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Hello, traveler. Welcome to the SPF Hall Of Records.
In this thread there are several categories where we share our best results following certain rules. Everyone can participate, so go ahead!

Idea of this thread, apart of sharing our best results in several categories, is to give some kind of inspiration to the players to try to improve their playing style as well as their characters. We will test our limits here as well as limits of the game itself. There are no winners in this thread, only temporarily the best ones. Every record can be broken, that is the right attitude for this thread! Even if you don't have number #1 time, please still post your result in here to give your contribution to the thread. With all those results we can compare areas and classes with each other which is great. We can also share our builds and playing experience in here.

Some details and explanations about this thread you can find in this spoiler.
Run counter will measure your run time as you run. He will give you information about your fastest run time, average run time, total runs done and total time invested. I suggest you download it since it is VERY EASY to use and is perfect for this thread.


Download runcounter advanced. After you do, see how it works. You open your char in it, start new timer with any desired name and you are ready to go.

There are some tricks to run counter. Test all of this to make sure you understand how it works! (For you HC folks, don't test what happens if you die ofc :p)

1. First run never counts, so when you start run counter, you can just s/e first run since run counter won't register it as run done. Run counter do register fastest run time and total run time, but if you go check it out after first run, you will see you did 0 runs with 0 average time.

2. Anytime you pause run counter, he won't count next run when you unpause it. This means that if you s/e and go out of diablo to pause the counter, then when you unpause it and go back in the game, you can just instant s/e that first run since run counter won't register it. I mean, he will register it toward total playing time and toward fastest run time which doesn't interest us. However, if you pause counter and go to ATMA, then when you unpause it, counter will register that first run done so be careful. Not sure about gomule. So, if you visit ATMA or gomule, safest thing to do is to click "End Run" then start counter again skipping your first run as explained.

3. When you die, you will screw your run counter. I'm not entirely sure how it really works, but it's something like this: Once you die, run counter automatically starts a new run and when you press ESC 1 second after, run counter will count that run as 1 second screwing up your average run time.

For this thread you don't care about fastest run time. If you do s/e procedure as explained, your fastest run time will be below 5 seconds anyway. What you want is your average run time and number of runs done. Those two numbers matter. Of course, beware not to screw up your counter with missclick or something.

Efficiency tells you how much time and how much effort it takes you to perform some task. What we want is a number which tells you how much seconds it takes you to do something. For area level 85, efficiency will be seconds/killed bosspacks, which tells you how much seconds it takes you at average to kill a bosspack in level 85 area. To determine this number, you must know total running time and divide that with total number of bosspacks you killed in that time.

Since I explained the flaws of run counter, to determine your total time you will simply multiply your average run time with runs done. Bosspacks you will have to count as you run, unfortunately. That is the only way to get "legit" number since variations can be big in both run times and number of bosspacks. If you have barbarian with 55% hork, then to calculate your efficiency you will further divide sec/bosspack number with (1+hork). Example. 10 seconds/bosspack for barb with 55% hork you have efficiency of 10/1.55 = 6.45 sec/bosspack.

For Pindle, we have seconds per killed Pindle. That number will be displayed with CAT. Efficiency for Pindle you get if you divide CAT by 2. That is close enough approximation to sec/bosspacks in areas.
For Meph we have seconds per killed Meph. For Andy seconds per killed Andy. Those numbers will be displayed with average time since that's how long it takes you to kill any of them.

Adjusted efficiency you get when you include MF % into efficiency and is measured in fabians. This number represents your "real" efficiency, but is generally too much trouble calculating it precisely, so we usually don't bother with this number. For this thread adjeff we calculate is not exact number, but is close approximation since it's impossible to calculate it to exact number. For that you need to have number of bosspacks killed, number of champions killed, number of minions and creeps killed, and all those number vary all the time.

To calculate adjeff, you need your efficiency as well as magic find %. For example, let's say your efficiency is 10 seconds per bosspack and you have 500 magic find. 500 MF results in 166% better chance to get unique items according to ATMA drop calculator. To get adjeff, you divide 10 sec/bosspack with (1+ 166%/100) = 10/2.66 = 3.759 fabians.

