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Spirit generator damage affix change idea.

Discussion in 'Monk' started by Genocides, May 7, 2013.

  1. Genocides

    Genocides IncGamers Member

    Jul 25, 2008
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    I posted this on the D3 forums.

    You know I'm that guy that uses the affix as much as I can and I do love it:

    "I recently had an idea to improve the resource generator affixes for monks to make them more desirable. On top of increasing the damage of the generator FoT/WotHF/CW/DR it should also increase the amount of spirit generated by the same amount. So for instance say you are like me and you have ~50% WotHF damage it would also increase the spirit generated from 8 to 12 per hit. It would also be nice if these affixes were multiplicative instead of additive if they aren't already (not sure).

    This would limit your need for additional spirit regen from gear and further open your options up for other affixes making it more viable, and would also open up some rune usage that may not otherwise be used.

    Lets face it these affixes are weak even though I can make it work and do MP8 (possibly MP9 barely) it took a fair amount of effort to gear to this level without being a big RMAH spender.

    It'd be nice if there were more of this available from gear or maybe even on a future legendary, and it'd be nice if some of our spirit generators did more base damage to further warrant the use of this skill.

    Maybe one day they'll nerf CHD/Crit and have to compensate with base skill damage buffs and maybe give us some base Crushing Blows (5% like crit) with the addition of a possible future CB affix."
  2. snurrfint

    snurrfint IncGamers Member

    Mar 1, 2009
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    Hmm, they might need a buff, but, not in this way. I think they should just boost all skills except thunderclap if anything.

    "This would limit your need for additional spirit regen from gear..." - I cant even think of a reason to why you would want to limit the need of any attribute on items that isn't crit, crit dmg or attack speed. Spirit/s is a very well working attribute and is one of a very few attributes you'd ever want to trade dmg for.

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