Spearazon = Tankazon?


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Spearazon = Tankazon?

After completing my MF Meteorb sorc, I said to myself 'Okay, now it's time to make that tank I always wanted". I have a barb I'm playing with but they're just so conventional and I was always interested in the less-than-popular Spearazon build.

Anyway, I was wondering what other peoples opinions were on the viability of a Spearazon being able to tank (and solo) through Hell? Can it be done? I think with carefully planning and gear, it can.

I've played Spearies in 1.09 and loved them (even if it's common for most everyone else, being able to reach lvl20 and not die until Duriel was a very proud day in D2 history for me). If I can figure out the right combo of skills/stats/gear, I might even be so inclined to write an official guide for Spearies, since there seems to be a severe lack of them on the web.

So what do you guys think? Is it possible or am I just being hopelessly delusional?
I think you could probably do fine with this.
str - enough for gear
dex - rest
vit - 150-200
ene - base

20 charged strike
20 lightning strike
5 jab
10 penetrate
10 dodge/avoid/evade
5 critical
rest into synergies

I'm definitely not a spearazon pro though, in fact I don't know if lightning strike is the attack they talk about 100% O_O


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LF is the one most people talk about, but of course thats not usable by a pure Spearzon, however mine was a LS zon, and thats what you need. It is most certainly viable in Hell, no question there. Get a Defiance (still underrated) merc for sure and something like a buff Stone armor (use that Clay Golem) makes an excellent armor. 1.10 made some excellent spears, obviously try to get 1 with some speed, although something like the wicked fast Viperfork lacks durability. I used it as a backup against LI's when I switched over to javelin Thunderstroke as my primary weapon, Viperfork is a good weapon just have to repair it often.

At high lvls, you may only need to attack once with LS and the lightning will bounce around monsters til some are dead (well in bigger games it takes a little longer of course). It takes longer to kill with the lightning bolts then LF (which gets the Lightning AND physical damage on secondary monsters hit from Piercing), but monsters will still drop quick. A good strategy is use LS, then Jab or Fend til the lightning stops, then LS again, you will take down fast. An LS Spearzon has a pretty easy time in The Pit (especially with a good Defiance merc) except for the LI rogue archers, which unfortunately are nastiest in Pit lv 2. I would usually have merc, Clay Golem, Valkyrie and the VERY underrated Decoy out in front of me while I cast Slow Missiles. War Travellers and Ravenfrost are important to have on a Spearzon. As I said, Stone Armor (60% FHR too) is an excellent armor for this build. As for helms well, now, nothing is close to Griffons Eye, I think most all zon players would agree on that for Lightning zon. Bottom line: Viable in Hell

Oh, Thundergod's is an excellent belt to use of course, I'm less familiar with the 1.10 belts perhaps there is an even better one for this zon. Until you get a Griffon's Eye (if you go for that), I found Rockstopper to be a good cheap helm to use for resists and DR, although you will sacrifice her look ;)
I just tested one, mostly light with a buff weapon for light immunes
maxed light strike
maxed charged strike
max light bolt (syn)
max power strike (syn)
12 valk (for 17 with +skill)
1 into all passives besides pierce and rest into critical
ebotd mat spear
crown of ages with 15ias/15max jewels
rare gloves with 20ias, dual leech, +2 java and 10% crushing (wish I had some)
2x raven
chains of honor
10x java gc, anni and the rest 3/20/20

It's really insane, 1-5k light strike and hits FORTY ONE times. I may try out a faceted griffon's eye instead of crown of ages.


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I think playing an untwinked solo PvM Spearazon would be extremely challenging/difficult:

1) No Shield = no blocking and low resists; if you play untwinked, low resists will kill you many times in hell

Lightning Strike with synergies is a great skill (chain lightning goes back and forth between monsters)

Charged Strike with synergies is an excellent small group/big monster killer (by big i mean guys like diablo or other big size graphic monsters that soak up all the bolts)

However, you can do all of this with a small stick (i.e. javelin) and retain a shield with blocking and resists you can even add LF

Very difficult build for PvM untwinked imo


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Right now I'm compiling the highest str/dex reqs. for some of the higher end elite/unique spears out there and the max seems to be 165 str. w/dex somewhere in the high 140s so if anything I'd need to pump STR to somewhere around 90-100 and focus on getting a handful of +str charms and see what other gear with lower stat requirements I can get my hands on.

I also have a selection of low level gear (mostly late 20s to mid 30s) to choose from at this point in time:

Silks of the Victor
Peasant Crown
Hellmouth Gauntlets
Heavenly Garb
The Impaler War Spear

Nothing that would cut it through late NM or Hell but def. what could help her until I can find better w/my sorc.

Anyway, looking at her skills, I would probably go somewhere with:

1 jab
1 in all LS pre-reqs (5)
Max LS
1 in all Valk pre-reqs (6)
10 Valk
1 in all other passives except pierce (4)

This brings me to 43 points. Excluding the reward quests which give me another 12 points total to spend. Assuming I can get her to at LEAST clvl 80, that leaves me with another 37 points per level up, all total another 49 points to distribute skill-wise.

Add 15 for D/A/E and we're down to 34 points remaining.

The question is: if I could only max ONE synergy, which should it be?

