
    +5/-4: Ist+Mal
    +5/-5: Ohm

    Most set items that are not listed here are somewhere in range of 15-25 pgems for exceptional sets, 5-10 pgems (or less) for normal sets and 30-40 for those very rare/TC81+ set items.

    Cow King's Horns - Ist+
    Cow King's Hide - Ist+
    Cow King's Hooves - Ist+
    1.07 Laying of Hands – Lo/Sur
    Griswold's Valor - Um
    Griswold's Redemption (3 socketed) - Um
    Griswold's Redemption (4 socketed) – Ist/Gul
    Griswold's Honor - Ist/Ist+Mal 
    Immortal King's Soul Cage - Um
    Tal Rasha's Guardianship - Um/Mal
    Tal Rasha's Adjudication - Um/Mal


    NOTE #1
    Instead of classic value per skiller will be sorted in several Tiers and sorted from most valuable to least.

    NOTE #2
    Some skillers with very high life may have special value to certain people and you could get much more then in PC guide.


    Tier1: Fungal , Chilling, Sparkling, Harponist's
    Tier2: Burning, Entraping, Lion Branded
    Tier3: Natural, Mentalist's. Graverobber's, Spiritual
    Tier4  Trainer's, Sounding, Shogukusha's, Captain's Fletcher's, 
    Tier5: Acrobat's, Fanatic, Expert's, Hexing, Preserver's
    Tier1 (plain) 40 pgems/Um+
    Tier2 (plain) 35 pgems/Um
    Tier3 (plain) 20 pgems
    Tier4 (plain) 10 pgems
    Tier5 (plain) 1-5 pgems (you will have hard time finding buyers)
    Tier1 (5-20life) Um-Ist/Gul
    Tier2 (5-20life) Um-Ist
    Tier3 (5-20life) Pul-Mal+
    Tier4 (5-20life) 20pgems-Um 
    Tier5 (5-20life) ~15 pgems
    Tier1 (21-30life) Gul-Ohm
    Tier2 (21-30life) Ist-Vex+
    Tier3 (21-30life) Mal-Gul
    Tier4 (21-30life) ~Mal
    Tier5 (21-30life) ~Um
    Tier1 (31-40life) Ohm+ - Ber/Jah
    Tier2 (31-40life) Vex – Lo/Sur
    Tier3 (31-40life) Gul-Vex+
    Tier4 (31-40life) ~Ist
    Tier5 (31-40life) ~Mal
    Tier1 (41-45life) Auction charms (1.5 Ber/Jah+)
    Tier2 (41-45life) Auction charms (1.5 Ber/Jah+)
    Tier3 (41-45life) Ohm-Lo
    Tier4 (41-45life) Ist+Mal/Gul
    Tier5 (41-45life) Mal+Um++
    Of Balance (12fhr) sufix means like 25-30 life suffix
    Of Inertia (7frw) suffix is valuable on some builds and might go higher.
    Harponist's of Inertia Ist+Mal
    Fungal of Inertia Mal+Um/Ist
    Str/Dex can go up to 6 and translate that in life for certain classes
    to get their value, but they are not so popular
    8+MAX/xxAR/ < 20life Um+
    8+MAX/xxAR/ 21-30life Um-Ist+Mal
    8+MAX/xxAR/ 31-39life Ist+Mal-Vex
    8+MAX/xxAR/ > 40life Vex-Ohm+

