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So I've noticed that the flavie built into gomule is tossing all the sparking mail (chain mail) uniques into the sparking skiller category. It also seems to ignore Acrobat's GCs. Can anyone point me to the file/lines or an update that would fix this? AFAIK I have the latest gomule release.
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Anyone fancy themselves a wizard when it comes to sussing out PlayOnMac issues? I can't quite get the RWM instructions to work.

I've got the "Runewords" folder in my D2 folder, then found the (hidden) files and followed the directions which said to modify the Unix executable file (in TextEdit). But, despite following the guide here (http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/threads/d2-for-macs-a-users-guide.738249/page-6) to the letter, I can't get my modified D2 shortcut to open up at all.

Any ideas?


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Hey forum guys, anyone ever have the problem/fix for when you move items to Atma, no prob, but items remain on character? Running Windows 7.


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I seem to recall having this problem before, but I don't recall the fix.

I'm trying to run GoMule in Ubuntu 14.04.

The jar is set as executable but when I launch it I get repeated errors:


null at randall.d2files.D2FileReader.getCounterBoolean(D2FileReader.java:102)
at randall.d2files...

There are a bunch of lines of this.

I close the window and it reopens 4 times, and then GoMule opens.

I can add characters and stashes, but can't open them.

I expect it's a permissions issue or something.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone help me find a modified dll for 1.06b? I will need to transfer some gear over my characters eventually.

Or link me to a guide so I can do it myself?

All the links I've found via Google are dead unfortunately. :(


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For those using GoMule in win8.1 and in high DPI screens: Were you able to make the Display Scaling work for GoMule?


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I think I used gomule before, but now I used atma and I had 1 stash called runes+essences, it contained all my runes that I collected over the years I played d2.
When i opened the stash in atma, it gave a few errors (I think because of the esences). I dropped a few runes in it that I found last weekend on my mf sorc and then closed it again.
Later when opening it again, the stash was empty. Does anyone know what happened? And where my runes are? :)

edit: Found that there were backups called .org isntead of .d2x. Renamed one and got my runes back. I think I only used gomule since those keys existed and will continue to do so.
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Does anybody have Silospen advanced run counter anywhere? The link goes to RCM/CRM instead.


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@Kitteh: Here you go.

@EasyG: From the first post:

Keep Tokens and Essences on Characters not Stashes in ATMA
GoMule handles essences in stashes just fine. I thought there was a workaround for ATMA, but it seems I was wrong. ATMA handles them fine on mules as far as I know, though.