SPFer site - profiles (MP and other)


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SPFer site - profiles (MP and other)

Hiya everyone,

Borlag and I talked about what further info could be added to the SPFer location site and he came up with the idea of adding profiles. These should contain info on availability for MP gaming and additional info you want to share. For the moment I'm thinking of the following columns:

- Forum name
- Chars (MP)
- Time Zone
- Additional info

You can post anything you want me to post in the additional info category including, but not limited to info on your forum nick, on your avatar, on your gaming preferences besides DII, favourite music, family status..., You name it. As long as it's not grossly inappropriate up the infor goes.

I'd like to introduce a color code for the MP Chars which indicate how often you play in MP games. Please state name and class of the chars and one of the following four categories: Never, rarely, mostly, always. These categories should indicate how often you want to play in MP games.

I'll be away for the weekend - my girl friend's family has a party - So I'll create the site on Monday. Plenty of time for all of you to post whatever you wnat to have on the site! :)


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Forum name: Borlag
Real name: Sami Ollas
Date of birth: December 14th 1977
Height: 170cm (approx. 5'7'')
Weight: 60kg
Marital Status: engaged
Timezone: GMT+2
Country and city of residence: Finland, Helsinki
Homepage: www.borlag.cjb.net
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 94612954
Characters in MP games:

Keldorn - lvl90 zealot (mostly play with him)
Nadrok - lvl92 Hammerdin (rarely)
Serafine - lvl84 Meteorb (SPF SC ladder, always)

Other information:

My education is computer mechanics. Served in the finnish army for 6 months and now working as IT consult in Eyescream Information Becoming a father next summer on 9.7, and looking forward to it with my lady.

I'm somewhat of an audiophile, collecting massive amounts of music, both as CD:s and mp3:s. I've also played guitar basically my whole life, playing style being a mix between classic rock, blues and old heavy like Deep Purple and such. Otherwise I listen to just about anything with good guitars or saxophone, mainly rock, blues and heavy but occasionally jazz and classical aswell.

Along with computer games and guitar playing my hobbies include building websites, occasionally playing pool or karting, though I'm far from being athletic in any way.

Other than that, I'm an insomniac. Sometimes staying up for 4 or 5 nights in a row, then finally almost passing out and sleeping for 24 hours in a row. I just can't sleep every night...don't know why. Also my sense of humor is somewhat perverted and wicked, but I think just about everyone here has noticed that already ;)


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Forum Name: Ryondaahl
Real Name: Thyl Luyckx
Date of Birth: September 2nd 1969
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 75 kg
Marital Status: GF
Timezone: GMT +1
Country: the Netherlands, Wageningen
e-mail: [email protected]

I play 1.09 MP games with all of my characters, basically from Act 1 NM and up. I can't host unfortunately due to the Uni Firewall I am behind.
I am a tropical forestry MSc by education but I make money with my hobby, which is anything to do with a Macintosh computer. My GF, music, books and playing Ultimate Frisbee are my *other* passtimes when i am not levelling any of my 7/99 candidates. I am going to play the World's in Turku, Finland this summer so I have to practise 6 to 10 hours per week this spring and summer.




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Forum Name: Dacar92
Real Name: Dave Carzoli
DOB: March 28, 1962
Married with 2 kids, girl 8 and boy 4, almost 5
Location: Woodstock, Illinois, USA. Suburb of Chicago
Timezone: GMT-6
e-mail: [email protected]
AOL IM: gallifrean7

I play with my lvl 65 barb, whom I just brought into hell. Almost always play MP with this guy. I also have low level sorc and necro. Still in normal

D2 is my favorite game. But I like Neverwinter Nights and Morrowind too. I think I like Morrowind better than NWN because, like D2, you control your fighting, rather then just watching it unfold in NWN. I sometimes also play Civ 3. But I mostly play with my kids in the 12 inches of snow we have on the ground right now. We read together a lot, too.

I love music, as I used to play jazz and rock music on the radio. I have a huge collection of music. I am now in Sales for a manufacturing company with a global presence. I am also a Dr. Who fanatic ( a BBC tevelision series). Used to be, more than I am now, but I still love the series. I have all of the episodes on tape and will be converting them to DVD soon.

Thats enough about me. Who's next?


