Splendor Shield w/Sorc & CTB% query

Shaven Monkee

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Splendor Shield w/Sorc & CTB% query

I am making a Meteorb Sorc.
I dig max block, so I have gone that route. I am using a Viscertuant

(Eld)as my main shield and a Whistans on switch with my Baba.
The whistans is the only other shield I have worth a hoot.
The char is gonna 95 base Str and 105 enhanced Str from Travs.

I want to make a Splendor. I would like to have as good as block

possible with it. I have researched on the Arreat's site and the

"white" shield w/highest block% AND falls within my Str level is a

Tower Shield.

It has a 44% CTB w/Sorc and requires only 75 Str.

The Hyperion also has 44% CTB w/Sorc and requires 127.

I am unwilling to put more stat pts into Str or load my char down

w/Str charms.

This will be truely for personal use and most likely will not be

traded away BUT I still do value the opinion of this community and I

ask for it's voice now.

Thanks for readin.


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splendor has no increased chance of blocking so it would take a whole lot of dexterity to get max block. here are some numbers:

lvl 80, w/ viscertuant (upped)
72% ctb + 182 dex = max block

lvl 80, w/ tower shield
44% ctb + 288 dex = max block

thats 106 dexterity. OUCH. well i guess its not THAT bad, its only 212 life.

with 44% ctb shield and 182 dex you get 45% chance to block.

i dont see why you should use splendor anyway. if you want skills and fcr go with lidless wall. if you want magic find go with rhyme. and visceratuant is a perfectly good shield too.


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one with low requirements. if you have enough strength to choose from many shields, then go with the one you think looks the coolest. i personally think the large shield/scutum/hyperion series looks best in game. just me though...