    5 allresist small charm Um/Um+Pul
    20 life small charm 15 pgems
    7MF small charm 15 pgems
    6MF small charm 5 pgems
    3+MAX/xx AR/  < 10 Life 10-30 PGems
    3+MAX/xx AR/ 11-14 Life Um-Ist
    3+MAX/xx AR/ 15-18 Life Gul-Ohm
    3+MAX/xx AR/ 19-20 Life Ohm-Lo/Sur
    +2 max dmg means you can divide values by about 3-4 times. 
    High AR is not very important, it can vary the price by maybe 10% either way.
    A near perfect 3/(17-20)/20 SC might be worth significantly more. 
    Mana/life small charms
    Mana+life> 25 Mal
    Mana+life> 30 Ist/Gul
    Mana+life> 34 Ohm+
    Life/resist small charms
    15 - 18life / 4/5 allres Vex – Lo/Sur
    15 - 18life / 10/11 LR - Gul - Ohm
    15 - 18life / 10/11 FR – Gul - Ohm 
    15 - 18life / 10/11 CR - Ist - Vex
    15 - 18life / 10/11 PR – Ist - Vex
    19, 20life / 4/5 allres - Lo-Ber/Jah
    19, 20life / 10/11 LR – Ohm-Lo/Sur
    19, 20life / 10/11 FR – Ohm-Lo/Sur
    19, 20life / 10/11 CR – Vex-Ohm
    +20life // 10/11 PR – Vex-Ohm
    6/7MF // 4,5 allresist - Vex-Lo/Sur+
    6/7MF // 7,8,9 FR LR – Ist - Vex
    6/7MF // 10,11 FR LR – Vex-Ohm+
    6/7MF // 7,8,9 CR PR – Mal-Gul
    6/7MF // 10,11 CR PR – Gul-Vex+
    Note that people HIGHLY prefer 7MF small charms,
     so their value might be a lot higher then 6MF scs.

    Here will be only section only for magic jewels. You can see what afixes are wanted and try to get value of rare jewels yourself (or as always ask in PC thread).
    Only most popular jewels are here.

    Jewel of Envy (no req lvl) 3-5 pgems (could be more with good bonuses)
    25-30 ED / 15 IAS - Ist-Vex
    30-35 ED / 15 IAS - Vex-Lo/Sur
    35-40 ED / 15 IAS – Lo/Sur-Ber/Jah (perfect ones cah go MUCH higher)
    5-10 allresist / 15 IAS - Um-Gul+
    10-20 LR FR / 15 IAS – Um-Mal
    10-20 CR PR / 15 IAS – Um-Mal
    11-14 allresist / 15 IAS - Gul-Lo
    21-29 LR FR / 15 IAS - Mal-Gul
    21-29 CR PR / 15 IAS - Mal-Ist+
    15 allresist / 15 IAS -  Ber/Jah
    30 LR FR / 15 IAS - Ohm+
    30 CR PR / 15 IAS - Gul
    5-10 allresist / -15 req Pul-Gul+
    11-14 allresist / -15 req Vex-Lo/Sur
    15 allresist / -15 req Ber/Jah
    5-10 allresist / 7 fhr - Um-Gul
    11-14 allresist / 7fhr - Vex-Lo
    15 allresist / 7 fhr - Ber/Jah



    2 sorceress/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Ohm
    3 fire/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Ohm
    3 lite/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Vex
    3 cold/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Vex
    2 necro/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem – Lo/Sur
    3 p&b/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem – Ber/Jah 
    2 sinn/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem – Ohm+
    3 trap/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem – Vex
    2 druid/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Vex
    3 ele/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Vex
    2 pala/20 fcr/2 os circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem - Ohm
    3 os/30 FRW circlet/coronet/tiara/diadem – 2 Ber/Jah (or higher)
    If they have no sockets decrease value 4 times.
    If only one socket by 8-16 time.
    Still it's next to impossible to find buyers for one socketed.


    10-20 mpk - Um
    21-35 mpk - Um-Ist
    36,37 mpk - Ist+Mal or more
    With 10 fcr suffix multiply value by 20 or even more

    3 passive/20 IAS - Pul
    3 java/20 IAS - Ist+Mal+
    3 bow/20 IAS - Pul
    3 MA/20 IAS - Pul

    +5 LS/2os GT – Ber/Jah (it might go for more)
    +5 LS/2os (random claw) – Vex-Lo (depending on claw)
    +5 LS/1os GT - Vex-Ohm
    +5LS/1os (random claw) – Mal-Gul
    Bear in mind that really high end claws will go VERY high, where claws that are 
    Close, probably won’t.
    Claws are very delicate area and good ones are very rare, where there is
    a lot *close but not quite* claws.
    If claw has IAS, it can increase value quite a lot
    Overall the more skills your claw is giving the more valuable it is,
    so 2 assassin skills > 3 trap skills.