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Forum Name: LprMan
Real Name: Antti Hämäläinen
Date of Birth: May 25th 1984
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 67 kg
Marital Status: not married, not even gf atm :teeth:
Timezone: GMT +2
Country: Finland, Lappeenranta
e-mail: [email protected]

Maybe I should say grailing is my main hobby now :teeth: Well, I also enjoy listening to music, mostly metal, and I also used to read much but it feels like I don't have enough time for that anymore

I can't host MP games, but I play with other people sometimes, usually hell WSK runs. I usully use my sorc, zealot or hammerdin then, but I can use other chars as well (I have 6 chars able to run hell WSK). On weekends I have better chance to play with other members because I have more freetime then. I also like to help other people while they are questing

My chars:

lvl 92 Fishymancer (rarely)
lvl 92 Vegasorc (rarely)
lvl 92 Hammerdin (mostly)
lvl ** Zealot (mostly)
lvl 87 Conc barb (rarely)
lvl 84 WW druid (rarely)

I don't use my necro in MP games much anymore because he just causes lag. Sorc I use rarely because sometimes I feel she is too fragile. My barb and druid are not used often because I don't like barbs at all and my druid is quite new char, maybe you will meet him in the future (he is not fragile at all). My zealot is used quite often because he is powerful tank and my hammerdin is strong char too and with high MF he is good party member. Whew, maybe thats all I want to say now :)


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Forum Name: BSJoker
Real Name: Max
DOB: Dec 16, 1987
Location: STL Missouri
Timezone: Central
[email protected]

14 Sorc SP Hardcore
41 Palladin Closed bnet Softcore
Can host or w/e but i dont do too much mp anyways....

I am still in school but i am learnin bout atrophysics and cosmology and stuff like that. Play D2 and SC and a few Ps2 games but that it.


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Forum name: Lone_wolf
Real name: Rickard Erikkson
Date of birth: April 9th 1983
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Marital Status: single
Timezone: GMT+0
Country and city of residence: Sweden, Sundsvall
Homepage: None
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: none
Characters in MP games:

white_fox level 91 hammerdin (rarely)
storm level 84 zealot(rarely)

i mostly play sp

Other information:

currently a student in medie and communication science with is intresting.

as a person im mostly like a lone wolf and thats why i have choosen to take the name online


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Forum name: ricrestoni
Real name: Ricardo Crestoni
Date of birth: January 15th 1977
Height: 180cm (approx. 5'11'')
Weight: 100kg
Marital Status: single
Timezone: GMT-4? (I don't know exactly, it is Forum Time -1)
Country and city of residence: Brazil, Sao Paulo
Homepage: none yet
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 23955813
Characters in MP games:

Prise - lvl31 avenger (play exclusively with snowmore)

Other information:

I am a computer engineer, working today as a DB developer/administrator for a small marketing company.

I enjoy music A LOT, and have always played the guitar, and my tastes are much like Borlag's (Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Purple, Sabbath, Doors, Maiden, classic and heavy stuff). Today my band is called 4zero4 (funny story, could not find a name, and since we needed one badly to play in a place, I came with Error 404 - this name cannot be found. NERD ALERT!)

I also like RPG, I play many of them, my favourite being a Star Wars campaign that still goes after 7 years and around 150 sessions. But been around World of Darkness, D&D, Gurps, Witchcraft, In Nomine, Castle Falkenstein, MERP, Ars Magica, Paranoia... better stop listing them all. Been around Magic the Gathering and Spellfire scenario too.

I have played many computer and console games, since Atari and DOS stuff, but Diablo is Hors Concour (SP? Any french/canadian could correct it. EDIT: I believe I got it right now).

But what I enjoy the most is hanging around with my friends, for a beer and a nice talk, but also the movies, and the occasional travels.

Kung Poo

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Forum Name: Kung Poo
Real Name: Marshall Griffin
DOB: July 6, 1982
Marital Status: Engaged
Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (US East Coast)
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.animeflux.com
AOL IM: animeflux

Okie dokie, well, I currently work as the head of the graphics department for a major non-profit organization. On the side, I do various freelance jobs for a local university, as well as working on a manga to be submitted to TokyoPop.

Been playing D2 ever since it came out, and have enjoyed the SPF ever since the time of Greybeard.

I currently have in motion a holy shockadin, Alric, a FO/CL sorcy named Ulicia, and a fishymancer named Darken_Rahl.


