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[Guide] SPF Community and Links

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by maxicek, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    The SP(T)F is based on trust so, before you go any further, please re-read the rules. If in doubt, contact the Moderators. This thread provides supporting information and links to support the rules, it also introduces you to our community.

    Single Player v. Content For 1.10 and 1.11 By Cattleya (also applies to 1.14d)
    If you have just arrived from BNet, this will answer your questions on the Keys, Ubers, Runewords and DClone.

    Welcome to The SPF

    The Main Page
    Here is an overview of some of the key threads or thread types in the SPF.

    Introduction threads
    If you have just joined, or re-joined after an extended break, please (re)introduce yourself. Let us know what characters you like, how you came to the game and maybe a bit about yourself in RL (Real Life). As much or as little as you like. And then make sure you've got some shin protectors. Shin kicking is part of the SPF initiation ceremony. Remember though; we do not kick the shins of Elite Uniques.

    The Daily Thread
    Once upon a time there was a fresh Daily thread almost every day, but these days we are running a rolling Daily Thread. Post about what you are up to in D2, RL and OVG (Other Video Games).

    Etdlahq Memorial Bar
    Mosey on there, prop yourself against the Bar and grab a drink and a meal. The place for chit chat and drinks. Have two, they're on Durf's tab. Etdlahq is no longer with us, but his memory lives on here.

    The Item Find Thread
    This is where you can post all the readouts of your greatest finds and link to screenshots. New IFT's are made periodically usually when a really high end runeword or three are made or a very rare set/unique is found.

    OT: Days of our Lives (aka the Beacon's Billboard) - also known as the DoOL
    This is the place for more serious conversations. Here real life happenings and dilemmas are shared and comforting words offered.

    Mat, Pat and Guardian Threads
    Whether you have just finished the game with your first character or have completed you 49th Guardian, tell us about it! You can find loads of great examples here.

    The MP Sub Forum
    Single player doesn't mean 'alone'. We MP and PvP through LAN or TCP/IP and it is a fairly important part of the SP experience. We arrange games here in this forum. There are different threads for Hardcore and Softcore, Modded and Unmodded, as well as different versions or variants. Please be sure to post in the correct thread.
    Technical Problems Thread
    Post here and the membership will try and help you if you have hosting or connectivity issues.

    MP Guide - SPF By Thyiad
    Everything you wanted to know before making a merc of yourself in MP.

    MP Groups Guide by Ed from Russia
    If you are putting an MP team together, you really should read this.

    Single Player Trade Forum
    You may trade in the Single Player Trading Forum providing you follow the SPF Rules .
    SP trading has a very different slant than realm trading. Values differ widely, especially since the SPTF is fairly quiet these days. There is Stickied Price Check Thread in the SPTF where you may get an uptodate evaluation of your items. The SPTF is also the place to look for giveaways.
    Mods, Muling, Utilities, Variants Help Thread (SPTF)
    A question/answer thread for anything to do with any of the acceptable mods, muling programs or reporting tools which are supported on the SP(T)F.

    Code Blocks, Quotes and how they work! - by nubikoen
    Essential for long lists of items in trades.
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  2. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    Links for Tools and Utilities

    Please ensure you have read the rules before downloading any of these files and understand the implications of your choice. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, message the moderators if in any doubt. Only the files linked in this post are considered legitimate.

    Two links are provided for most files as a backup in case one is not available. The files are identical.

    ATMA - Hakai_no_Tenshi’s original muling program for Windows
    ATMA IV Link1 / Link2
    ATMA V Link1 / Link2
    ATMA V for 1.13+ Link1 / Link2
    ATS Link1 / Link2

    DropCalc - Silospen’s Drop Calculator
    Drop Calculator Link1 / Link2

    Excel Calculators
    The following calculators and reference sheets are in Excel 2003 format, so should open in most spreadsheet applications.

    Calculators by maxicek

    Attack Rating - Calculates actual AR and chance to hit.

    Assassin IAS Tables - Weapon speed calculators for all Assassin attacks.

    Block - Calculates chance to block based on inputed values, or returns dexterity required for maximum block.

    Damage - Weapon damage calculator. You need your weapon damage details and ED from skills and equipment.

    FHR FCR FBR - Excel version of the Faster Hit Recovery, Faster Cast Rate and Faster Block Rate tables. Nothing to calculate here, just a list taken from the Strategy Compendium.

