SPF Legacy Awards 2014-17 - Results Thread


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Ladies and Gentlemen of the SPF, welcome to the SPF Legacy Awards 2014-17 results thread!

We had some fantastic nominations and plenty of people voting, so thank you very much. Drinks will be available in the bar after show - I believe that @T72on1 has kindly offered to pick up the tab for everybody. Nicely volunteered my friend! :)

Without further ado, let's find out who the winners are!

Best HC Character

Best SC Character

Best Tournament
Revenge of the 99ers, SPF Community

Best D2 thread

Best Item Drop

Best Community Contributor

Best WTF?!/Do'h! Moment

Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the SPF


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Congrats to the winners, and thanks for hosting @Kitteh !!

I actually don't know what it means to 'take up the tab' (although I have some suspicions), and for once I don't feel like looking it up ;).


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Thanks Kitteh for pulling this all together, and thanks to all for making this a vibrant, interesting, fun place to mentally hang out!


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You're welcome, I was only 9 days late, so that's nice. Another congratulations from me to the winners, but also to the SPF community for there being enough activity here for us to actually still have such contributions to vote on.


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We are all the winners due to all of these fine contributions to our community and the best game in the world!!!


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Well done everyone, some very worthy winners against equally worry competition.

Thanks @Kitteh for reviving this.

Is the awards after party in the EMB?


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Congrats to winners, and thanks to @Kitteh for moving this forward. It's definitely a nice tradition and cool to allow everyone to reflect on the many very cool contributions to the SPF!


This whole thread made me really happy. Congratulations to all the winners, and also to the ones who organized this.