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@Gripphon for what it’s worth, I have another setup to try in mind that doesn’t use Grief side hork which may be better than the current setup with Grief side hork but I’d say in a perfect world Grief side hork is better (for Pindle). This thread is good proof where I’m ~1/3s faster per run but still .05 adjeff behind using swap hork. To be fair, 2x HotO means I’m missing out on some MF on swap and one frame of casting and maybe that’s the difference maker as well, need some socket quests and more tinkering lol.


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Lets get this thread as active as some of the other projects here. Lots of great targets to run here, why not push some efficiency and have a better chance to get what you wanted while you're at it?


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Well... This is my first entry with untwinked Barb on the first decent map that i rolled... XD Nothing spectacular, but it will get better i'm sure ^^

I am done with memes for some time though XD
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If Grief side hork works for you reliably, that is a good news. I would also use it that way but with 37 fcr breakpoint to make sure barb is fast enough to perform hork. Depends on available gear. When I tried Grief side hork, I had 0 fcr breakpoint and it wasn't to my liking with reliability issues, although perhaps running technique can be perfected so minions never prevent it.


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I finally managed to upload that video with 50 pitruns i was talking about yesterday ^^

You can see some weird mouse movement in the video probably. It is due to the fact that i write down number of packs in each individual run in notepad. I do it between hitting S&E and making a new game, so the mouse can appear in weird places sometimes.

My entry:
SC Berserk Barbarian
Category: P1 Pit
Runs: 50
Average run time: 60.6 seconds (50 runs in 3030 seconds)
Average boss number: 8.60 (430 total)
MF: 745/595
Find Item: 55%
Seconds/Bosspack: 7.047
Efficiency: 4.546
Adjusted efficiency: 1.606

Cham'ed Shako
40mf Chancies
43mf War Travs
75/30 Nagel
70/30 Nagel
+2 War Cries/15 FCR/32 Mana/8 MF Crafted Amulet

Kill Switch:
385/39 Grief + 6 Ist'ed PB

Tele Swtich:
Hoto + Ist'ed Wizzy

39mf Gheed's
Various SCs with mf and some addons
The Cube

252/17/6 Eth GPA Insight
10/29/139 Non-eth Andy (not socketed, cause i don't have any socket quests left)
Eth Treachery

My first entry with this barb. Nothing spectacular, but it will get better with time ^^ Many things can be improved, but as i said, i just started farming pits with him. He is untwinked and i haven't played a pitzerker in 8 months, so i have to get used to it. Planning to get to 775/656 breakpoints soon. Need better Charms/War Travs or amulet for that. I think i will switch to +1 barb/20 mf crafted amulet and use Ist'ed Suicide Branch instead of Hoto. It should be a better setup.

My map is averaging 8,24 packs after 775 runs. I talked a little bit about it in a thread dedicated to this barb.

The thread:

Post with the map:

I also made a spreadsheet with some statistical data gathered when running my current map, together with separated entry statistics (i will update it as i play):

I got the worst series of 25 runs directly before those in the video and said "The game trolled me and it will give me the best average in the next series of runs, so i have to take the chance and make some sick score with it." What's funny is the fact that he game actually delivered the best average in those next 50 runs as i said XD

I will gladly take any advice that will result in a better playstyle ^^

See you soon!

PS Let the battle begins @ffs!

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Nice! WIll check vid later... but must be well executed runs one an insane Pit map, great job! ;) How long did it take to roll it!?

Sub 1.6 should definitely be possible even without time-travel gear and crazy fine/MF charms and the like. Sub 1.5? Don't think so to be honest... Back when I ran a lot with Zerker I've watched the vids of Fabian and Gripp – and what I saw was basically perfect execution (as in, absolutely no mistakes, no misclick, no nothing) on top of better gear than us mortals can ever hope to get, in particular playing self-found...

PS Let the battle begins @ffs!
I think to have a shot at beating your score I'd have to try and either roll a better map on Zerker or use level and respec my Singer since he currently has my best map... poor guy is only lvl 90 or so. Also various other things on my D2 to-do list... I will try though, rest assured! :)


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@ffs You will see many mistakes in my playstyle in the video. Many missclicks, weapon switching failures and such. There is quite a lot of things to improve. What will be hard to get is the same density... It directly dictates how good your score will be. You won't get the same efficiency with 8,3 packs as you did with 8,6.

When i was playing on my other D2 installation, i had a better map than this. It was averaging 8,39 packs after 6,7k runs. There was a well and teleporting path was a little bit more clear. There was 1 annoying tile though... The very narrow one that goes vertically and has devilkins' nest with a well on one side. It was getting quite populated sometimes which was kinda problematic. Was hard to execute good killing there, but if you get like 4 packs basically on top of each other, it kinda boosts your efficiency, cause you don't have to teleport to the next pack etc. You just kill them and hork them all in one go. I was averaging 1,62 adjeff there after 6,7k runs and was getting some low 1,5 scores with not that good loading times (got even sub 1,5 once). I got better in the last few thousands of runs and got sub 1,6 over last 2,7k runs i did on it. All of this in series of 25 runs, cause it was my sweetspot i think (50 runs is a pretty big numbers, cause it basically means that you have to be full focused for ~50 minutes, which isn't particularly easy to do...). That barb was twinked and i was playing that one popular mod back then, so those results aren't that much relevant to what we have here... Still quite impressive to me though ^^

I will run more when i have time. Hope to get better and post some very nice score in the end. I am really determined to push this barb. We will see for how long i can maintain it and how far i can get ^^


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Well done, that is a great result. At this point only improvement is actually in gear and trying to nail certain important breakpoints (having 95% chance to hit vs everything, most amount of 1 hit kills etc). From the first glance reducing life for more Strength could be the way to go. Also perhaps this:

Red circled area. Are you sure bosses spawn there so often? I watched like 20 runs without any and seems to me this area can be ignored making runs simpler and faster.

