SPF Mafia Round XI: Genestealer Cult

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SPF Mafia Round XI: Genestealer Cult

There is the taint of the Genestealer on this place. I, Inquisitor Nazdakka, command you, the inhabitants of the town of Veneficus, to, in the name of the Emperor, to purge the agents of humanity's enemies from this city. If you fail and allow the contamination to spread, I will be compelled to take whatever measures are necessary to solve the problem, up to and including Exterminatus. None of you should expect survive this.

Welcome to round 11 of the SPF Mafia game. This time, we've zoomed off to the 41st century and the Warhammer 40k universe, to the city of Veneficus. Some of the residents of the city have been infected by genestealers, vicious aliens that seek to undermine the populace from within, eventually taking over the whole planet. It's up to you to figure out who those people are and deliver them to the Inquisitor before the cult is the only thing left of the city

Each day, the denizens of Veneficus will vote for the one of their number to be sent before the Inquisitor. Whoever gets most votes will go, and it's best not to enquire what happens then, regardless of their guilt.

Pro-town Roles: These players will win if all of the anti-town roles are eliminated.

Normal townies: No special abilities.

The Enforcer: An alignment cop. Each night, this person can investigate another player, and find out their alignment (Pro/anti town)

The Naive Enforcer: This person will get a PM from me at the start of the game consistent with them being the Enforcer, but on investigation, will discover that their target is innocent, regardless of the truth.

The Apothecary: Straight Doctor. Each night, this person can protect one player (including themselves) from harm. Any and all attempts to kill them will fail. They cannot target the same person twice in a row.

I will also use some number of these townie-aligned roles, depending on sign-ups - the moRe players, the more that will be used. Which exact roles are used will be stated.

The Mayor: A nomal townie, except that when they die, the next day phase is skipped due to the confusiion.

The Latent Psyker: A normal townie, except that if they are investigated by the Enforcer, they will show up as a Cultist. This person will receive a normal townie PM, and so will not be aware of their role.

The Fanatic: Will explode when they die. If they get Night-killeded by the Cult, then the explosion will take out a random Cultist. If they get Night-killed by the Serial Killer, the SK will die in the explosion. If they get lynched, they will kill the last person to vote for them.

Anti-town roles
Cultists: The cultists act like a normal Mafia and can kill one person per night. They may talk to each other at night if they wish. They win if they are the only group remaining in the town.

The Carrier: A cultist who will show townie if lynched.

Serial Killer: The Serial Killer is an antagonist independent of the Cultists who can kill a player of their choice on every even-numbered night. They win if they are the only surviving player.

Other rules

Day length: Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Midnight will occur at midnight UK time (GMT+1)

Voting: Whoever gets the most votes each day will be lynched. If there's a tie, whoever reached that total first will be lynched. You may, if you wish, vote for a no-lynch, but barring that there will be a lynch every day. The Cultists will win in the event that at the end of a night there are equal numbers of Cultists and townies.

Votes must be bolded, on a separate line, and in the form Vote: Nazdakka. If you wish to unvote, you must do this explicitly, in bold, on a separate line and including the person who you are unvoting from, or I won't count it. So:

Unvote: Nazdakka

Vote: OtherPerson

Quoting of role PMs: Don't do this, please.

Accidental night posting: Please try not to post at night, however, I know full well that accidents can happen. If you do this, simply edit out the content of the post and it's cool.

Role claiming: You may claim whatever role you like during the daytime.

Absentees: Please only sign up if you can be sure that you will be able to finish the game. If someone does not post for over a day without giving prior notice, I will start looking for replacements. If none can be found in a reasonable amount of time, Ito modkill you. I really don't want to have to do this, it really messes up the game balance.

Loopholes: If you find one before the game starts, please tell me about it and I'll see what I can do. I reserve the right to make changes mid-game if something hideous is found, but I view this as a last-resort measure.

No talking about the game in places other than this thread, except obviously for the Cult's night-talking.

Night 1: Contrary to previous suggestions, night 1 will happen as normal.

If you wish to sign up, please include the phrase "HAIL TO THE WALRUS KING!" somewhere in your post to show you've read this far, and add your email address to this table. My email address for this game is Nazdakka at yahoo dot co dot uk, so if my PM box is full, that's your point of contact.

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Finally, if there's anything anyone wants to suggest or anything I need to clarify and haven't, let me know. These rules are not final yet, so comments are welcome.


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Re: SPF Mafia Round XI: Genestealer Cult

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I'd like to join one of these.

Hold on, the King seems to have swallowed a walrus who fell from the sky like hail!


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Re: SPF Mafia Round XI: Genestealer Cult

I think it would be best if we had a break before any more mafia games were held in the SPF. The drop-out rate of this one did detract from a very enjoyable scenario.

Leave it a month or six weeks and wait until people are on holiday.
There's also one in Community.

Let's have a bit more of a break. Thanks.

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