By Clvl 80 I add this to the above skill allocation (excluding quests):

5 D/A/E (15 total)
Max Power Strike OR Charged Strike
5 more points to unmaxed synergie

We're now at 79 points used, or 1 point per level gained.

Remaining points: 12 (from quests)

Crit. Strike is probably somewhat important for Armecia (yes, she has a name :p) so I would focus on getting that to 8, for the 51%.

Whichever syn I don't raise would be capped at 5 (base of 1+ points, with the added 4 from skill quests (or level up points left over from quest points used in other skills).

91 points used total.

I'm going with Clvl 80 because I, personally, have never achieved a level higher than 75, so gaining those 5 extra levels would be quite a feat for me but if I were to hit at least 81 or (by some miracle) 85, I would be in the clear but I'd really rather plan this out with reaching level 80 as my highest priority.

If anyone sees points that could be better spent elsewhere, PLEASE let me know. I took well into account the point distribution listed in your replies and decided instead of just going with that, to add my own views in as well in hopes of maybe getting some further discussion going on for anyone who might be interested (as well as for those who have been considering a spearazon but didn't have enough info. to make one!) :)


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sacmb8 said:
Very difficult build for PvM untwinked imo
I've managed to kill Hell Baal with an untwinked LS spearazon. In fact, she wasn't even using any uniques or runewords when she did that except a Ward on switch.

Skills are more or less as follows: currently lvl 87

LS maxed
Charged strike maxed
Valk 17
d/a/e 3
Lbolt 10
Jab 10

Merc is an ice mage.

If you're not used to it, get a defensive or a HF merc for crowd control. Otherwise, with a strong valk and decoy, there's no reason why you'll be hit in the first place. I have a def of 800 and I play fine.

Only thing is finding a good spear untwinked is really hard. My best one is

Mat spear:
+2 spear skills
repair 1 dur per sec
289% ED

Use charms to ensure your resists are at least healthy ie. 50-75%). Oh and get orts or money cos you need to repair your spear!


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Points are all base without +skills.
Valk is base 17 cos I was unsure how many +skills I could get with untwinked equipment. Its possible to have more pts in decoy, less for valk for a stronger tank but since I lacked a pure physical killing machine, I went with lvl 17 valk.

IMO charged strike and Lightning stike are complementary since LS are great for large crowds and CS is great against solo "large" monsters like Act bosses. Any other synergy (Lbolt, PStrike is icing)


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Hmm.. excellent. I think I'll try that formula. :)

As for decoy/valk, I'm going to have to give that some thought as well.

I have an array of mid-low +skills gear, but to be safe, I probably would max valk at 17 just in case I end up with better stuff that lacks +skills late-game.

I have awhile to go until then though, so I'm sure it'll be figured out by that point.


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Starseed said:
1 jab
1 in all LS pre-reqs (5)
Max LS
1 in all Valk pre-reqs (6)
10 Valk
1 in all other passives except pierce (4)
Errr... pierce (4) ? I think you mean penetrate. You don't need pierce for melee characters.... :lol:


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Errr... pierce (4) ? I think you mean penetrate. You don't need pierce for melee characters....
I think he means all other passives BESIDES Pierce, 1 in Dodge, 1 in Avoid, 1 in Evade, and 1 in Penetrate or Critical Strike. Not sure though after reading the rest of his message.


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You said you wished to build a tank.
I think the best way to do that is to use a javelin and play like a spearie.
Most the lightning skills do straight damage so a high damage weapon isn't gonna help that much, unless you rely on leech.
Play with a fast javelin and shield, and high dodge avoid skills,
and there you have your high resists, and high blocking all together plus ways to do massive lightning damage.
I think charged strike with some synergies maxed with a fast weapon will get you through the game.
Physial immunes is the only problem I see,
not sure if the poison jav skills will help here at all?

Not sure what you would call this build, I use my titan's revenge as a melee weapon with charged strike and rarely throw, but then again i'm still in nigthmare, hell might be a different thing, but then I can fall back on ranged
attack if I need to.

(With high damage javelin such as an upgraded titan's, and a might merc,
might be able to use jab or fend as a physical damage dealer to get around LI's)

Frenzied Bovine

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One day i'm gonna make a Spearie and i'm gonna make her work!

Maxed Charged Strike
Maxed Lightning Strike
some synergies
and a "Passion" runeworded +3 Matriarchal Pike!

If it's lightning immune, gogo Zeal + Berserk!


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a good Thunderstroke (+4 Jav) > Titans for an LS/CS zon, the reverse is true for a LF zon but that doesn't apply here. If you go Jav melee route definitely use the faster/ higher damage Thunderstroke. I know from experience.

Leave Titans for those who use LF, thats where Titans is superior (mostly because of replenish).


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Medusa's Gaze Aegis

Hey have you looked at Medusa's Gaze? If you socket it with a Hel rune and use IK gloves and belt the Str req becomes bearable (131?, 135?... 130ish If I remember correctly). It has a 10% chance to cast Lower Resist on being struck. I figured with D/A/E getting almost hit 10 times might be tolerable. Then the LR will help you take care of some (definitely not all) lightning immunes and take bosses out quicker.

P.S. I know the block sucks on it


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Might be interesting then with Medusa's Gaze (Lower Resist) and Thunderstroke (-15% Enemy Lightning Resist)