    JmoD (Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting)
    PRICELESS (you can get anything for it if you have one for trade)


    Diadem (plain for imbue quest) - 5 pgems
    3 os Mask (for envy jewels) - 2-5 pgems

    3 os Dusk Shroud (450-467 defense) (Duress, Treachery…) - 20-30 pgems
    4 os Dusk Shroud (450-467 defense) (CoH, Fortitude…) - 20-30 pgems
    3 os Archon Plate (500-524 defense) (Duress, Treachery…) - 30 pgems/Um
    4 os Archon Plate (500-524 defense) (CoH, Fortitude…) – Um-Mal+
    It mainly comes to preference.
    I would always take Dusk vs Archon because of lower req.
    Archon Plate is still more popular.
    Very high/near perfect defense ones might go much higher.
    eth bugged 3 os ethereal Archon Plate (+1100 defense) (merc Treachery) – Um-Mal
    eth bugged 4 os ethereal Archon Plate (+1100 defense) (merc Fortitude) - Ist+
    eth bugged 3 os ethereal Sacred Armor (+1300 defense) (merc Treachery) - Mal
    eth bugged 4 os ethereal Sacred Armor (+1300 defense) (merc Fortitude) – Vex
    Again it comes to what will people want for their base.
    SA has highest defense of all armors and str req will be reached eventualy,
    while AP has low str req and good defense.
    Other armors also have value, but those are prefered for light type
    and high defense. When you compare it to other armors ask yourself:
    Is str req too high?
    Is it light type of armor (heavy armors reduce your walk/run speed)?
    What is defense/str req ratio?

    3 os Phase Blade (Crescent Moon, Lawbringer) - 10 pgems
    4 os Phase Blade (Passion) - 10 pgems
    5 os Phase Blade (Grief) 15-20 pgems
    eth 4 os elite swords (Oath) - 30-40 pgems
    Most people will want 1.07 base for their Oath anyway.
    1.07 ethereal 5 os Berserker Axe (Grief/Beast) – Vex/Ohm
    1.07 ethereal 4 os Berserker Axe (Oath) - Ist
    1.07 ethereal 4 os swords (Oath) – Mal
    1.07 ethereal 4 os polearms (thresher, GPA, CA) - Vex

    [b]NOTE #1[/b]
    It is very difficult to say what would be price of certain claws
    since every individual wants it's own stafmods, so I'll list keepers.
    Prefered stafmods, in order of importance are: Lightning Sentry, Mind Blast,
    Venom, Weapon Block, Shadow Master, Blade Shield, Wake of Fire...
    Some claws with multiple good stafmods can be VERY valuable.
    [b]NOTE #2[/b]
    Type of claw is also very important and can make or break your Chaos claw.
    Prefered claw types are Runic Talons, Greater Talons, Suwayyah,
    Feral/Greater claws in order of preference.
    Most popular choices are:
    +3 LS Runic/Greater Talons
    +3 Mind Blast Runic/Greater Talons
    +3 Venom Runic/Greater Talons

    4 os Monarch - 15 pgems

    40-44 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache - 20-40 pgems
    45 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache – 60 pgems-Ist
    eth bugged 38-44 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache – Ohm-Lo/Sur
    eth bugged 45 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache – Ber/Jah
    Those two are most popular choices cause of % blocking and str req.
    Other, elite shields (eg Vortex Shield)might be popular for Exile base
    cause of their high defense.