What does that number mean? Generally it means that player who is running with 0 MF must have efficiency of 3.759 sec/bosspack to be as efficient magicfinder as you who have 10 sec/bosspack with 500 MF. Efficiency is important because it will tell you how efficient is one player at killing bosses, while adjeff will tell you how efficient magicfinder he is. The lower that number is, the better magicfinder you are.

More info:
To calculate adjeff for Pindle, you divide your average/C.A.T. time by 2, and then proceed with normal calculations as explained. Reason is Pindle drops 2 items while bosses drop 1, so it's approximately two times as efficient to kill Pindle than to kill random unique monster.

When you use MF switch and you kill monsters on both primary and secondary switch, like for zerker barbs for example, then you must calculate average increased drop probability for unique items. You must check chance to drop uniques for both primary switch and secondary switch, and then use formula:

[% drop primary + (Item Find)* % drop switch] / (1 + Item Find)

For example, barb has 700 MF on kill and 600 MF on switch while horking with 55% Item Find. 700 MF is 184% better chance to get uniques. 600 MF is 176%. Average % to get unique items is calculated as explained, [184 + 0.55*176]/(1+0.55) = 181.16129...%. To calculate with this number, I use all decimals from calculator.

Then you use that number to calculate adjeff for your barb. Say you have 5 sec/bosspack efficiency, adjeff with mentioned numbers is then 5/2.8116129... = 1.778 fabians.

Since I guess this can be somewhat confusing at the start, I'll try my best to explain method on how to do it. It might take some time to get used to count bosses as you run, but it's easily done. For how many runs you can do it without error is up to you, but I believe up to 5 should be doable for anyone. In general you can count 3 by 3 runs until you get used to. So, for 5 runs you count every bosspack you kill. It can be 4+6+7+5+8=30. Then you go out of d2, pause your run counter checking did it record 5 runs, then in some text document or on paper you write down number of bosspacks with your average time and with some note how many runs you did. Example:

bosspacks; average run time (from run counter); number of runs
30 ; 62.544 (seconds); 5

Then you unpause counter, go back in the game, s/e first run and repeat whole procedure for every 5 runs until you reach desired number, probably 50 or 100 depending on what category you run for. In the end, you will have something like this:

30 ; 62.544 ; 5
36 ; 61.651 ; 10
32 ; 61.812 ; 15
35; 62.122 ; 20

Or you can add bosspacks as you run, your call. Anyway, total number of bosspacks killed from example is 133 with average time of 62.122 seconds over 20 runs. Total time is 62.122*20 = 1242.44 seconds. Let's say you don't have hork. Your efficiency then is 1242.44/133 = 9.3417 = 9.34 seconds per bosspack. In case you have 54% hork, your efficiency is 9.34/1.54 = 6.06 seconds per bosspack.

After some practice you might be able to do more runs with counting bosspacks as you run. For example, you can do 4 runs and remember total number of bosses you killed. Then you just proceed in next 4 runs to get number of bosspacks for next 4 runs. Then you add number of bosspacks from previous 4 runs with those of last 4 runs, you have number of bosspacks for 8 runs done. Then go out, pause counter, write number etc. Similar thing as with 6 runs to count 3+3 runs, or with 10 to count 5+5. You get an idea.

For any other category you do similar things, but count different things, but important is to keep updating your results here and there as you run in a case you screw something up.

Okay, now fun part. Categories :D
All running is done on HELL difficulty. Also, it would be nice if you can post some minor details about your character and playing style like what items did you collect as you ran and so on. Such things can be interesting to other players.

For start we will have SC and HC together, but if enough players will be interested, we could separate HC and SC. Anyway, we will state did we play SC or HC with our character, so we will easily separate them.

If you have results from thousands of runs done in some category, please post them even if you didn't 100% follow the rules. For efficiency categories you must follow the rules to have legit result for this thread.

Rule for all categories: You must do consecutive runs for this thread when using run counter! However, this doesn't mean you have to do whole 100 or 200 runs at once or in a single day. But it is better if you do them across smaller amount of time for sure. Also, sure you can do some warmup before you start your run counter. Important is that when you do use run counter, you do consecutive running.

NO DEATH ALLOWED! If you die, you have to do the whole thing from the beginning. I know this rule is not fine for everyone. Generally if you can't do 200 Pindle runs or 100 AT runs without death, then you must ask yourself what are you doing wrong. Number of runs required is not much, so everyone should be able to stay alive while doing them.