    FRW - Calculates your actual walk and run speed based on armour types and FRW on items or skills.

    Lightning Fury - Damage calculator including the effect of Facets

    Magic Find - Enter your MF and it calculates the actual improved chance of finding rares, sets and uniques. Also includes a graph showing just how bad that diminishing returns is.

    OW CB DS - Shows how much damage is done by open wounds, crushing blow or deadly strike.

    Runewords - A list of runewords ranked from cheapest to most expensive in cubed El equivalents. Also has the properties of each runeword handily hyperlinked.

    Smite - Damage calculator based on TienJe’s work.

    Calculators by TienJe

    Hammer Optimization Calculator - Returns the proper skill point allocation for BH, Conc, BA, and Vigor for maximum damage, given your equipment setup and number of available skill points.

    FoH Optimization Calculator - Returns proper skill point allocation for FoH and HS for maximum damage, with same parameters as previous calculator.

    Sorceress Skill Optimization - (extended by Zharous) - returns proper skill allocation for maximum damage for all important sorceress skills (in all three elements), using the same parameters as mentioned above.

    Glide - Link1 / Link2 - Link1 / Link2

    GoMule - Cross platform muling application by Silospen (requires Java)
    GoMule version 4.2 - Link1 / Link2
    GoMule version 4.3 - Link1 / Link2
    GoMule Instructions - Link1 / Link2

    MFO - Scoring system files
    A85.txt - Link1 / Link2
    Act5.txt - Link1 / Link2
    Baal.txt - Link1 / Link2
    MFO Calulator (Excel) - Link1 / Link2

    Multi-Instance dlls
    All the Trenshadow Version Switcher files also contain multi-instance dlls

    Classic 1.00 - Link1 / Link2
    Classic 1.06 - Link1 / Link2
    LoD 1.13c - Link1 / Link2
    LoD 1.13d - Link1 / Link2

    No CD Pack 1.00 to 1.11b by GalaXyHaXz
    Allows earlier versions for modern computers without an optical drive - Link1 / Link2

    Various PDF files of D2 Information - Link1 / Link2

    RRM and CRM
    Note - These are to be used to versions 1.10f to 1.12 only.
    Red Rune Mod only - Link1 / Link2
    Red Rune Mod with Runeword Mod - Link1 / Link2
    Installation instructions for RRM - Link1 / Link2

    Silospen’s Coloured Rune - ModLink1 / Link2

    Run Counter Advanced
    Silospen’s Advanced Run Counter - Essential for the serious MFer - Link1 / Link2

    RWM - RTB’s Ladder Runeword mod
    RWM for 1.11 to 1.14d - Link1 / Link2
    Installation instructions for RWM - Link1 / Link2

    RWM for Mac 1.14d - Link1 / Link2

    Trenshadow Version Switcher
    Classic Patches
    1.00 - Link1 / Link2
    1.03 - Link1 / Link2
    1.04b - Link1 / Link2
    1.04c - Link1 / Link2
    1.05 - Link1 / Link2
    1.05b - Link1 / Link2
    1.06 - Link1 / Link2
    1.06b - Link1 / Link2

    LoD Patches
    1.07 - Link1 / Link2
    1.08 - Link1 / Link2
    1.09 - Link1 / Link2
    1.09b - Link1 / Link2
    1.09d - Link1 / Link2
    1.10a - Link1 / Link2
    1.10s - Link1 / Link2
    1.10 - Link1 / Link2
    1.11 - Link1 / Link2
    1.11b - Link1 / Link2
    1.12a - Link1 / Link2
    1.13a - Link1 / Link2

    Guide for Trenshadow Version Switcher by mattinm - Link1 / Link2

    Singling - Single Player modification package by Fearedbliss
    Please read the rules carefully and the change logs for the versions if you download from Fearedbliss' Github site. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are rules compliant. The Version 2.3.0 linked here is cleared
    Link1 / Link2

    Bliss Version Switcher by Fearedbliss
    Sorry, I don't have this file available. We would prefer that you use Trenshadow if possible. Note that the newer version switcher by Fearedbliss is not permitted. Link1 / Link2

    Original Patches
    Official Blizzard Patches for PC - Link1 / Link2

    Official Blizzard Patches for Mac. Also included are RRM and RWM variants. Not that these are not compatible with the 1.14 Mac installer, they are Rosetta / OS9 only. Preserved for reference - Link1 / Link2
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  3. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    General Guides

    Remember much of what is available in the other sub forums can be applied to SP with some alteration. However, here's a few guides from our SP regulars. Don't forget to thank them.

