spare skill points with summoner? what to do


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spare skill points with summoner? what to do

I am making new skelliemancer and have used the following:

20 mastery
20 skellies
20 corpse explosion
Plus the usual pre req's

I have good gear with high + 17 to skills, do i need more than one point in revive, summon resist, amp damage, for hell?

Could i max some bone skills for fun? like the missiles or max bone wall for boosting bone armor?

What about 20 points in skellmancers? waste?

Any ideas would be most welcome,

Thanks, hope to see you in the game, new character: corpse muncher


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some suggestions:
-you could max mages (i'm guessing that's what you meant with skellimancers =P). personal preference goes in this decision. some ppl love them some hate them
-amp, revive, and summon resist are all pretty much 1 point wonders. you'll never need more than 17 revives, summon resist suffers huge diminishing returns at i thinkkkkkkkkk around lvl 15, but i'm not sure. amp damage should be fine also
-not sure if you have it yet but you should really see about getting decrep. can really help against those tougher monsters/bosses
-if you want you can get lower resist. if you use just regular skellies then you won't need this unless you want to help some sorcs and other casters. it may be a help with with mages, but i don't know how much. (not an exact expert lol)
-you could try dim vision. it helps with guys like archers and... *feels nauseous* souls
-spear and spirit probably would be a waste of points without decent synergies. but ya you could up your bone armor with bone wall or bone prison synergies

obviously you can't do all of these lol, but hopefully it'll give you some ideas.

as i've already claimed on other threads i tried to help out in: i'm not one of the resident experts here lol. so i wouldn't suggest listening to me necessarily. i'm just posting to, like i said, give you some ideas =)


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Thanks much!

I already have decrep for the bosses.

I think i might try the mages or maybe bone armour. Mages would give me an army, could be fun.

Might pump amp if the radius is too short for my fav, corpse explosion.

Thanks for the advice.

Necro are so good for hell!


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well with +17 skills (not sure how many pump up amp), you probably won't need to pump it up anymore. just spam it everywhere ^_^ it should have a good enough radius & duration to be effective =)

and ya necs are good for hell =D amp + ce = ez kk thnx gg


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Welcome to the wild, wild World of the Undead,

You ran into the same "problem" I did. After maxxing skellies, skelly mastery, skelly mages I didn't know what to do with the extra points. Gumby, Golem Mastery, Summon Resist, Revive, CE, and the curses I deem to be one point wonders. You've got +17 skills so that's easily good. The Fishy recommends maxxing CE, but I haven't had a problem with my CE radius being too small with enough +skills. You could pump up golem mastery, but gumby doesn't die much for me and seems to run just fine as it is so I haven't bothered.
If you're seeking some more "protection" don't put hard points into bone armor, but instead put points into the synergies (bone wall / bone prison) you get more bang for your buck with synergies instead (wierdly enough). Let me know what worked best for you as I'm in the same situation as you are where I've got about a dozen skill points with no where to put it. Not enough points to startup another skill tree, but too many to just let sit around. My character is somewhat fragile (well not really, but he has less than 1k hit points) so I may consider upping my 'protection' with points into the synergies.

Good luck and Good Hunting!


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Ahhhh the smell of flesh.... ;)

Personally I'd recommend a recreation.

Go poison/summoner
You only need 1 in CE when you have 17+ to skills IMO.
20 mastery,
20 skels
20 dagger
20 explosion
20 nova
Makes it so you can level him as high as you like and still use the points wisely.
1 in LR, 1 in revives.
Or you can go your CE route and get mages..
but poison roxors and only 3 synergys to max!!
it's doable and the funnest char i've ever made.
best of luck whatever you choose.