Pit p1 - 50 runs
Pit p7/8 - 50 runs
AT - 100 runs
WSK - 50 runs
CS + River of Flame p7/8
- 50 runs

1. you must count bosspacks you killed as you run and post the number in thread
2. try to kill every champion in a pack to count it as 1 bosspack, even though it's perfectly fine if you miss some devilkin champion, they can be very annoying
3. you must post your average run time and Item Find % if you have it
4. you must post how much MF did you run with
5. HC or SC character?

Note on CS: usually as you run CS, you kill bosses along the way to it as well. You must also kill Diablo.


Pindle p1 - 200 runs
Pindle p7/8 - 200 runs
Travincal p3 - 100 runs
Travincal p7/8 - 100 runs
LK p7/8 [gems] - 200 runs
LK p7/8 [non-gems] - 200 runs

1. you must count every Pindle you didn't kill (you skipped)
2. you must count every boss/minion you skipped in Travincal (Council only)
3. you must count every chest you skipped in LK
4. you must post how much MF % did you run Pindle with
5. you must post your average time and Item Find % if you have it (not important for LK)
6. give us info about did you pick and cube pgems while running Travincal or not
7. HC or SC character?

Simple explanations about some categories:
When you skip Pindle, you count it as skipped and still continue running toward 200 runs done.

In Travincal we are interested in killing Council only. So you don't kill or count every other boss/minion you skipped there or something.

LK [gems] category means this is for LK runners who collect and/or cube gems as they run. LK [non-gems] is for those who don't collect or cube gems when running LK.

I will gladly calculate this for you no problem, just give me your average time, Item Find % and number of targets you skipped.

Pindle: Corrected Average Time (CAT) = average time (at) * 200 / (200 - X) where X is number of Pindles you skipped. For barbarian with Item Find, CAT = [at*200/(200-X)]/(1+IF)

LK: Corrected Average Time = average time * 1200 / (1200 - X) where X is number of chests you skipped.

Travincal: CAT = at * 1100 / (1100 - X) where X is number of bosses/minions you skipped
For barbarian with Item Find at Travincal p3: CAT = [at*1100/(1100-X)]/(1+1.1*IF)
For barbarian with Item Find at Travincal p7/8: CAT = [at*1100/(1100-X)]/(1+IF)

Generally for all categories the more things you skipped, the bigger penalty time will be.

Explanation for formulas and example:
Example: let's say you have 20 seconds average Pindle running time over 200 runs and you skipped Pindle total of 5 times during session. Corrected average time then is 20*200/195 = 20.51 seconds

Why do formulas look like that? Let's see from example. If you ran Pindle 200 times with average time of 20 seconds, but you skipped him 5 times. That means you killed 195 Pindles total during 200 runs.
Your total running time is 20*200=4000 seconds. In 4000 seconds you killed Pindle 195 times, so 4000/195 = 20.51. It took you at average 20.51 seconds to actually kill Pindle during that running. Same things apply to other categories as well. Therefore, formula for corrected time is 20*200/195, or average time * number of runs / how many times you killed Pindle. CAT = at * 200 / (200 - X) where X is number of times you skipped Pindle.

For Travincal players 3 you wonder why you have to divide everything with 1 + 1.1*IF? Because when barbarian uses Item Find on corpse, it automatically gives items like it's p7/8 no matter what player settings you play at. p7/8 is ~ 10% better than p3 in drops, that's why we have thist factor of 1.1.


Mephisto p3+ 100 runs
Andariel p3+ 100 runs
Countess - 100 runs
Nihlathak p8- 100 runs
Baal [p8 minions, p3 Baal] - 20 runs
Lister [p8 minions] - 20 runs
Fastest run: Baal [p8 minions, p3 Baal] - video proof needed, 1 run

1. you must kill every boss excluding Lister to make the run count
2. you are allowed to skip or park immune Lister, but you must kill all Lister minions
3. you must post your average run time
4. you must post MF % for Mephisto and Andariel
5. HC or SC character?

If you have any suggestions/objections, please post in the thread. I can add any category if more people show interest in them.

Special thanks to Frozzzen, Fabian, Nagisa and Nulio for helping me to start and adjust this thread. Also thanks to everyone who helped me to get this thread going with their ideas!
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Avg time = average time displayed on your run counter.

