Spirit question


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Spirit question

Hi all,

It seems that a non pala char needs high strength in order to wear a spirit shield (minimum = monarch, 156 str). Am I right here or is there a lower str req possibility?



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No, you are right. The only shields that are non-pala and can get 4 sockets are:
Monarch (156str)
Aegis (219 str)
Ward (185 str)


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Most casters who don't go for max blocking are willing to invest that much into strength. Exceptions are e.g. skelemancers who don't really need fcr, so a Homunculus is better for them. Of course, it's the über shield for caster paladins because they can compensate its lack of +blocking with holy shield while others would need more than 200 dex for it.


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Paladins can also use those shields from lvl 25 and on, since all pala shields get 4sox from larzuk. There's also the added resists, which make for almost as much resists as on HoZ in many cases.

Some use eth monarch spirits for prebuff (summon druids, CtA users) and something else as main shield. Solely because of the 10 less str, ofc.