    5 os Long Bow (jewels of Envy) - pgems
    3 os/3 skill Matriarchal Bow (Melody) - Um
    4 os/3 skill Matriarchal Bow (Harmony, Faith) – Ist
    4 os/3 skill Grand Matron Bow (Harmony, Faith) - Ist
    Superior (up to 15% ed/+3AR) can increase value of those bows quite a lot,
    especially for Faith bases.

    NOTE #1
    Rares and crafts have potential to be best items in game and for some items price can be extreme. Best way of making some value of your rare item is to compare it to set or unique item in same slot.
    Often times you will compare your amulets with Mara's Kaleidoscope – it gives 2 all skills nice stats and huge resist, so if you have something better then you probably have something nice. Feel free to ask for opinion in PC thread since they are very hard to value.

    Rare circlets can be compared to plain blue circlets above. Some mods that would help would be stats, life/mana and resistances. Resistances on all items will be sought in this order: allresist, fire/lightning equally, cold and last poison resist. This will aplly for all items, not just circlets. Str is often preferred to dex in stat department.

    Rings are split up in two categories – caster and melee rings. For caster ring 10 fcr is a MUST, it won't work without it. Next best attributes would be allresist/good resist, stats, life/mana and MF in some cases. Melee characters like life and mana leech, AR and rest is mostly str/life etc. As always you can't miss with resistances. PLR is also decent add especially for ES sorceress.

    Caster amulets are very popular and good ones can net you nearly any item. On those you are looking to get 2 to character skill level or 2 to some specific skill trees (but character skill are always preferred) and faster cast rate. Even some lower cast rate (5-9) can be useful if other mods are decent, but what you really want is 10 fcr or more. 2skill/10fcr with some good mods can beat Mara's Kaleidoscope and with 15-20 fcr they become godly. Other good mods are resistances, stats, life, mana and MF.

    Rare/crafted weapons are most often not able to compete with Oath or more and more common Grief. If you have weapon comparable to those then it must be outstanding and worth ton. Aside from good base and nice ED good mods to seek are IAS, fools mod, sockets ethereal + self repair etc.

    Boots – rare boots are very different from unique boots and can often beat unique boots so, they are worth checking. Boots are one of rare sources of FRW (up to 30) so this is good starting point. They can spawn with resistances (up to 40 to single resist meaning they can give you 120 resist in total). Other good mods are fhr (essential for PvP), dex for maxblock characters and MF (up to 25).

    Belts – rare belts are rarely good enough to stand to unique belts – they can't spawn with fcr (unless you craft caster belts them) or MF and rarely will they beat Verdungo in stat/fhr department. Crated have higher chance of beating rares. You should look for fhr (up to 24), life, str (dex can't spawn on belts) combined with craft bonuses like fcr or open wounds. Always ask in PC thread if you think that you got good belt because they are very rare.

    Gloves are used for IAS mostly. To have really high value they either need to have great resistances + MF or 20 IAS + some wanted mods that people are after. For some classes like amazon gloves can spawn with skills. You want those. 2 java/ 20 IAS gloves are mostly sought after. Most popular are crafted 2/20 with crushing blow and leech.
    For zon gloves you need: skills, IAS (those are must), life/mana leech, resistances and MF.
    Crated hit power gloves spawn with knockback – useful for most bow amazon types and blood crafts that can spawn with 10% crushing blow. CB gloves would be best to compare with LoH.

    Last time updated: 21.07.2011.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2011
  2. frozzzen

    frozzzen IncGamers Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition


    With blessing from Thy (and some edits too) I think it's time to let this roll. This PC guide still needs YOUR opinion on values and prices of some/most items. Values in PC guide are high, and only way to set prices for some items is for you to help me value those.
    Those values are only my opinion and some kind of start; they may be low or high and you don't want to have inaccurate PC guide. Please give some input on value of certain items and way to improve first and last section of a guide.

    There are possible grammar errors and inconsistencies that needs to be found and edited, so help me in this department too :)
    If you don't agree with some value simply copy item, change it's value, highlight it and give small feedback on why in your post below. If you see item that I missed and that should be put in guide just do the same.