C.A.T. = corrected average time. CAT is actually your "real" average time because it includes Item Find % as well as time penalty for those who skip running targets. CAT is required so we can compare all classes together. I'll gladly calculate this number instead of you using formulas presented in first post, you just have to give me important numbers. You can also calculate number yourself if you want to.

boss - average number of bosspacks that spawned while running

eff = efficiency ==> will be displayed in seconds per bosspack for this thread.

adjeff = adjusted efficiency ==> magic find is included into efficiency. This means that the more magic find you have, the lower this number will be, and the lower this number is, the more efficient you are. To sum it up, adjeff is number that includes both efficiency (seconds per bosspack) and magic find you have. At Pindle, we also have adjusted efficiency per bosspack killed where Pindle is counted as two bosspacks, so we can compare those numbers with numbers in areas. At Mephisto and Andariel adjeff has nothing to do with bosspacks, but is calculated from seconds/per Meph/Andy killed, but interpretation of number is the same as explained in the first post. This number I will calculate myself, you don't have to bother with it, even though I'll explain how to calculate it in first post.

Pit p1
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build      | HC/SC | MF%     | FI% | Avg time | boss | eff    | adjeff |
| Fabian        | Berserker  | SC    | 810/660 | 56  |   57.006 | 8.86 |  4.124 |  1.435 |
| Gripphon      | Berserker  | SC    | 776/656 | 55  |   54.690 | 8.54 |  4.132 |  1.444 |
| ffs           | Berserker  | SC    | 775/655 | 54  |   59.340 | 8.32 |  4.631 |  1.627 |
| Gripphon      | Singer     | SC    | 713     | 56  |   59.018 | 8.10 |  4.671 |  1.639 |
| ffs           | Singer     | SC    | 757     | 54  | 1:11.800 | 8.70 |  5.359 |  1.864 |
| Grape         | Singer     | SC    | 619     | 56  | 1:11.342 | 7.54 |  6.065 |  2.182 |
| FredOfErik    | Singer     | HC    | 640     | 56  | 1:19.960 | 8.04 |  6.376 |  2.285 |
| Espr          | Meteorb    | SC    | 356     |  0  | 4:08.150 | 8.56 | 28.989 | 11.784 |
Pit p7/8
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build        | HC/SC | MF% | FI% | Avg time | boss | eff   | adjeff |
| Gripphon      | Poisonmancer | SC    | 495 | 0   | 1:08.107 | 7.66 | 8.891 |  3.342 |
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build        | HC/SC | MF%     | FI% | Avg time | boss | eff   | adjeff |
| Gripphon      | Conc. Barb   | SC    | 598/628 | 55  |   43.043 | 6.33 | 4.387 |  1.585 |
| Albatross     | Blizzard     | SC    | 656     |  0  |   30.955 | 6.22 | 4.989 |  1.770 |
| Corrupted     | Blizzard     | HC    | 619     |  0  |   30.865 | 6.05 | 5.102 |  1.835 |
| Gripphon      | Blizzard     | SC    | 720     |  0  |   32.849 | 6.20 | 5.298 |  1.859 |
| NanoMist      | Blizzard     | SC    | 657     |  0  |   28.280 | 5.33 | 5.306 |  1.888 |
| Nagisa        | Blizzard     | SC    | 631     |  0  |   27.849 | 5.26 | 5.294 |  1.898 |
| Frozzzen      | Blizzard     | SC    | 686     |  0  |   35.420 | 5.62 | 6.300 |  2.226 |
| Gripphon      | Windy        | SC    | 585     |  0  |   39.072 | 6.26 | 6.242 |  2.270 |
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build        | HC/SC | MF%     | FI% | Avg time | boss  | eff   | adjeff |
| Gripphon      | Berserker    | SC    | 425/455 | 54  | 1:47.390 | 10.92 | 6.386 |  2.471 |
CS + River of Flame p7/8
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | MF% | FI% | Avg time | boss | eff | adjeff |
Pindle p1
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | MF%     | FI% | Avg time | C.A.T. | adjeff |
| Fabian        | Berserker     | SC    | 810     | 55  |   14.993 |  9.673 |  1.662 |
| Yng           | Berserker     | SC    | 743     | 53  |   14.773 |  9.656 |  1.682 |
