Spearazon Quandry


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Spearazon Quandry

Hey all,

My recent finding of several Lycander's Flanks inspired me to continue work on my long dormant spearazon. So she's level 46 now and I'm thinking more about skills and endgame weapons.

First off: Endgame weapons. I've got the following available to me (lvl req):
Stoneraven (64)
Upped Lycander's (67)
Upped Hone Sundan (69)
Steel Pillar (69)
Viperfork (71)
Arioc's Pillar (81)

Steel Pillar's got the highest max and average damages, and is indestructible, and has a little CB. Stoneraven has the highest min and the second highest average damage, as well as 49 res all and +3 jav skills. The Hone has ridiculous CB and three sockets. Viperfork is just ridiculously fast, but doesn't have much else going for it. Arioc's is the second fastest, but the high level requirement and comparatively low average damage make me think twice about it.

I know the upped hone is a favorite around here, but I'd like to know more about everyone's opinions.

Now skills.

I'm planning on maxing Lightning strike, charged strike, and valkyrie. So what does everyone think about Jab and Fend? I know Fend is bugged, but it is still rather nifty.

Comments? Advice? Think I'm nuts/sick of reading such a long post?


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If you go fend, you'd be better off without d/a/e, which means no valk as well. I had a fendzon with steelpillar, maxed decoy. Worked pretty well, until act 2 where mass PI starts to become a problem.


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My spearzon survived the whole game on p5 using a upped Lycander's. :)

She got by with maxed LS, CS and 1 point in jab.


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Don't underestimate Arioc's Needle. Remember, it has ITD, which means you will hit more (CS/LS uses normal attack AR for physical component) and may do better damage over time. It has 50% Deadly Strike. It's fast as heck, with decent damage. And it has +4 all skills, which simultaneously increases your safety, lightning damage, AR, Valk and chance for double damage. Finally, poison damage is like a kind of PMH. The only thing that really sucks about Arioc's is the terrible lvl requirement >.<

For lit spearies, Arioc's and upped Lycander's would be my choices. When you're doing elemental damage it's often good to get as much +skill as you can. Lycander's seems a little slow though. Stoneraven's alright (I used it as a weapon before Arioc's), but it doesn't boost your passives. Boosting passives means you can spend more points into lit synergy.

As for Jab and Fend, you are a lit spearazon. 1pt Jab is all the physical attack you need.


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If you're making a Lightning zon, then an Up'ed Lycanders is the only way to go. Its got more skills, its fast, and that +20 Vit is just icing on the cake.


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I hate to keep bringing this thread back from the second page if I'm just going to get one or two more replies, but I feel rude if I don't respond :D

I guess I'll try out Arioc's when (if) I reach 81, and if I can find one with +4 skills (mine's +3).

I was leaning towards Lycander's already. I'm using it un-upgraded now and I'm loving it. What do you think I should socket in it? I'm undecided on the rest of my gear right now. I was thinking a T-god's for the +4 lightning strike and lightning res/absorb, and maybe the valkyrie helm with an Um in it, or I may have a +2 amazon circlet in one of my stashes. And a ravenfrost of course.

So if not maxing fend or jab, what should I use my leftover points for? Lightning strike synergies? Decoy? D/A/E? I checked the amazon forum, but it's just not as fun to be there as it is here, nor is it as helpful.


edit: I could use some merc advice too. I've got a defiance one right now, but I realize defence isn't going to do me a whole lot of good, and it's a little late for a rogue or a wizard. So I guess I'm stuck with Holy freeze or Might. Suggestions?

edit 2: I found this:
Viper Veil
Defense: 71
Durability: 30 of 30
Required Level: 67
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xec3356e1
+74% Enhanced Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
5% Life stolen per hit
6% Mana stolen per hit
+2 to Amazon Skill Levels
Socketed (1: 0 used)

Perhaps it would be better than the Valkyrie Wing, although losing some style points for using a less-used item.

Edit 3: Ye gods people, slow down :D To necro below: As I said, I'm undecided on much of my gear, I guess I have to sit down and figure out which breakpoint I can hit. She's only 46 atm, so I've still got a lot of garbage on her.


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Definitely go for the synergies. Tgods is l33t on a LS spearzon, of course. There's no alternative.


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That's a big no on the griffs and the veil, also gores and highlords at the moment, but I do have a character running Mephisto, and who will be continuing on to pindle soon. What armor do you recommend for Lionheart? I've got one in a balrog skin, but that was just my highest defence armor at the time.


Funny how I have every unique spear in the game, but I don't have many of the more useful uniques/sets.


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I echo Lilliel on this one: don't underestimate Arioc's Needle as an endgame weapon. To me it depends on the +skills and +%ED a bit, but I've got a +4 skills and about +220% ED on my Spearazon, and it works a breeze on /players 5. Also, the IAS and ITD makes jab perfectly effective in killing LIs. I've never toyed around with the kit too much, but if you find some CB somewhere, LIs should become a synch.


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I don't doubt Arioc's effectiveness, it'll just be quite a while before I'm high enough level to use it. My highest level character is 92 (fanatic zealot), then next are only 68 (meteorb & fishymancer). (And I've got about 40 characters) I just need a weapon to use until I can try it out!

Hmmm, Thirty-thirty... I'm assuming that's from that old cartoon, something like Sheriff Lonestarr. I remember liking that one.

Child of the 80's,


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MadMardigan said:
Hmmm, Thirty-thirty... I'm assuming that's from that old cartoon, something like Sheriff Lonestarr. I remember liking that one.
It was Bravestar. Strength of the bear, speed of the puma, eyes of the hawk, and ears of the wolf were his magical powers, IIRC.