SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2013

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Welcome to the Single Player Trading/Giveaway Forum (SPTF).

Please read ALL of this thread and the Accepted Gameplay Rules before attempting to trade or MP. If you have questions, PM the SPTF Mod before attempting to trade.

You may find the Single Player FAQ and Terms & Abbreviations very helpful.

Not reading the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Breaking of trade rules results in thread closure, warnings, infractions, temp or permanent bans.

General Rules
  • Be polite to everyone
  • Do not post Off-Topic threads or OT posts. If you aren't involved in the deal, stay out of the thread
  • Do not “bump” or "spam" your thread. If someone is interested in your items, they will find them
  • Traders have the right to politely decline a trade for any reason
  • If you are suspicious of a trader then PM the Moderator and decline the trade by PM. Anyone sending accusatory PMs about other members is not acceptable
  • Runes of Vex and up should have a history. Runes of Lo and up should have a screenshot. This is the MINIMUM required
  • You agreed to the forum rules when you joined. Especially rules 9 & 10

Forbidden Mods and Do Not Trade List

Please read our Accepted Gameplay Rules in addition to the items listed below.

  • Any mod or program not specified in the Allowed Mods/Programs section.
  • Duped items
  • Items created or found while using any third-party program on the game or character
  • Anything that's been in contact with Open Bnet - before MP/trading please contact the SPTF Mod if you have been on Open
  • Bugged items (Bugged items are considred to be items that cannot normally spawn in Diablo. A glitched ribcracker that adds 400 to mana cannot be traded. (Things like ethereal armors socketed with the cube recipe are fine.) ATMA Ebugged items maybe traded but should be declared as such. This guide explains the difference betwen eth bugged and ATMA bugged items
  • Characters except by members with six months recent activity in the SP(T)F. PM the Mod for clarification if required.
  • Quest rewards (This applies to the quest reward itself. Items created or modified by a quest reward are fine.)
  • Any “real life” items or service - including cubing
  • Looting dead HC characters with any muling program.
  • Anything found using the act5 command
  • Seed command should only be used as per the Accepted Gameplay Rules. (the only acceptable use is for recovering maps which are accidentally lost and if used correctly.)

Version/status transfers

Allowed transfers:
Forward in versions (EG 1.07 to 1.11 and 1.11b to 1.12a and 1.12a to 1.13c)
HC (hardcore) to SC (softcore) (declare it though; some don't like it)
Vanilla to FAM

Not allowed:
Backward in versions (EG 1.13beta to 1.12a or 1.12a to 1.11b or 1.12a to 1.09 or 1.13c to 1.13a)
SC to HC
FAM to Vanilla
LoD to Classic

Some of us play many versions and keep separate stashes for each.
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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Allowed Mods and Programs

If you have used something which isn't on the list below, PM the Moderator before trading or MPing.

Muling Programs

These are allowed for SP muling and only the multi-instance .dll needs to be declared in your profile (under the mod section). They do not count towards vanilla/FAM status.
  • ATMA - muling (Important Note:The D2Item file-format, which stores individual items within a separate file with the .d2i extension, IS NOT supported by this community (even though those files can be used within ATMA). Do not trade or swap, or even store, items in this format. )
  • GoMule - muling
  • Multi-instance .dll - allows multiple instances in SP

Other alterations

The SP(T)F calls these alterations below "Forum Accepted Mods" (FAM)
  • RWM - enables Bnet runewords
  • RRM - colours runes red (usually used pre 1.13)
  • Singling - RWM and modified.dll for multi-instance use
  • Silospen's CRM - colours runes different colours (ususally used pre 1.13)

If any of the items you offer for trade have come into contact with these mods then you must declare them as FAM (forum accepted mods).

You may not offer items to someone if those items will change their status EG FAM members may not offer items to vanilla players unless that player has specifically stated that they will accept FAM items.

If you don't have the mod installed but have traded/MP'd with people who do any item/character/item found by that character is deemed to be USING that mod and you must declare it.