| Gripphon      | Berserker     | SC    | 715/595 | 54  |   15.643 | 10.158 |  1.802 |
| art_vandelay  | FB Sorc       | SC    | 621     |  0  |   15.620 | 15.620 |  2.809 |
| Espr          | Blizzwall     | SC    | 457     |  0  |   20.546 | 20.546 |  3.932 |
| Espr          | LF/FA Zon     | SC    | 244     |  0  |   25.096 | 25.096 |  5.627 |
Pindle p7/8
Rich (BB code):
|forum name     | build         | HC/SC | MF% | FI% | Avg time | C.A.T. | adjeff |
| Espr          | Whirlwind     | SC    | 358 | 56  |   20.585 | 13.196 |  2.690 |
| Grape         | Javazon       | SC    | 387 |  0  |   20.313 | 20.313 |  4.046 |
| Gripphon      | Blizzard      | SC    | 876 |  0  |   24.665 | 24.665 |  4.195 |
| Gripphon      | Fissure       | SC    | 912 |  0  |   27.490 | 27.49  |  4.644 |
Travincal p3
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | FI% | gems | Avg time | C.A.T. |
| Gripphon      | Whirlwind     | SC    | 56  | no   |   26.890 | 16.640 |
| Nagisa        | Blizzard      | SC    |  0  | no   |   17.396 | 17.396 |
| Gripphon      | Whirlwind     | SC    | 56  | yes  |   29.484 | 18.245 |
| Gripphon      | Blizzard      | SC    |  0  | yes  |   19.127 | 19.127 |
| Espr          | Whirlwind     | SC    | 56  | no   |   48.698 | 30.135 |
| Darkthrone    | Whirlwind     | SC    | 55  | no   |   51.007 | 31.780 |
Travincal p7/8
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | FI% | gems | Avg time | C.A.T. |
| Frozzzen      | Blizzard      | SC    |  0  | yes  |   24.686 | 24.776 |
| Gripphon      | Blizzard      | SC    |  0  | yes  |   27.540 | 27.641 |
| Grape         | Hammerdin     | SC    |  0  | no   |   43.310 | 43.310 |
LK p7/8 [gems]
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | class         | HC/SC | Avg time | C.A.T. |
| Gripphon      | Sorceress     | SC    |   17.880 | 17.880 |
| Gripphon      | Sorceress     | HC    |   19.594 | 19.594 |
| Espr          | Sorceress     | SC    |   28.426 | 28.426 |
LK p7/8 [non-gems]
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | class         | HC/SC | Avg time | C.A.T. |
| Darkthrone    | Sorceress     | SC    |   20.259 | 20.276 |
Mephisto p3+
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | MF% | Avg time | adjeff |
| Gripphon      | Blizzard      | SC    | 750 |   24.560 |  8.557 |
| Darkthrone    | Blizzard      | SC    | 643 |   24.995 |  8.927 |
| Grape         | Blizzard      | SC    | 745 |   26.472 |  9.224 |
Andariel p3+
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | MF% | Avg time | adjeff |
| Gripphon      | Fireball      | SC    | 399 |   20.348 |  8.043 |
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | Avg time |
| art_vandelay  | L/CL          | SC    |   27.917 |
| Darkthrone    | Charged Bolt  | SC    |   38.044 |
| Espr          | Meteorb       | SC    |   44.600 |
Nihlathak p8
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | Avg time |
| ffs           | Light Sorc    | SC    |   19.785 |
| Scrcrw        | Conc. barb    | SC    |   21.555 |
Baal [p8 minions, p3 Baal]
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | Avg time |
| Nagisa        | K/T Assassin  | SC    | 2:58.935 |
| Gripphon      | Whirlwind     | SC    | 3:10.281 |
| Cyrax         | Summoner nec  | SC    | 4:10.350 |
Lister [p8 minions]
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | Avg time |
| Gripphon      | Lightning     | SC    | 1:54.324 |
| Gripphon      | Javazon       | SC    | 1:54.753 |
| Nagisa        | Lightning     | SC    | 2:02.516 |
| Gripphon      | Trapper       | SC    | 2:10.716 |
| Nagisa        | Blizz/Lite    | SC    | 2:13.195 |
| Gripphon      | Whirlwind     | SC    | 2:25.631 |
Fastest run: Baal [p8 minions, p3 Baal]
Rich (BB code):
| forum name    | build         | HC/SC | time    | video link |
| Frozzzen      | Javazon       | SC    | 1:51.00 | YouTube    |
| Nagisa        | K/T Assassin  | SC    | 2:42.47 | YouTube    |
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Just to tackle couple things..