    Magic Finding
    Guide to Single Pass, Untwinked HC play v2 by HC Gunther
    An essential read for Tourney players and a great resource for those new to HC.

    Guide to Untwinked, Single-pass, early game Magic Finding by jiansonz
    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Use this and watch those low level uniques and rares roll in. An eye opener.

    MF Oddballs by Nightfish
    A beginners guide to MF. A great overview, good pointers and an explanation of diminishing returns.

    MF Guide for 1.10/1.11 by Hrus
    This is an amazingly detailed reference work for the serious MFer. It comes complete with full mathmatical explanations and is a must read for those who take their MF seriously.

    Drops Breakdown: Baal vs. Pits vs. Ancient Tunnels by bcoe
    A rather interesting comparison of the quality of drops from three of the most common MF targets.

    TC 3 Hunting FAQ by purplelocust
    Where to look for TC3's (apart from Hell Baal).

    Rune finding

    Rune Finder's Guide v2.0
    by Urlik_Skarsol
    The rune finding reference work. Everything you wanted to know about rune hunting.

    LK vs Travincal vs Cows Rune Finding Guide by Gripphon

    Super/Special chests
    The areas/chests with higher drop rates than normal for runes.

    1.13 LK Superchest Patterns

    1.13 RoF Superchest Patterns

    LK Special Chest Dropps by various
    The original thread. The drops are outdated, but it is a good read from a historical perspective.

    LK FAQ by MuddyWaters
    Drops are outdated, but it is still a nice overview of LK.

    Running the HF(Quest for a Ber) by dune6836
    Dune ran - not rushed - to the Hell Forge. Not really relevant since 1.13, but it contains several good pointers for speed runners.

    Guide to running the Countess by sirpoopsalot

    Countess Rune Word Reference by Sparks
    A list of runewords based on what can drop from the Countess in each difficulty. Separated by vanilla and RWM.

    Hellforge Rushing
    Having one powered character take seven mules to the Hellforge. There's a big difference between the versions, so it's best to read all the guides and decide what's for you depending on your requirements.

    1.11 HF Rushing by Jantia
    Also works for later versions.

    1.09 HF Rushing by Ragnarod

    1.09 Classic HF Rushing by Zaliqai

    If (like one moderator) you have led your party down every path in the Arcane Sanctuary and still failed to find the Summoner, maybe you need to ask for directions.

    Twinking is moving items onto a new character to give it a 'head-start'. Depending on your wealth there's a number of ways to do this.
    Low Level Twinking/Fast levelling by Timinator
    Very detailed information covering all seven D2 classes to help you make the most of their early game power.

    Project K by Ashmer Amadeus
    The goal: 1000 damage by level 18. Did he do it? Read and find out. In-freaking-credible!

    Nightfish's 3 hour sorceress by Nightfish
    Not a twinking guide per se but a fascinating look on how NF got his sorc through so so quickly!

    Morons for Dummies by AlterEgo
    Comprehensive guide to mercs. This will show you where each merc type can be hired, and how their skills/abilities differ across difficulties.

    Ultimate Merc Guide by gaza0469
    This is the stripped down version of 'Morons for Dummies' by AlterEgo. If you want the quick overview in point form. Start here.

    Item Generation
    These guides explain how items are generated in D2. If you want to know how or where to get a specific item, start here.
    Item Generation Tutorial for Patch 1.11 (v1.0) by Warrior of Light
    An indepth and comphrehensive explanation of Item Generation in D2. Not for the beginner!

    Guide to Altering Items In-Game (no not hacks :) ) by Uzziah
    An item generating overview covering socketing Items, cube Recipe, rerolling strategies and staff mods

    A Guide to Charms in 1.10/1.11 by Kronos, updated by Corax
    An amazing reference on charms. Prefix/suffix and ilevels are all in here and a handy guide to what's worth keeping.

    Skill Granting Items 2.1 tables of oskills, auras, ctc and more By Kijya
    If you can get it on an item, it's here. Use with the mods on items table.

