Spirit Shield or not?


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San said:
Farming Meph at players 1 doesn't require any skill, at least with a Blizz sorc. Well, the Kelpie Snare on a act II merc helps, but I don't feel that necessary. Reaper's is almost as good with it's Decrepify.
Edit: What I meant was, that there's no need to prance about, or to use the moat trick.

But seriously, with 400 in Vitality, and enough damage to kill Meph with 2-3 Blizzard-casts, nothing will have time to hit you enough many times to get you killed.
san, you're my hero.:heart: i never noticed that slows target mod on kelpie snare. you just saved my merc about 500 deaths and me about 2500000000 gold.

on topic, my only high level sorc is max block (meteorb/visceratuant). i don't really find it that useful. i'd definitely rather have more dmg, fcr, etc and throw in some fhr for getting out of tight spots. i play SC tho.


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GooberGrape said:
  • Nightfish used a Meteorb with Lidless and no block.
Meteorb with Chromatic Ire Staff, Shaftstop and Complete Iratha's Set. I don't think I have used Lidless on a single char. And that I did that doesn't mean it's smart. ;) Generally my favorite item on sorcs is an upgraded Visceratuant. Max block > all vit any day of the week.

As for the "if you need block you are doing something wrong" argument. Well, then go titan because if you don't get hit, what do you need vit for? The point is simply whether max vit or max block makes you more durable. In my experience the choice is roughly between 900-1000 life + max block or 1200-1300 life and no block. You can do the maths but the blocker can tank way better. I posted an example some time ago but I don't know where it is anymore.