SPF awards - nominations

SPF awards - nominations

As thought about in the EMB thread, ive decided to to some awards. The SPF hasent had one fo these for decades, so its about time.
Ive put the categories up on a site and you may vote for anyone you wish, as long as they at least sometimes visit the SPF.
The rules are on the site, so check it out here.
The nominations close on the 1st june, and then the final voting (from a hotlist of top 3 nominations oper category) will be open for a week or 2. After that i'll add some glitz and glamour, role out the blood red carpet and we'll have a ceremony.
Link is also in my sig. Comments are welcome here, you dont need to tell us who you voted for, only i see the results, and i wont tell anyone.
:winner: <--you as potential award winner


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nice idea...

but the list is too long to fill in, too many awards, too many names to fill in.

reduce the list to 10 or so, then i'll be thinking of filling it in :p


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Yeah, reducing the number of awards would be good. Hmmm. I will think about this and fill when I have some more time.

Sint Nikolaas

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:lol: I don't even know the playing style of 24 people, let alone have to fill out 48 whites.. Hm.. like suggested, shorten it a bit and it's cool :)

also, I would like to note.. if you see someone vote for himself just scrap the entire form, voting on yourself is egocentric. (IMO)
Well you can vote for the same person more than once, so its not like you have to find a different person for every one.
And you can leave some blank if you really cant think of anyone.


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It took me a while, I dug through almost 20 pages to find enough names...

Sometimes, you have to vote for yourself. What are Durf, AE, and FB going to do if they can't vote for themselves? :lol: Seriously, the three of them combined earned about half my votes.


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I also submited my votes, maybe next time some more diablo related awards and some less Forum-related. (Just like the threads, more on then off topic).

Anyway, it's a nice initiative, and good luck with sorting out all the posts though.


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I've been around for a little while, but I don't know enough about everyone to vote, or spend the time to vote. Nice idea though FB! I have an observation/question for you though. On the web site I noticed several links to Diablo "shops". Is that something you advocate as an upstanding SPF'er? Did you have a choice as to the sponsors for that page? If you did, it seems like a huge conflict of interests to me. :scratch:


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It won't accept my entry! I took out all the spaces (even though those are in forum names) worked around about on the phrases, but it still keeps spitting it back. :mad: I'm PMing you a copy of it, you'll just have to sort it all yourself.


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48 awards! Um, if you were trying to make them somewhat special, you might have trimmed that number down. Not raining on your party here, but some are terrible! Don't get me wrong, some I like very much, but too many meh's in there. Waaay too many. Some people's feelings will probably get hurt, talking about person who we want banned/ person we want to leave the most...

Favorite Meh:
Person that has been banned that shouldn't (lol, the Mil award, just call it what it is)

EDIT: i guess a one line summary of my complaint: "Too many awards tailored with someone in mind."


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I'll say what others have said.

Great idea but It's faar too long. Shorten it to ten and you've got yourself a winner


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I agree with the people that said that there were too many categories. Giving out 48 awards at the same time sorta doesn't fit what a forum award used to mean.

Oh yeah, and those categories like "person who should be banned" have to go.


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There's some good categories but they are few and far between, the list is mostly filler. Why not rework it to 10 or 15 categories so the awards mean more to the winning forum-goers? If everyone and their grandmother receives one, they lose their meaning. I'd hate to see such a good idea burn out before it really takes off.


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Too many categories to fill in FB... :( What the others said; make it shorter?

Kremtok said:
You'll love my answers, farting bob. :D
Oooh, i can guess some of those!! :p