    Affix Generation Tables
    Affix generator for magic and rare items.

    If you really want to test your skills, it has to be PvP. We are always looking to expand the player base, so a huge amount of help is available for new recruits.
    The PvP Thread by nulio.
    If you are interested in PvP, this is the thread for you. It collects together all the various rulesets we use and even lists the players and their PvP characters. If you are thinking about PvP, post here for guidance.

    Updated PvP Guide by Colony.
    A great introduction to high level bad mannered duelling in the SPF. Also available as a PDF

    General Guides
    Max block v Max vit by Nightfish
    The eternal question number crunched by NF. Remember it's personal preference and NF plays HC!

    Calculating Poison Damage by onderduiker
    A nice compilation of how the various sources of poison damage work together in version 1.10+.

    Sockets list
  4. maxicek

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    Additional Links

    We try and keep this up to date and relevant within the acceptable limits of this forum, however, if you think there is a link which would be worth including in here, please PM both Mods and we will see what we can do.

    TitanSeal’s indispensable Weapon Speed calculator

    Skills calculator

    Offline skills planner by Mursilis

    Affix calculator

    Block calculator
    There's a couple of other caclulators there if you go up one directory.

    Weapon Upgrade Calculator

    Necro Pet Calculator

    Druid Pet Calculator

    Wereform Calculator

    Curses Appearance
    Armour Appearance by Class


    Facts and Formulae Archive - FBR, FCR, FHR breakpoints, Weapon Damage explained, DS, OW, CB explained, to hit and to block formulas, 1.10 area levels and a lot more. Link from the Wayback Machine.

    Mods on Items updated by zarirazz
    Originally for 1.10, zarirazz updated it for 1.11. This lists all mods which you can find on items. (e.g. life steal, knock back etc) Great work.

    Diablo II Wiki

    Arreat Summit
    The Official Blizzard resource

    D2 and Macs by jamiesixgun Had a lot of great information. Link from the Wayback Machine.

    Data Recovery Tips by skiffcz
    If you have had a HD crash and you are worried about losing your stashes; or even if you haven't and want to prevent it; read this.

    Glide Wrapper
    This should help the appearance and FPS on newer graphics cards. Particularly good for people with larger monitors who run in windowed mode (you can resize the window). Very customizable and easy to use.
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    Guides for Time Travellers

    In the SPF you can play whichever version you want. Fancy playing against players64 monsters? you can do it in a previous version. Want a BKWB with +2 skills? You can in a previous version!

    How to play different versions
    You have a few options for playing older versions.
    Fresh install of the old patch. Works quite nicely if you use a Virtual Machine to run an old OS (Windows 2000 for example). This is probably the best option for Mac users.
    Trenshadow version switcher. The original SPF time travelling machine.
    Bliss Version Switcher. Works with 1.14 too.

    Why to play different versions
    Playing older patches can be a very different experience if you started playing D2 in 1.10 or later. Forget much of what you thought you knew and enjoy the experience. Of course finding items which are different to the later patches is part of it too.

    Time Travelling the SPF Way by Jaedhann
    An introduction to the differences between the LoD patches.

    The Time-Travellers Vortex part 1 - a guide to SPF time travel by helvete
    A comprehensive guide to older patches, all the way from 1.00 Classic.

    Specific Patch Information

    1.00 Classic

    1.06 Classic

    1.07 LoD

    1.08 LoD

    1.09 LoD

    1.10 LoD (including Betas)
    !.10a Beta +2 All Skills BKWB Seekers Miniguide by purplelocust
    1.10s Beta Runeword MiniGuide by purplelocust
    v1.10 FAQ for SP (v.2.0) By Shade
    The FE Bug Explained (Single Player 1.10) by DeathMaster. Explains why you're getting one hit killed in 1.10!

    1.11 LoD
    1.11 Changes By Cattleya
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  6. maxicek

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    Playing The Game, SPF Style

    The SPF plays a little differently. We like to mix it up, playing untwinked, to strange rules and given the ability to play different versions gives us a unique slant on D2.

    SPF Tourneys are many and varied. Whether you are interesting in finding items or runes or taking a character to Guardian with ridiculous restrictions, we have a tournament for you.
    Tournament Listings by Pb_pal

    The SPF Guide to Hosting your own Tournament by Sint Nikolaas
    Don't start a tourney without it.