Download links for all of the above are available in the Stickied Help thread in the SPF.

Other game commands

Please read the Accepted Gameplay Techniques post for ingame commands. Post 9 of the SPF FAQ.

D2 Variants
Hell Unleashed
Eastern Sun

Players of these may trade with other users of the same mod if they follow the rules above.

No other modifications are acceptable.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Other Forums, Loans and PM trades

Loaning Items

This is not supervised by the SPTF. If you loan something and it isn't returned or is returned in a different state you have lost the item. End of story. Don't complain to us and don't restore a backup of your items.

Trades via PM

Try not to. If it goes wrong, we aren't going to help you. You may and are encouraged to report trades. You may leave neutral feedback for tracking purposes, put PRIVATE in the descriptions.

Other Forums and Open B.net

Many people are members of other forums. They may trade there. Other forums are not as strict as we are as regards mods. If you have traded on other forums that allow mods/programs that we do not you may not trade here.

Trading items or playing characters on Open Battle.net with strangers or with an unknown host will prevent any affected characters and items from being able to enter the SPF trading and MP pool.

Check your trade partners thoroughly.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Trade Status

Your length of time on this forum (join date) determines your trade status. The options are Full Trade Status or Probation. You may use F or P in trade tags.

Under one week: you may not trade, you may post a trader profile. You are still Probationary status but may not trade.

One week to three months: you are on probation (sometimes called NTPP new traders probation period). All your trade offers and threads should contain P or NTPP or Probation in the trade tags

Over three months: Full trade status (FTS). Full Trade does NOT mean a person is 100% trustworthy, many join and leave for years then come back! Check your trade partners, profile and post history.

Probation Items

It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not trade these items with NTPP traders. (If anyone can tidy that up, I'd appreciate it.)

Gheeds Charms: we would suggest traders are cautious if a very good Gheeds is offered for trade.

The Moderators reserve the right to stop any trade involving a Probationary Trader - without any prejudice to that trader. It is a way of saying "we need to know you better". This is most likely to be done with new traders looking to trade high end runes.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Trade Tags

Trade tags allow us to see easily where an item is being used. The basic format is: Mods (FAM or vanilla) Version (1.07 1.12a etc) Pool (HC or SC) (and status for Probation traders)

So a couple examples are:
[1.13c SC vanilla P] is a 1.13c item, softcore without any FAM interaction from a member in probation status
[1.12a SC FAM] is an item in 1.12a softcore with one or more of RWM, RRM, CRM
[1.07 SC vanilla] is an item currently in 1.07 softcore without any FAM interaction

If the item has been found and is still in the same mod/version/pool only one tag is required.
If the item has been moved forward (EG from 1.07 to 1.12a) it is generally best to specify that (EG 1.07 sc vanilla > 1.12a sc FAM).

  • All posts and threads offering/requesting/accepting items must have trade tags. It is a very good idea to tag at the top of a post if everything is from the same version/mod/pool.
  • If a mix of mods/versions/pools are being offered, tag each set of items. EG (SC 1.12a FAM six pgems, SC 1.12a vanilla eight pgems.)
  • Threads by probationary traders should say NTPP or Probation or P in the title EG NTPP 1.12a SC FAM or 1.13c SC FAM P
  • Quick reply tags do not count. I.E. The thread title does not guarantee the version of the items in your post (because people make mistakes from time to time).
  • Do not use spread tags EG 1.12a/1.13beta - that looks like you are going to mix them and that is not allowed
  • In versions where there were several editions (EG 1.10 and 1.13) please be precise which edition you are offering/looking for


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Posting and Replying to a Trade Thread