I'll join in when my barb gets level 97 and I hit some breakpoints with gear changes. My barb wasn't really optimized as he could be. For one I don't have ensured 1 hit kills on Devilkins nor 2 hit kills on anything else but archer which seems like a major point to me. What I'll do is replace 1.13 Shako with 1.07 one and replace Nagel with rare ring in return getting good improve in damage output as well as 1 hit killing odds, but losing some MF. See ya in a year or two when I complete 300 leftover Baal runs.


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@Gripphon Thanks! I think i can push my playstyle too ^^ What is a problem is the fact that my charms are trash. I lack like 20+ mf from them and have literally no useful mods on the ones i own... Some mana and res, but i don't think it's enough to make me comfortable... This is why i went with 3k health and barely any points into str and dex. I will probably respec once i feel more confident with him and on the current map. This is my first untwinked char and first time playing without that mod i was talking about, so i am worried (a little bit too much probably). It should all become more clear after some practice i think.

As i said, i haven't done many runs on this map and definitely didn't investigate it enough, so the optimal path is still to be developed. I for sure should check the frequency of some random spawns more and see if it is worth it to hit certain spots. A lot of work before me, but that's good. I really enjoy challenges ^^

Glad to here it! Hope we will see some good pitzerker playstyle from you soon!

PS Baalruns aren't that bad... I did over 2k of them on this barb XD
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Just one info which may or may not be useful, lvl 99 barb needs 10817 AR to have 95% cth against everything that is not stone skin, so once this is reached, there is very little benefit from going for extra AR on top of that.

Here is most recent vid from rune-find league (for which I conveniently used single target character). Other few are on my channel. I might do more in the future too, although it will be look-alike.



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@ResTTe congrats! That's an impressive first entry :)

Just a heads-up to whoever will be updating the tables next, they've become desynced. The one which was posted last does not have Gripphon's newset AT entry.


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I forgot to answer some things...

@ffs First of all, thanks! Second of all, i think it took me 12+ hours to roll this map, so not that many i would say. I will see what i can do with it and maybe try to get something better in the future if it turns out to be not that good. Well, @Gripphon did sub 1.5 without prepatch gear i think. You definitely need an insane map for that top notch playstyle. I will get sub 1.6 soon i guess. Will try to run for sub 1.5, but i am not sure if i can do it with this barb tbh. I would have to twink him a little bit or just spend a lot of time on him to get better gear.

@Gripphon It would cost me too much to get to such high AR with my charms. Would have to play with minimum str (145) and boost dex to ~230 which would result in around 2.4k life with pretty much 0 res... Can't get good results with such setup imo. Maybe i will make a spreadsheet to see when i can one/two shot mobs and how much improvement i can get from respecing. I have a spreadsheet with my dmg and optimal str/dex setup, but i think i can do better than that.

My main goal for now is to finish the grail. It may sound a little bit foolish, but this is what i want to do. Was pretty unlucky on my previous barb and got to 1 item left after finding 8 templar's. I already found 2 of them on this barb which is ridiculous... I will get some better gear during pit farming hopefully. I am planning to keep this barb untwinked as long as i can and want. I may consider twinking him when i start other chars and find some sick stuff with them.

@Albatross Thanks! I can update the table tomorrow if i find some free time.


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@ResTTe Don’t think I rolled Pit maps for 12+ hours in all time I played D2 combined, you certainly deserve that map. :) I was just curious as to how many tries it takes to roll a map like that. All my 8+ batches required well above average boss density, I think my Zerker map averages just below 8 and Singer map averages some 8-8.2.

Over 50 runs it’s not really possible to execute without any mistakes whatsoever, but at one point I concluded I couldn't beat Fabian's and Grip's scores just by improving my play – because watching some of their vids I realized I honestly couldn't play better than over 50 runs. At least not without hundreds of hours of practice, and then maybe within 0.01% range... when hitting a lucky streak. :) Even assuming the same level of execution, gear plays a role, char level plays a role (no issue for you ofc but mine was low 90s which affects CtH in particular) as well as factors like PC. For example back then I had some issues with loading times when switching areas during the runs themselves. Managed to fix that by now, but generally how smooth D2 runs makes a difference.

That being said, map has biggest impact by far of course, and your running is a good example how that can more than make up for deficiencies in gear when executing well. I'll be rooting for your sub 1.5!


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Good lord Grip is going back to Pits?

RIP my records.

Post videos please.
Please, your score is not to be touched without God's approval, and even God himself must ask Chuck Norris does he approve it first to avoid any trouble. Besides, we are officially retired, but the rest don't need to know that. We can scare them for fun.

What I want to see can I still keep up with young and mighty warriors from this thread or are my old bones too rusty.


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@ffs I rerolled a lot of maps, cause i have pretty high standards. The procedure is simple and i am planning to make a guide about pitmaps in the future. Gathered screenshots of pretty much all of the tiles that can spawn there. Map is the biggest factor, no doubt. Playstyle is next. Gear is a minor improvement. Additional 1% hork gives pretty much nothing, just like 1 or 2 mf breakpoints. For example, i would get 1,572 with 810/656 mf and 56% hork and 1,589 with 775/656 mf and 55% hork. We are talking about 0,034/0,017 adjeff improvement. That's nothing in my book ^^ I should definitely focus more on killing speed... My barb just feels slow sometimes...

Also... Does anybody know why am i missing like 3/4 hits from time to time? Is it because of CTH, monster's block and berserk being an interruptible skill? Was always wondering about that and have never found an answer... I think this is a place toask that question considering how many good players come here XD