"Spoilt little Sparky" Tournament

Merlin The Wizzard

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Re: "Spoilt little Sparky" Tournament

I have been following this tournament with interest. I am still trying to find a second two socket circlet for the lore, and some of the belts (the lenymo and the nightsmoke). I have most of the other stuff (no Que Hegan's, at least not HC). If I find it all, I just might give it a shot. It's intriguingly different from most(all) other tourneys :p


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Re: "Spoilt little Sparky" Tournament

I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad to have discovered it now! I just read through the thread, and it's had me in stitches most of the time. hehe I love the write-ups.

I've definitely added a char like this on my to-do list. It'll have to wait until I finish my current project (fishyzon), as I'm itching to finally have a WSK/baal runner. Looking through my stashes, I have a good portion of the mandatory item list, but, like merlin, would like to make an effort to find some starter orbs, a lenymo, and a few of the higher level optionals. I've not done much with charged bolt in D2, but it was a favourite spell of mine in D1; so I'm looking forward to it!

Great idea Paladingo. I'm looking forward to reading more about everyone's favourite electric socialites. :D


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Re: "Spoilt little Sparky" Tournament

What? Nothing still here :cry:

Zapita finished Act 1 hell with her boyfriend, and have to dump him cause he can`t kill LI. He can freeze them so I can teleport away, but killing of normal LI monster takes bout 1-2 minutes. Not to talk about bosspacks.

So if you`re planning doing full clears with this merc - forget about it.
I switched on Act 2 NM offensive merc (Might), and now I can kill LI faster.

C`mon is anyone gonna play this?
Guess not, so this is my last call unless someone decided to play (wonder where`s Paladingo :scratch: ).