SPF-er needs your help with a amazone build


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SPF-er needs your help with a amazone build

hi there :wave: im mostly to be find in the single player forum and i have been playing this game from almost the beginning, i played 2 years b-net and after that only SP... i have made severla pat/mat and guardians in 1.10 but never a PURE bow-a-zon.. so last week i receveid an offerfor my Grandfather and the guy offered a windforce for it... that got me thinking..
This is the build and gear set-up i had in my mind:

*yes i know, im one off those guys who cant decide between MS or Strafe.. any tips are welcome*

Magic arrow 20
Multishot 15 (+skills should supply a decent boost to get enough arrows)
FA 5 (+skills should boost it to a +10 skill)

Passive and magic
Crit strike 5
Penetrate 15 (maybe more? but i saw that you will need ALOT of AR in hell for a decent % to hit)
Pierce 10
Decoy 5
Valkyre 20
All the dogde skills 5 (totall 15)

This would be completed @ lvl 90 or something around that lvl... i'm still in dubious about the MS or strafe question... otherwise if its MS 15 points, if i'm going strafe it will be maxed..

Windforce socket with a sheal rune, if the deal doesnt got through i can chose between eagle, upped buri or a Silence Hydra bow
Chains of honor wire fleece (stripped of my assy :teeth: )
Mav's diadem, socket with a ias//res jewel
Laying of Hands
Highlords or Atma's ammy, any suggestions??
Nosferatu coil
Waterwalks or gore riders, IMO gore riders for their CB
Ravenfrost (4 Ar from being perfect)
Rare dual leech (6% and 7% )with triple resitance mods...
Couple of 100 psn small charms, 5 +20 small vita charms, 2 bow skillers with 12%FHR and 1 passive with 39 to life.. + a buttload of res small charms..

Merc will be a might merc with a eth gaze, stone archon plate and a reaper's toll or a tomb reaver (only found one with 2 socketes :( )

So what can i improve about this build andwhat kind of main attack? strafe or MS, i will use FA to freeze up the mob, then MS or Strafe to finish.. this is a pure PVM build so...

thnx alot :thumbsup:



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There is a Snipezon guide here that use Magic Arrow and Strafe, which I must say is a very good combination. You will spend most of your time in confine area now, like in Worldstone, Multi will not benefit you more and their damage is low.

Use Magic Arrow to kill on the run, Strafe while it is safe to do so, and Guided (1 point prequisit but still powerful) to shoot off screen. Good thing is you will not need to carry lots of arrow. :p


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AFAIK the cb/cs from gear's dont stack with cs from skill. kasha's got it right on the money about multi in 1.10. if you play a lot of non-cow (like most people) now in late hell games, then it's more then likely gonna be a wsk run. strafe baby




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gonna test it out, but im still leaning towards MS, maybe the test results will get me towards strafe :teeth:

thnx alot guys


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I would recommend only putting one point in FA if you're not going to max it. At level 10 or so, it won't do significant damage in hell difficulty, while the extra points will increase the mana cost, making it harder to use for it's freezing effect.

Both strafe and multishot are effective main skills for a bowazon, so either way you go should work fine. I would recommend trying to work in some cold damage small charms somewhere to boost your freeze duration in hell difficulty, however. Getting cold damage as a second mod on resist charms or life charms works great.