Even if you don't have #1 time you are encouraged to post irregardless of what will your position on table be? For wide array of results, builds and stuff to compare? So even if some old bags of bones decide to do some runs without being last spot on tables and give some contribution to this thread for *analysis and comparisons* /insert whatever you think sounds smartz
And second thing regarding old lazy bags of bones; you will do all tables yourself in second post yourself? There are none so we just post results based on those 6 things you added and you will do math yourself and place people accordingly on those lists?*

*Perhaps those questions are results of tl;dr syndrome cause it's late here...


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As for that first part, I will add some words of encouragement in a first post. Yes, all results are welcome. Even if someone doesn't have best time, he might still beat his own time and make progress with that. Every result counts, all results will be listed in tables I will add later to second post.

As for tables, one option is to people add themselves to table and c/p further, but it seems impractical to me. Perhaps best is to just post results and I'll do updating for tables. It should be easy to do anyway. I could calculate things myself if needed, but it would be great if players calculate their own results. It should be fast anyway once you have all important numbers out.


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Great to get this started! I will probably participate in many categories...

Any particular reason why Andy/Mephisto are /p3 instead of /p1?

Anyone up for /p7 Travi? I would definitely run for that category aswell, opens up maybe some different builds. /p3 will probably be dominated by Blizzers/WW Barbs, I'm not so sure those would be that dominant on higher player settings like /p7.

Thanks Gripphon for hosting this! :)


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Andy and Meph are p3 cause I think that is pretty standard setting for running them, no? Don't know do people run at p1, probably someone who is not strong enough to kill on p3. But if people actually run at p1, then I can add that as well :p

As for Travincal, I though it might be interesting to have p7/8 category. Added as requested.


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Aren't their drops the same p1 and p3? Thus p1 being the most efficient way to run (a little quicker). Not that it will make a big difference with chars with some killing power, they'll drop in no time any case.

Thanks for the Travi p7 category, I'll test it along with some others during the next week, maybe even tomorrow. :]

edit: ah, yes p3 is indeed quite a lot better. Maybe I mixed it with a85 running as those unique bosses are best run on p1 and don't drop better on higher settings, as is well known. BUT I think when I last time did a bunch of Meph runs, I ran on p1. Poor me :D
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I'll start things up with some of my results.

I have two characters from Pindlethon 7.

SC Blizzard sorc
Category: Pindle p7/8
MF: 876
Runs done: 1085
Average time: 24.665
I didn't skip a single Pindle since it's Pindlethon with no time limit.
Items I picked up: sorc orbs, claws, pelts, rings, amulets, wands, head shields, circlets, charms, runes, boots, belts, gloves, useful and rare unique items, jewels, probably some gems but not sure of that

SC Fissure druid
Category: Pindle p7/8
MF: 912
Runs done: 1915
Average time: 27.490
No skips done for same reason
Items I picked up: sorc orbs, pelts, claws, rings, amulets, wands, head shields, circlets, charms, runes, boots, belts, gloves, useful and rare unique items, jewels, probably some gems but not sure of that

About equipment of both characters you can read here
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or more specifically: andariel quest (which you most likely will have, due to her quest drop bug) has 45.24% nodrop per pick (7 I believe) @p1 and 17.86% @p3 (8% @p5, 4.17 @p7)

meph (non quest) has 18.52% nodrop @p1 and 2.94% @p3 (0% @ p5+)


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(16:14:10)<lolGripp>just post it
(16:14:15)<lolGripp>I posted my crap pindle time :p

This is from last MFO.

SC K/T Assassin
Category: Baal (/p8 minions, /p3 Baal)
MF: 341 (371 switch)
Runs: 1255
Average Time: 03:12:223

I hit a WSK pack or two along the way and never park Lister. There were a few /p8 Baal kills as well. Not many item pickups since I ran with no inventory space (just cube). Elite S/Us, rare rings, charms, and maybe a few other things.