    SPF Table Formatting by ioupainmax
    If you are running a tournament, or keep on mangling tables in other peoples tournaments, you should read this.

    Magic Find Olympics
    The MFO is a long standing tradition in the MFO, where players run a specific target for elite unique items. Be prepared, you will need to cram in a serious amount of runs in just over a week to be in contention.
    You can find all the previous MFOs here.

    The Septumvirate (or Sept)
    The Sept is a collection of seven characters, one from each class, around a common theme. You make the rules yourself, it can be untwinked Hardcore or using a specific item or set of items in SC. Complete it by getting all seven to Guardian or Mat / Pat.

    The Quest for Level 99
    A quest only for the most determined players. That hasn’t stopped a select band of nutcases achieving it, some even multiple times. In Hardcore.

    The Grail
    The original Grail is a complete collection of all the Set and Unique items in the game. Since then we have a multitude - Ethereal, Runewords, Perfect Items - If you want to collect it, there is a thread to measure your progress against others.

    SPF Elite Runners Club
    You aren't going to get to 99 or complete the Grail in a weekend. It takes a serious amount of runs. Join like minded players here who consider 10k runs a decent start.

    SPF Hall of Records
    So you think you are quick at Pindle runs? Check your speed against the best in the SPF.

    Build Guides
    The SPF builds have ofter had a bit of a different flavour to those on BNet. Even in these post 1.13 days of high rune wealth, the dogma of BNet often is contradicted in the SPF.
    Beginner's Guide to Build Selection - by Mursilis
    If you're a complete beginner, start here. Great introduction to the classes and their more simple builds.

    V2 Single Player Character guides compiled by Hrus

    Build Efficiency 101 – Overview & Resource Compilation by ffs
    How to maximise your efficiency with examples of build and targets.

    The SPF Mat/Pat/Guardian Compilation v5 - compiled by Pb_pal
    A great place to look for slightly off the wall builds. It's a typical example of builds done by SPF'ers, many HC, untwinked and from tournaments

    The Fisheh Page - compiled by Thyiad
    A compilation of Guardians and other Guides by Nightfish. Always well written and very informative. Varying degrees of difficulty.
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    The SPF Community

    What makes the SPF the place of choice for many of us is the Community spirit. There's some ribbing and some disagreements but, in the main, we are friends. Please respect and contribute to this spirit.

    The People
    It is the people that make the community. Although many of these people are no longer active, they built this community through their guides, Mat, Pat & Guardian threads, Tourneys and general good humour.

    The Squid
    The forum has had some crashes over the years. During the crashes, some posts and threads were forever lost. When the forum is slow, or bad things happen, the Squid is held responsible. There is a supply of repellent in the Bar. Rally there during an attack. @Spearthrower may even appear to do battle with his harpoon.

    EU's - Elite Uniques
    These are our ladies of the forum. Because of our unusual atmosphere, we have a larger proportion than many forums. Treat them with respect and courtesy. This was a term created by Waimea. We don't care if this is un-PC now. :p

    @DarkChaos - A legend among most players here. Three HC 99'ers and at least one self found HC grail.

    @DurfBarian aka Durf - A long time member who is blamed for everything and anything that goes wrong. His credit card funds the EMB so drink up!

    @Fabian - His Pit Zerker build revolutionised Magic Finding almost ten years after the game was released.

    @Gripphon aka Grip - The person who really refined the concept of efficiency when running a target. He is to blame when you are paranoid that you can't do a Pit run quicker than 12 nanoseconds.

    @Hakai_no_Tenshi - He wrote ATMA our first muling programs. Thank you for the sanity.

    @Nightfish - The Fisheh finished his HC Sept Sept (Seven Guardians of each class). Each new Guardian thread is a mini-guide full of entertaining observations of the class. Check out the three hour sorceress! A full run down of the Guardians and background here.

    @RTB - The authority on stats and gameplay information. His RWM allows us SP'ers to experience the Bnet runewords.

    @Randall - The author of Flavie, our reporting tool. Co-developed GoMule with Silospen.

    @silospen - A jolly good sport who has spent many hours coding GoMule based on the requests of SPF members. GoMule is the next generation of muling and silo deserves a lot of credit for that.