    Tyrael's Might – [highlight]Eth rune[/highlight]
    Why? Even Vipermagi beats this thing.

    This is just example, don't be so extreme :p

    Note to Thy: You will have to explain once more Lite facet stuff, it might be me but I think -res is wanted on fire/psn just like on lite. Anyway, you also have to contribute to this (again). :p
  3. RobbyD

    RobbyD IncGamers Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    I want to thank you for putting this together - very comprehensive and easy to access! BRAVO! :thumbup:

    One quick suggestion - can you add prices for some other affixes for Grand Charms? I'm of the understanding that Scintillating and Serpent's are sought-after prefixes. Also, can you put together something for socketed/socketable items?
  4. TemplarRoadkill

    TemplarRoadkill IncGamers Member

    May 24, 2005
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    nice guide and a nice update to Sebbz since the runevalue has dropped dramatically in last couple of months! Anyway for my 5c...

    I think it would be worth mentioning the Ethreal modifier on the Sandstorm's since it has a self repair suffix :)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2010
  5. Thyiad

    Thyiad Moderator Single Player, D2 Assassin, Barbarian

    Mar 3, 2006
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Many thanks to frozzzen for all the effort that went into this. Really appreciated. :)

    I don't know if it would help but this thread and the threads linked in the first page had some useful ideas as to what to keep. Maybe the information in there (helvete's was particularly good) would help? Or not.

    Please let me know if you want this Guide UnStickied so people find it more easily. :p
  6. Steven Q Urkel

    Steven Q Urkel IncGamers Member

    Dec 16, 2004
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    First of all, slight typo on this one. The second h on higher appears to have been eaten by the squid.

    And I was going to say that since Tstrokes does not have self replenish like Titans does, being eth might actually lower the value. But now that I think about it, since javelins don't have durability, as long as you stick to melee attacks and don't throw them ever, the extra %ED from being eth would be a bonus, and eth versions might have more trade value afterall.

    So I guess just correct the typo on higer and the listed value could probably stay the same.
  7. BobTheWarrior

    BobTheWarrior IncGamers Member

    May 17, 2007
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    My 2 cents:
    Tal Rasha's Guardianship - [highlight]Um[/highlight]
    Tal Rasha's Adjudication - [highlight]Um[/highlight]
    [Highlight]Full Tal's - Mal[/highlight]
    I've seen these two parts go individually for Um or the pgem equivalent recently. Also, the full set has been traded a few times at about Mal, could be worth adding.

    Great guide! :thumbup:
  8. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack IncGamers Member

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    I thought throwing weapons lost quantity when used for melee. :ponder:

  9. frozzzen

    frozzzen IncGamers Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Tnx for input guys. I'll see if I can confirm all those things and will make major update in Monday - adding socket list and correcting things you said (can't now for weekend since parent are at home and I don't have too much time for Diablo and PC in general).

    I also want more critics :wink:
  10. zerth

    zerth IncGamers Member

    Jul 3, 2006
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Excellent work frozzen, the SPF could use one of these :)

    On top of what the others have suggested Darkforce Spawn should be dependent on roll. In my opinion:
    3 pnb -> Mal-Gul
    3 pnb / 3 summon / 3 curses -> Vex+
    Otherwise, it looks pretty solid. I have to say that the existence of this guide alone will lessen trades of good gear for a low price because of limited interest, which is a good thing. I know I have gotten a couple of sweet items ridiculously cheap in the past due to limited display of interest...
  11. nepeta

    nepeta IncGamers Member

    Sep 19, 2004
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Using melee attacks with throwing weapons will reduce durability.

    PS: We have now succesfully arrived at bnet :(
  12. frozzzen

    frozzzen IncGamers Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    I've done what you asked. Tnx all for input.

