Sploder... Where next?


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Sploder... Where next?

Hi all,

I was wondering if you guys have some input for me... (again :badteeth:)

I am still working on my Sploder support necro. I'm slowly getting me some pretty decent gear (hurray for Insight :p) and reaching the skill caps on Amp and CE and am having a lot of fun playing with other people.

I was just wondering where to go next.
Originally I planned to beef Gumby using GM and CG for higher percentages on the slow effect and, obvisouly, life. This will leave me pretty much purely for Melee support and a little crowd control.
Most sorcies etc will probably still gimme some lubbin' when I keep Duriel out of their hair, but well, you catch my drift.

Since I have no real experience whatsoever with other chars, I was wondering what to do now... Will the Clay Golem's slow and crowd control make me useful enough for non-melee chars too, or should I try to get Lower Resist to a decent level and put less points into Gumby.
I kinda dislike spending the 6 skill points just to get to LR, but if that would make me significantly more allround as a support char I might consider spending them nonetheless...

Thanx in advance!


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For good support of a randomly built party you will need Amlplify Damage, Life Tap and Decrepify anyway. Most necros end up spending 1 point in every curse, only to have the opurtiunity. Curses are all very effektive with a single point spend and +skill items. They don't really profit from additional hard points.