Spirit shield for light sorc?


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Spirit shield for light sorc?

hi I'm following the light sorc route. This is me at lvl 75:

str 65
dex 35
vit 205
en 45

100 spare

15 C Bolt
20 lightning
20 C lightning
20 light mastery
1 telekinesis
1 teleport
1 static field
1 warmth

shako (ptopaz)
vipermagi (res charm) +38 res
spirit sword +32fcr / +3 shiver staff on switch
visceratuant (pdia)
silkweave (i have more boots than mrs marcos is there a better choice here?)
+3 light skills amulet
ravenfrost ring
rare ring +10fcr +10 pres

holy freeze merc
crown of thieves (eth)

I'm looking to mf when in hell (pits, meph, countess and key run maybe) and just normal play!

I'll get a low torch soon.

I don't use high runes so no infinity/hoto/enigma advice thanks. no anni either.

1) Is a spirit shield worth the strength i'll need to spend? with it i can get to 105 fcr bp

2) Is thunderstorm worth a point? I've never tried it - dunno what it does

3) Is ES worth a point? I've never tried it and from what i have read w/o synergy its not going to work

4) Any easily acquired better equiment I should use?

Thanks for any help

Noite Escura

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You're better aim for 117 FCR. That's the last break point for Lightning/CL. Magefist or Trang's Gloves will get you there. Or simply replace Ravenfrost with another FCR ring(that if your Spirit is perfect 35FCR), as there are no really useful mods on it for this build...


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1) hitting the last fcr bp for light sorc is quite crucial unless u are doing a infinity scythe type build. in ur case, i would spend the extra str for spirit shield (dont ever max block with this shield on)

2) a lot of light sorcs put this as a 1pt wonder type skill.

3) es will work if u have the right gear and max out its synergy, otherwise i wouldn't put a point into it.

4) here are a few cheaper end gear i can think of:
weapon: wizzy
belt: arach
shield: ss (stormshield) <-- max block type build.
boots: waterwalks / treks
ammy: 3light fcr ammy (might be harder to obtain)

Eilo Rytyj

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If you're using Insight also, try it on a Prayer merc. If you get hurt, just tele somewhere safe for 20 seconds an you'll be at full health. The only time you need to use potions is in emergencies.

Without Holy Freeze to keep enemies at bay though, you'll need keen reflexes to keep safe.