    @ RobbyD: added socket listing but I don't know anything about value of life/mana charms since they are vastly undervalued in my opinion and I can't come close to real value. Same is with allreist grand charms. I haven't seen enought trades/don't have any xp to do correct PC on those. Input anyone?

    @ TRK: Yeah, I totally forgot about self repair mod. Nice catch.

    @ SQU/nep combo: I've done some research and yes, it seems T-Stroke does eat your durability after all wen you only CS with it. Removed comment.

    @ Zerth: DFS is extrem rare so I've slightly changed value you suggested. It's rare enough to go high as grailer and good roll would make it only go higher.

    @ Bob: Tal's items are very hard to PC correctly. Their value depends on number of newer members and that will always change. Sometimes they go lower then Um/Mal or whatever. i changed price to Um/Mal. It was Um in last patch but here we have serious increase in rune drops.

    Tnx all for input.
  13. TemplarRoadkill

    TemplarRoadkill IncGamers Member

    May 24, 2005
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    i traded few and saw few trades and those GC's just fall on under SC's feets in term of mana/life/res.. juts my opinion but they goes for pgms..
    same goes for Large charms.. as most of us know there are no large charms a SC's couldnt pair to.. havent picked up a Large charm in thousands of games!

  14. RobbyD

    RobbyD IncGamers Member

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Here's some examples I have found:

    Serpent's Grand Charm of Vita
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 69
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 93
    Fingerprint: 0xfc6bebcc
    +39 to Life
    +57 to Mana
    Shimmering Grand Charm of Vita
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 69
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 90
    Fingerprint: 0xc79ec6af
    +36 to Life
    All Resistances +13
    The Serpent's provides more mana than 3 perfect Serpent's SCs and 1 less than 2 perfect Vitas. Having all this on one charm makes it valuable, at least in my book. As for the Shimmering, it doesn't beat 3 perfect Shimmering SCs of Vita, but having a single charm providing the equivalent of a perfect Shimmering SC and 2 [email protected] Shimmering of Vita (18) should have some value.

    No skin off my back if they aren't traded, but if they aren't (I plan to use these for characters, at least until I finish 1.09), then I think there might be some tunnel vision in market that misses some value. Might make for a bargain to those looking to outfit some characters.

    How about dual affix poison damage? One of my all time favorite charms is this:

    Toxic Small Charm of Anthrax
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 55
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 90
    Fingerprint: 0x8066ef38
    +289 poison damage over 10 seconds
    Are these ever traded?

  15. Ali Babarian

    Ali Babarian IncGamers Member

    Mar 11, 2007
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    40-44 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache - 20-40 pgems
    35 allresist Sacred Targe/Sacred Rondache – 60 pgems/Mal
    That makes no sense...
  16. frozzzen

    frozzzen IncGamers Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    It makes no sense cause it's typo :p
    Now it's corrected. Tnx :)
  17. nulio

    nulio IncGamers Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Many thanks for the guide

    tv commercial voice

    You rock!

    Normally I used to take a lot of time trying to figure out what to offer in a fair trade...

    NOW I just need a few minutes!

    This way I have more time to do the things I like the most!

    Level my Sorc! And this way I'll have more chances to kill you in the Moor!


    /tv commercial voice

    If I find any typo or have another input I'll be sure to let you know :)
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2010
  18. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Great work by the way, looks very comprehensive.

    I would argue that Lion Branded GCs are tier two these days though. They don't seem to be in as much demand.
  19. nulio

    nulio IncGamers Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    Hi there frozzzen!

    A minor bug:
    "Of Balance (12fhr) sufix means like 25-30 life suffix" but before is "Tier1 (21-30life)"
  20. Concerned

    Concerned IncGamers Member

    Jun 3, 2009
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    Re: SP(T)F Price Check guide 1.13c Edition

    For what it's worth I agree with this, the hammerdin nerf makes the hammerdin's title of best baal runner arguable.

    Also I think that fungal is popular enough to be considered tier 1, maybe just swap those 2 around?

    My opinion for what it's worth.


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