Fastest Run: 02:56:xxx

That was the only run I recorded back then. Might try for a 2:40 or something (supposedly hit 2:35 in MFO) if I'm really really bored and frozzzen doesn't post some 2:15 with Rena.

Here's her gear as of MFO. A few tweaks since then, but nothing major. (Can't really remember changes, and too lazy to look them up.)
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For Area Running, /pl1 is usually the best, as you aim for the Guarenteed Uniques drops - the minion drops have much less chance of what you would be hunting for, and the Uniques have a guarenteed two item drop, with the best chance at Elite Uniques.

Mephistos "No Drop" chance is effectively maximised at /players 3. While /player 5 slightly decreases his "No Drop" chance, the increase in time/health is too dramatic for some a miniscule No Drop reduction.

Andariel, however, basically maxes out at /players 5, and does not generally take much longer to kill than /players 3. You will see both /players 5 and 3, depending on character/build/personal preference.

For additional info, higher /players setting only reduces "No Drop" chances, thus making an item drop more likely. It does not effect what item will drop, or what quality (Blue/White/Grey/Yellow/Gold/Green,) will drop.

Perhaps place a column for "Item equipment level," so people can look and see "budget/untwinked/low tier", "common MF equipment", or "uber r00nwords". That way, you can see the equipment levels people are running with, and time differences. It's about getting as much information expressed in a succinct manner.

Love the thread idea!


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I think separating by wealth is a bit too complicated and subjective. As well as crowded. I think players should post their gear setup and/or skills when they post video/times, though :D


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As it'll be tabularised, it's just an extra column. Generally, the most expensive the gear, the faster the run times/kill speed should be. So theoretically, the higher gear times should be at the top, mid range near the middle, and budget/untwinked gear should be slightly slower, so it falls into the same pattern anyway.

And as to subjective, there's generally a clear consensus:
Untwinked/budget = 4xTopaz armour - things you use on tourney chars, untwinked, or for beginning some MF etc.
Mid Range = Unique/sets, and gambled MF items, Insight, mid range MF rings
Haxor = Enigma/Beast Iron golem/Infinity golem, 20FCR + 3 skill tree + Res All% Caster craft, etc - Absolute top range. Generally most people will fall into one of those catagories.

To me, the primary purpose of this thread is to gain data. Sure, there's competition, MF'ing, item finding and all that, but the underlying theme is for information, data, stats.

And to have one average set being 25 seconds, and one average set being 19 seconds, what's the difference? For Pindle? MF - tick, it's listed. Damage - cross (because this would vary too much, but can still be shown by character/build.) General item quality class (budget/untwinked, mid-range, godly) - Cross, but a big indicator - a char with Enigma/Infinity/godly rares is obviously going to be quicker, but unless it's included, it'll be an assumption and guesses. The table won't show the data/stats that it's been created/designed to show.

Just my opinion -> OCD / stats minded. If the purpose is stats and data, why only allow a fraction of the collected data, and show a fraction of the results possible.


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That could get pretty messy given (1) players often fall somewhere in between those categories, and (2) "best in slot" items aren't necessarily always going to have the impact their category suggests. As an example of the latter, Infinity is the best mercenary weapon for a lot of builds, but the actual improvement in efficiency over the best non-haxor alternative varies from minimal at best (poisonmancer) to noticeable (trapper) to absolutely ridiculous (javazon).


All that aside, Gripp somehow brainwashed me into trying to improve my time.

SC K/T Assassin
Category: Baal (/p8 minions, /p3 Baal)
MF: 298 (328 switch)
Runs: 20
Average Time: 02:58:935

Fastest Run: 02:42:47x (2:43)

There were 3 runs of 2:43-2:44, and a couple of runs well over 3 minutes, ie. ones with LI Lister and/or really terrible Throne rooms.

More or less the same gear as before in terms of damage output. Ber'd Stormlash, Cham'd 1.07 Shako, +13 BO CTA, rare 2/10 amulet, 1.07 LoH, and Wisp are the differences, most of which just make her a little tankier (okay, 1000 HP tankier, but still).

ANYWAY, back to being retired until MFO.


