Specific Question Regarding Phase Blade Shaeled


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Specific Question Regarding Phase Blade Shaeled

My Bos is lvl 16 at the moment

Only Ias I have, is from Gloves (20% Ias)

I'm planning on using a 6-os Phaseblade and Shael it for ias.

What is the % needed to reach last breakpoint when it comes to laying trap speed?

Been reading the faq, but couldn't find what I was looking for (Ias faq)


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THere is a ias calculator in the barb section - its in the stickies - i can tell you its quite useful . It has everything regarding ias.

Silent Shaddow

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We have our own Ias tables etc, unfortuantely its hidden under
IAS tables title,

have u anyother IAS sources? ill assume not, it doesnt look as tho it'll be important
edit: just spotted the IAS on the gloves, you dont need it unless u use a really slow weapon,

When calcualeing break points the game uses EIAS (or effective increased attack speed) to calculate the break points,

the formula for EIAS is a follows

EIAS = ((120*ias)/(120+ias)) + skill_ias – WSM

with 0 IAS and lvl 16 BoS (how come u have it that high? nvr mind)
you have a total of

EIAS = ((120*0)/(120+0))+51–WSM
Weapon Speed Modifier, it determines the base speed for the weapon, PB = -30, use arreat summit 2 look up WSM)

the fastest frame laying speed is 9 frames, and you need 61 EIAS for fastest trap laying skill, as you can see, that if u just used the phase blade its already over kill,
you need another 10 EIAS to gain the breakpoint (in the form of skill or WSM or IAS),

this means you need a weapon faster than or equal to -10 WSM OR 11 IAS or more if u use weapon with 0 WSM,

so, the PB is over kill, so here it would b better 2 go for skills, bartucs/spirit long swrd/hoto fail would still get the break point
alot of the chars that use 6 sheal PBs (90 EIAS) weapons havent considered breakpoints, just got as much as possible all 2 no avail

hope this hlps


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3 shaels in a phase will reach the 9frame laying im pretty sure. this will allow some further socketing options such as res jewels or whatever you need.

Silent Shaddow

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as ive posted b4, using alone the phase blade would get you the breakpoint. i would suggest posting alternative weapons so that you get the best efficency, i can help you get the right amount of IAS to just reach the break point. DONT put any sheals in anything yet... only use 3 sheals in PB IF you dont use BoS.