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Forum Name: Cauthon
Real Name: Paul Bartel
DOB: May 19, 1971
Marital Status: Married, no kids
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time; GMT -7
email: [email protected]

Other information: I am a social worker, but mostly work on the administrative/management side now. I currently work at a Crisis Centre, where I am helping to implement a new project.


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Forum Name: the_brainaic
Real Name: Andrew Lewis
DOB: Nevember 7th, 1988
Marital Status: Nada, not even Gf :(
Location: Drifting between Canterbury, England and Tel Aviv, Israel depending on if it's holidays or not.
Time Zone: GMT or GMT +2/3, again it depends on where I am
email: [email protected]

Characters: I'm in a D2-block at the moment, but I have a 1.09 Sorc, Pally and (hopefully) Necro to get to level 99. Will MP in the holidays if I have the chance.

Other Information: I have a strange taste in music, ranging from 60's, 70's and 80's classic songs to modern-day punk. I enjoy playing hockey (the grass variant) and am also heavily in to Call of Duty at the moment. And... um... Oh, I love the comedy series 'Coupling'


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Forum Name: Shade
Real Name: Charles Giles
Date of Birth: 23rd Dec. 1982
Marital Status: Lonely...
Location: Bristol, UK
Timezone: GMT (GMT+1 in summer, due to BST)
email: [email protected]

MP Characters: Very infrequently, Ulfgar (lvl 73 SC Druid, 1.09).

Playing mostly HC means that I'm reluctant to MP for concern over Lag, the Lord of Internet Glitches.

Other: Hates communicating with others via any real-time means (talking, telephone, IM programs, etc.). Fairly good at problem-solving type stuff and thus also computer games, which explains why I can beat them so quickly...

I also have a good memory for number/letter combinations, such as passwords, phone numbers (not that I ever use the phone...), etc.

Oh yes, and on the infrequent occasions I do use email, SMS, IM or anything similar to communicate I always use full spelling and grammar (well, where possible :) ), since I get very tired deciphering 'txt' language...


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Forum Name: Kaysaar
Real Name: Mark (sorry guys, that's as far as you get ;))
DOB: 26th Aug. 1984
Marital Status: Very happy with my GF
Location: Halifax, NS Canada, eh? (But born in the good ol' USA)
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4 I believe)
E-mail: [email protected]

MP: Never

Other: I'm currently a student, studying Spanish and I plan on picking up history next semester. I play Ultimate Frisbee whenever I get the oppurtunity, which is not as often as I'd like (phooey on winter). I pick up language based things very quickly, and I think that math is evil :p.

As for music, I go through phases. Right now I'm listening to one of the greatest blues men ever, Willie Dixon. But I'm also in a phase of Bob Marley and Sevendust. But then again, I also routinely listen to the Gladiator and Star Wars soundtracks. I'll listen to almost anything except for recycled pop, most country or Opera.


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Forum name: PapaBearNZ
Real name: James Pluck
Date of birth: 27 July 1970
Height: 195cm (approx. 6'4'')
Weight: 145kg
Marital Status: Married
Timezone: GMT+12
Country and city of residence: New Zealand, Auckland
Homepage: (not yet available)
E-mail: zeus at shadofax dot gen dot nz
ICQ: 1139718
Characters in MP games:

NIL - I mainly play SP only. I sometimes MP with friends at Lan parties but that's it.

Other information:

Computer programmer by trade. Worked my last role as a Network Analyst for NZ Telecom for 6 years before being made redundant in 2K2 and decided to go to uni to get a long-awaited degree (BSc double-major - CompSci and Pure Math). Married my beloved lady at the end of 2K3 one week after she graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy. All in all a very busy month that was!

Apart from DII:LOD (mainly 1.09) I also enjoy NFS:porsche 2000, Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege, C&C:RA 1&2.

When not playing computer games or studying I spend my time hanging with friends, reading Sci/Fi or Fantasy novels, watching Ice Hockey (Lets Go Pens!) or going for long walks with my wife.

I am 6'4 with hazel-blue eyes, light auburn hair and a ready smile. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. The rest is subject to change without notice!


