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do you know locations of all in game special chests, not sparkly but those like LK, river of flame, mephisto? I know that there is a 24 sparkly chest but I can not find list of special chests.


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People generally refer to them as super chests, as they have unique drop patterns depending on the player level setting. I also know that LK is generally accepted to be the only set of super chests worth running seriously, so it's probably not worth going to the trouble to figure out where they all are.


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Thanks for a reply, but I don't what to know what is worth to running or not just where they are.


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This is copied from another site, and is the only thing I can find. It wouldn't be great to exclusively run other super chests like in lk, but the act 4/5 chests can drop higher runes than act 3, so adding a chest might be worthwhile.


Dark tower on any level. There is 2 locations that I will attempt to describe. There is a solitary chest in a dead end room. It is always against the west wall. The other is when you come to a T junction where the top of the T is the west wall. There might be one more where there is a dead end room full of candles and there is a chest in the middle of the room. It seems like a superchests but then again it might not be.

I am sure there are other superchests in act1 like in the catacombs or in the jail.


The most popular superchests are the 3 at the end of the wrong way when finding the summoner. There should always be 3 chests and they will be super. On rare occasions, there will be a 4th chest and that 4th chest is not a "super" chest.


LK chests that we all know

The chest behind mephy is also a super chest. I always pop that chest open as I have heard stories of Lo's poping out of there. Best rune I have gotten from that chest is a Lem.


One of the pathways in the river of flame contains 2 chests. They are typically on a dead end and usually have a random unique around them.


There is a super chest somewhere on the way down to Nilly. I think it is on his level. DO NOT confuse the "sparkly" chest with the super chest. These 2 are totally different chests. I believe the super chest is on the opposite side of the the random unique on nillys level. I believe it goes


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I'm pretty sure kestegs missed a lot of superchests, but I can't remember all of the since I haven't played in a while.
The ones I do are:
- Same 'T' junction as in Forgotten Tower in the Crypt and the Mausoleum
- Just outside buildings (houses?) there is a superchest (might be just in the Bloor Moor, not sure)
- In the Catacombs (I'm not entirely sure about this one either)
- Dead ends in the Maggot's Lair
- Great Marsh dead ends
- Sewers lvl2 (Are those gold ones in lvl1 superchests?)


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If you want to benefit from superchest efficiently without doing something as tedious as LK chests, I would combine it with a L85 area, so you can also find those stuff which a superchest cannot produce well or at all while also earning XP, like Pits or Tunnels.


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@srrw: Great Marsh dead ends - those have sparkly chests.

A few more I haven't seen mentioned:

Act 1:
- Jail levels, in the "jail cell" with door along the NE wall. There is usually a Champ pack here.

Act 3:
- Sewers level 1, on the end 'island' in a maze with small islands
- Upper Kurast, in houses that have a porch that's almost as long as the house
- Kurast Bazaar and Upper Kurast, in the smaller type buildings that have an entrance to a temple in the upper-left. One building type has a rack here, another type does not.


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jjscud did lots of testing of super chests, I suggest trawling through his posts.

TL;DR: Stick to LK or take a WW Barb to the council.

Interesting that the jjscud results were pre 1.13. Maybe this is worth reviving?
That would be interesting indeed! Maybe there's is a Jah/Cham patterns nowadays (and more of lower ones too... now if only there'd be someone to do a Marvel-style research in this.

Probably LK remains the best place, but combined runs like jjscud showed could be still interesting.

I will check if any of my sorcs has RoF chests with their current maps...


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Isn't there one in the beginning of the Frigid Highlands as well? Possibly the only "not sparkly but super"-chest in act 5?

I know for a fact that JAH runes can drop from regular objects in act 4, but I haven't done extensive running of RoFl super chests. Might be worth it with a quick character, those chests right next to the wp and 2-3 bosspacks spawning there.


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IIRC jjscud tried that one too, but maybe worth another crack. Can't find his data from my phone too.

And as helvete pointed out, you have to distinguish between sparkly and super.


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jjscud's research indicated that the drops from chests were properly implemented in LoD, so running super chests for runes should be focused on A1-4.
Really? I can't remember that...but you may be right. I only found his explanation, that visuals were the same for sparkly and special chests in Act V (see link below), but the drops still differ (AFAIK...I even tried some dozen runs in Act V with special chests in the Frigid Highlands).

EDIT: Sorry for double post - meant to copy&paste the messege into the old one but failed :p

EDIT2: Hmm, seems like you were right. Here's the link where jjscud confirms his suspicions he mentioned in the post quoted by you, maxicek.

EDIT3: Well, nevermind, I got it backwards, I guess, since jjscud refers to your link in my link :-D

EDIT4: In order to write at least something useful: Here's how the locations for the special chests in Act IV look like:

Location 1 (2 chests, one hidden behind the hung skeleton)
Location 2 (1 chest)
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Do you know what version that was @Grisu?

What I read indicated it wasn't 1.13d, but I'm not sure.

If it wasn't I wonder if we can get a load of people together to hit the RoF chests again.


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There would have to be some pretty good odds for Jah/Cham for it to be worth running just two (three possibly if the maps allow it) chests when LK can have six practically just next to each other... But maybe with some character running RoFl bosses for exp/items at the same time it might be worth it.


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The frigid highlands (and that next area) superchest are in a random location. IT can spawn just behind Eldritch, though.
I made a video here so you can what it looks like.

There is also a pic somewhere of jjscud finding a zod pre-1.13 from this chest but I can't open the webpage that I know it's on that I've found many times over the last few years via google (first hit, actually)



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IIRC, in act 5, there are no superchests with limitations on their degree of randomness, like certain ones in act 1-4. To my knowledge, it's a remnant from the core game which hasn't been fixed in the expansion.

Those in act 5 might have flaws of their own, I just don't remember them. I rarely get to the places where they are encountered.


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Do you know what version that was @Grisu?

What I read indicated it wasn't 1.13d, but I'm not sure.

If it wasn't I wonder if we can get a load of people together to hit the RoF chests again.
We started the test runs on the Act IV chests in 1.11b, because 1.12 was released June 12th, 2008 and my PMs with jjscud where we talked about the results are from before May 2008. AFAIK jjscud's later simulations were already done in 1.12. I'm sure it wasn't 1.13.

I started some runs with my Hammerdin, but I will probably only manage some hundred runs per year :p