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Wealth can't be measured precisely like time, efficiency etc. Column in table indicating wealth doesn't seem appealing at all. It can however be indirectly shown by linking to post of user that submitted result. That way, everyone can just click on it and

Position | Runner | Build | Time | MF | This | That | Video
#1. | Nagi | K/T | 1:33 | 9001| etc etc Link to vid

And with direct link to someone's post, anyone can check it and compare wealth and everything to their liking since it's subjective. I for example, am thinking that Infinity is standard fare here on SPF (or that it should be in this thread at least) and Tal's is budget option when it comes to AT even if it's 95% good as any lolsetup including crazy gear. Some might not agree with it and so on so making comparison on your own biased way seems best way to look at it.


This thread already achieved its purpose >_>
Will add some results todayish probably, but running possible only after Wednesday when I have time for it...


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I'll link every result in table with post here so people will be able to see details like equipment and such if they click on it. Otherwise it is kinda hardish to guess equipment tiers.

Reporting new result.

HC max block ES Sorceress
Category: LK p7/8 [gems]
Chests skipped: 1
Average time: 22.93
CAT: 22.95
Items I collected: small and grand charms, jewels, rare rings, few rare gloves, few rare boots, one rare jawelin, rare circlets, monarchs, Rals, Tals, Pul+ runes, gems


1.13 Shako with PRuby
Skin of Vipermagi upped with PRuby
35 fcr Spirit sword
Stormshield with -req 13 mana jewel
Tal Rashas amulet
Arachnid Mesh
Sandstorm Treks
BKWB ring
rare ring with 51 mana 11 allres 5 replenish

Vampire Gaze
Rockfleece armor

1 Warmth
20 Blizzard
20 Ice Blast
7 Shiver Armor
10 Cold Mastery
16 Telekinesis
16 Energy Shield
1 Static Field
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Reporting result:

SC Blizzard Sorceress
Category: p3 Mephisto
Average time: 29.146

I started running as I found this char since I last time played her. I Did that on purpose, I'll twink it a little before I do set of runs again and we'll see the difference :)


1.13 Shako 'Ptopaz'
Tal armor 'Ptopaz'
Tal amu
Tal belt
Chancies 40 mf
2x 30mf Nagels
Wartravs 46 mf
Death's Fathom 28% csd, not socketed
Spirit Monarch 25% fcr
Kill switch: 6*Ist'd Military Pick + 4*Ist'd Monarch

12*7mf scs
39mf Gheed's
7*Chilling GCs


65 fcr
815 mf (Kill switch, I managed to switch it on time almost always).
3994-4109 Ice Blast,
7331-8064 Blizzard damage (befor switching).

Eth Insight Tresher
Vampire Gaze
Eth Gladiator's Bane 'Um'

Stashed a few uniques to check their stats afterwards. Found nothing worth of mentioning, really.

Next time, I'll make some changes so that I'll be running with 105fcr and I won't be using any kill switch. Let's see how much faster it will be. I believe below 25 seconds average is achievable with this map. I also played horrible bad this last batch of 100 runs :D
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SC Blizzard sorceress
Category: p3 Travincal
Units skipped: 4
Average time: 22.99
Corrected average time: 23.07
Blizzard damage: 7900-8300
MF: ~260
Gems: yes

While running I collected: gems, small and grand charms, rare circlets, rare rings, jewels, useful unique items, magic monarchs


1.13 Shako (Cham)
Deaths Fathom (5/-5 facet)
35 fcr Spirit
Rising Sun amulet
Arachnid Mesh
Trang Claws
War Traveler 46 MF
Beta BKWB ring
rare ring with 10 fcr, mana, 29 lite, 24 cold res

Inventory: 40 mf Gheed, 5x cold skiller, mf/res charms, tome of identify

Kiras Guardian (15 ias 28 FR)

Generally merc needs better equipment, he is quite fragile from hydras like this. I will put on Guardian Angel and some lifeleech/resist circlet or something else I find useful to neutralize those hydras. He died twice during running and was close to it several times. Beside that, running was piece of cake.

Buff Battle Orders (not Battle Command, not needed), go there, blizz + spam, blizz + spam, blizz, check drops, tele back to a4, repeat.


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Reading the thread title, I thought I was going to enter somthing similar to a dusty library (you know, a hall of records). :)