    @Waimea - Created the term Elite Uniques (EU's) for ladies of the SPF and is known as the 'Elite Uniques Champion'. Gained an Award from Stargaze for that. Also heralded the traditional greeting 'Welcome M'lady.'.

    All the previous moderators of this forum, who have kept the SPF running for so many years
    @Darkness, @greybeard, @AlterEgo, @Kremtok, @Cattleya, @Hrus, @sirpoopsalot

    Some great moments and links to threads here that give a real feel for the SPF.

    SPF Achievements
    And you thought you were obsessed with this game.
    Nightfishs Sept Sept by Nightfish
    The only man crazy enough to start seven Guardians of each class. Due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. maths) he completed 51 Guardians. Outstanding.

    P8 Baal runes in under 2min 30sec by Denton
    Someone said it would be impossible. Denton proves otherwise. It is INCREDIBLE.

    Annihilus in SP by Brother Laz

    Nikola is 99 by DarkChaos
    His THIRD HARDCORE 99'er. No that's not a misprint. Also check his HC self found grail (ok he cubed the Zod and didn't find it, deal with it!).

    Guardian Alkithoe by Insane Wayne
    A man with a habit for nakedness. This zon is HC, naked and on a mission

    How far can Superdave go by superdave
    A thrilling journey through one characters passively naked exploits.

    The Adventures of Beerbelly Stoutliver, the Drunken HC Project by Sirpoopsalot
    Tipples in Moderator rather than in moderation. He's HC, he's tipsy, how far can he go?

    DOA PvP Tourney by Liquid_Evil
    Three teams, one winner. The PvPers get it on.

    PvP Moor Challenge FFA by Liquid_Evil
    Each of the resident PvPers represent one class of characters to see who is the best PvP class. Fascinating.

    Odd records and achievements by RTB
    Some of the more oddball achievements of the SPF
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    Every contributor past and present of this FAQ; you may not visit us any longer but your work lives on
    Every member of the SPF; if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't do this
    Every reader of the FAQ; we hope it helps you
    Every poster in the SPF past, present and future; you keep this place alive
    Every (ex)-Moderator of the SPF. You've kept it alive and we'll try not to screw it up!

    Thank you for reading.

    Change Log
    Previous Versions of this Thread
    SPF FAQ 2004-2008! by AlterEgo
    Single Player Forum Guide 2016 by Thyiad

    This Thread
    1.0 - First Version
    1.1 - Added to The People section. Modified links for the MFOs.
    1.2 - Added Table Formatting guide. Deleted second DC entry
    1.3 - Corrected rules link in first post. All links now active in the links post.
    1.4 - Added ffs Efficiency 101 to the Build Guides section

    This thread is open for everyone to contribute to - If you have links that you think should be added, post them in this thread. Please remember that you are responsible for any links that you post though.
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    You can't link the April Fools thread, man... It's always so good when someone actually tries...

    Otherwise, good job!
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    You mentioned Darkchaos twice in the 'people' section.

    Great job nonetheless ;).
  11. Kitteh

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    I'm trying to download RWM (Mac), but link2 seems to be invalid. Link1 is a valid link but when I try to unzip from drive (seems to be my only option), it says the file doesn't exist. Any ideas? :p
  12. maxicek

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    Hmmm, you should be able to download it. Link 2 are currently inactive, I’m going to mirror everything onto OneDrive when I get a moment.

    Have another go, if not PM me your e-mail address.
  13. Kitteh

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    I managed to do it with another browser, so presumably a Safari problems. Thanks maxicek!
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    Anyone know why diablo2wiki is off line? Keeps saying unable to find service is. Been down at least 3 days. Thanks.
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    i'm finding that i have to use direct links/bookmarks and its still very inconsistent
  16. maxicek

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    @Rushster is aware of the original problem, should now be fixed. I have notified him of the further issues.
  17. drmalawi

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    I was thinking about that this should be added to the Links, under magic find/calculators. The so called "german drop calculator" (I could not find it in the links here)

    It has the rune drops for 1.13b (Silospen uses 1.13a I think, so Silospen have about 4 times lower rate of high runes.)

    You can more easily sort by area, you can see the no drop chances (not accurate for Councils, The countess and other monsters that has more than 1 pick). Not sure if it implements that the 7 picks for bosses if one of the first 6 picks gives "no drop"... I can check at some point though.
  18. Gripphon

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