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Here goes :

Forum name: Ti-Ben
Real name: Benoît Surprenant
Date of birth: March 18 1985
Height: 180-182cm not sure, 6'
Weight: 60kg
Marital Status: Waiting to hear about someone... let's say : Searching
Timezone: GMT -5? I know it's -5 though
Country and city of residence: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada
Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/tiben/index.htm
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 98857476
Characters in MP games (Very rarely)

Dwalbyd Grizzy Paly
Elderende Mav Zon
Asherego IK Barb
Nathaniel Hammerdin

Other Info: Currently a Welding stupid at EPM in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. I'm a certified college drop-out, which I'm very proud of. :) I listen to music all day long every day. Favorite bands are Tool, above everything, The Mars Volta, Perfect Circle and Juno Reactor. I've even converted a couple of people to listen to these. Also enjoy some of the 'finer' things, i.e. Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Clapton, etc.

I day dream almost 24/7, which is sad. Other games I play include, Desert Combat, UT2003 (barely anymore since 2004 is almost here), Halo, and my trusty PlayStation2. I've got GT3 to 183%. Got it to 100% and then started again with nothing, it's so addictive. Been playing D2 since it came out too.

I like going out and 'destroy' pool tables. Of course I get stopped but hey... Yeah so that's like going out to play pool and foshball. No dancing for me. Bars always play crappy Rap, hip-hop, etc. I love to eat, and the fact that I can eat quite a lot and not gain a pound. :) Dream car is Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür edition. I've known the car quite a while, way before the 2 Lame 2 Furious movies. I think that's enough for now.


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Forum name: Dolph
Real name: Mattias Jakobsson
Date of birth: February 8 1987
Height: 194,5 cm
Weight: 75-80(varies)kg
Marital Status: nada
Timezone: GMT+1
Country and city of residence: Sweden, Luleå
Homepage: www.mufflonfour.cjb.net
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 164053613
Characters in MP games:

IIAPAFSNIAHR hammerdin lvl 85(SC ladder)


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Forum Name - Flamearrows
Real Name - Lloyd Tomlin
Birthday - 29th of March, 1989
Height - 5'10" (or something close to that. eh)
Weight - 80kg
Marital Status - nix
Timezone - GMT +10
Country and city of residence - Australia, Newcastle
Homepage - nix
Email - [email protected]
MSN - [email protected], AIM - Starlanced (I never use AIM)
Characters for MP -

Lvl 89 HC meterorb sorceress (Guardian Soulfire)
Lvl 24 HC strafeazon
many low level characters

I'm currently finishing up high school, with less than two years to go now. I plan on doing a double degree at university, hopefully law and computer science. I can't host MP games - well, I can, but you'd be taking a serious risk 'cause I'm on a 56 modem. Seems to work ok if I join though. I play tennis, although not seriously, and school tends to eat up a lot of my time. I've been known to write poetry and short stories - albeit very badly and... that's about it



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Forum name: Karmeus
Real name: Martin Bonke
Date of birth: 27-11-1972
Height: 199cm (approx. 6'7'')
Weight: 90 kg
Marital Status: married (happily)
Timezone: GMT+2
Country and city of residence: Vantaa, Helsinki
Citizenship: Dutch
Homepage: http://kotiweb.kotiportti.fi/sini.bonke/index.html
E-mail: [email protected]

Characters in (potential) MP games:
Starlane - lvl 76 fireborb (mostly play with)
Bodiceo - lvl 77 Strafazon (waiting for better equipment)

Other information:

I'm a molecular Biologist, currently working to get my PhD (hopefully by the end of this year). When I'm not harrassing my plants at work I'm like to get some gametime in, either playing Diablo or any other interesting RPG or strategy game. Also I like drawing, go to the gym 3-4 times a week and take Dancing lessons with my wife.

One day I hope to move out to the warmer areas of this planet and enjoy life :D
name: farting bob
real name: russell wilson
nickname: ernie
D.O.B: 26/04/**
height: tall
weight: 9st 2
location: near gatwick airport SE england.
marital status: single
email: [email protected]
oppucation: school

i live for rock.


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Forum name: randy

all my characters are currently dead. i tend to only play hc and one at a time so after each death there is a lul while i figure out what next.

i'd love to mp more often as my experiences of it on the hcspl to date have been excellent but i can't host due to all sorts of difficulties.

i love metal, hardcore and a bit of braindance. i like to snowboard when i can afford to and bmx when it's not raining (not that often here). i run a design company with two friends of mine which is going very well, we hope soon to be able to move to new offices and start hooking up with some serious clients.
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