  • Trade tags should link to your trade profile like this 1.13c SC FAM FTS. See how nulio posted here
  • Trade threads should list a clear ISO and FT. Offers should have ATMA/GoMule readouts and screenshots of runes if required.
  • Use space saving code boxes where appropriate. Instructions here.
  • You can host Flavie reports on Freewebs. Upload the standard.css to get the pretty colours. Screenshots of runes may be hosted on Imageshack.
  • If you have a large number of readouts or files that you wish to upload, PM myself and I may host it for you.
  • Ask for more information if you wish. Do not post if you are not involved in that thread.
  • Always leave feedback.
Feedback is how we track you down if a trade partner is problematic.
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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Auctions — How They are Different
  • An end time and date must be specified — a week is usually enough
  • A clear ISO must be posted
  • Auctions result in sales
  • Setting a minimum bid price is a good idea. Top end items might be best not described as auctions; it allows for more flexible negotiations.
  • Post a 24 hour warning, use the format "24 hours from this post" NOT 2pm EST
    Auctions may be extended if circumstances merit it (EG forum downtime) — this needs to be agreed with a Moderator
  • The auctioneer decides the value of offers to determine who is winning.
  • You may only run one auction thread at a time. When one auction ends and all trades/feedback complete, you may start another.
  • There may be no more than TEN items in any one auction
    Auctions for pgems only: There may be no more than TWENTY items in any one auction.

Note: Bids may be rejected if you are uncomfortable with bidder. You must do this politely via PM or in the thread and you should always PM a Moderator to let them know you have done this.

If someone you don't want to trade with bids at the last second, do not close the auction. Contact the bidder as explained above and remove their bid before closing the auction.

An example of an auction can be found here.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010


  • Allow a trade post to be up for 24 hours before offering items for free
  • Do not offer items for free if trade negotiations are already underway
  • Giveaway threads should have [Giveaway] at the beginning of the thread title
  • Givers and receivers in Giveaways may leave feedback for each other. It must have GIVEAWAY in the feedback comments.

Giveaways and under value trading

The SPF and SPTF have always been generious and that is part of what makes it awesome. However, recently there's been a LOT of 1 pgem/1 rune trades quite soon after a trade thread was posted.

This is having a detrimental effect on mid-traders. People who aren't totally poor so don't tend to bother with giveaway threads, but aren't so wealthy they are swimming in greens and golds.

These mid-traders are finding it very difficult to trade because their potential trades are pre-empted by the most wealthy not-quite-giving-away items.

As I'm sure you've realized, the letter of the trade rules are followed, but perhaps not entirely the spirit. We've all been guilty of this at one time or another - I know I have - but I'm asking everyone to reconsider before making an undervalued trade.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

How to exchange items

Thanks to mattinm for writing this.

mattinm said:
Here's a little guide I wrote up to explain exactly how to complete a trade.

Completing a trade
After agreeing upon the terms of a trade, the items must swap hands. But how, exactly, does this happen? Simple: using a muling program and email!

  • Create a stash within an approved muling program (ATMA/GoMule) -- see the Stickied Help thread in the main SPF for help. ATMA and GoMule can also dump readouts to text files. Check the same thread for help.
  • Fill the stash with the items to be traded
  • Save the stash with an applicable name (something like: [name of user trading to][date] (e.g. mattinm11122009 would be a trade to mattinm on 11/11/2009) in a specific trading folder; if any problems arise, one can easily see exactly what one sent)
  • Email the stash to the other trader; post a printout of the stash sent in the trade thread
  • The other trader will receive the stash and reply with his/her stash; post a printout of the stash received in the trade thread
  • Open the stash you received in your muling program and move the items onto a character or into your own stash

Don't forget to post exactly what you sent to the other trader, and exactly what you received! And don't forget to leave trader feedback. This information is critical to ensure trades happened as they should.


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Re: SP Trade Rules v5 Summer 2010

Words of Advice

PM your email, don't post it.

Take responsibility for your actions.

From the moment you enter the trade forum, the onus is on you to read the rules and obey them.

Check your trade partners thoroughly. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are unsure about anything re-read the rules. If you are still unsure, PM the SPTF Mod and wait for the reply.
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