Sp HC dentist


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Sp HC dentist

Since my cheesy nature tells me that "normal" builds are bad, I chose a semi-difficult build for my first serious untwinked sp hc character.
I chose the dentist.
With my low experience I would appreciate any help that the better players in this forum could give.
Thoughts so far:
Early levels
dex-base or blockworthy, can't decide
Vitality- almost everything
Energy- perhaps some points if i grow tired of gulfing them pots.
Teeth- maxed before lvl 30
Bone Armor -1
Bone wall - 5+
Bone spear -1
Bone spirit- maxed after wall
Curses 0 or prereqs + decrepify
summons 0

Since i am playing almost untwinked (I had some early set items lying around)
I have to more or less use what I find, but early Mf-ing might be an idea?
Found a nice +3 to teeth wand when I played the first 15 levels yesterday, I'll keep that until I find a bone wand +3 to whitify.

Merc- Dunno. Ususally play with act2 defensive, but a dentist might want something else.

-This is the part where all the tips would be nice-
EDIT: Is really 1337 stuff such as marrowwalks impossible to mf in sp or should I be hopeful?


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I think this will be a really tough build. Teeth is sort of like the sorc's Charged Bolt spell in that it sends out a bunch of low-dmg missiles towards the target. But the reason teeth is not as good as CB or the necro's other bone skills is that multiple missiles cannot hit the same target at the same time. So you'll be doing very low damage, especially in Hell, even after all synergies.

I have found some good stuff in my untwinked HC travels, so something like Marrowwalks is possible to find untwinked, but so rare that it's not something you should base your character build on.


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Actually I found teeth to be pretty decent as long as there were lots of enemies around. I'm definetly gonna use it again for my HC bonemancer. Something along the lines of :

20 Teeth
20 Spear
20 Spirit
20 CE

1 Attract
1 Decrep

1 Clay
1 GMastery
1 SResist

Gonna get enough dex for blocking, too. Skillwise he'll be pretty versatile, Teeh for open areas, spear for narrow paths and spirit vs single enemies. Also CE to take out the trash. :D Definetly an easy build.

Marrowwalks aren't impossible to MF in SP but I'd say it's pretty hard untwinked. It's much easier if character A can find stuff for characters B through Z.


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If you are going untwinked, I wouldn't expect to find Marrowwalks. Just because you would have an even harder time until you find them...

I would suggest the following:

Teeth: 20
Bone wall: 20
Bone spear: 20
Bone Prison: 20
Bone Spirit: Rest

Since you mentioned that you were going with the White runeword, you may as well take as much advantage of its bonuses (boni?) as you can. Teeth sucks against individual opponents, so you would want to spear them instead. With maxed prison, you have as much tanking as you will ever, ever need, so I would go with a Rogue (fire preferably).

Stats would be something like:

STR: 70ish
DEX: base (I'd be looking at a totem with +3 teeth with Rhyme, and totems suck at blocking).
ENE: 50
VIT: Rest

Hope that helps.



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I am currently playing a dentist while waiting for the "melee blues" tournament to start. There are a few guides (example) at the necromancer forum. It is fun, although the early levels start out slow. I plan to get a Holy Freeze in NM, to act as the anesthetic!

I agree that your odds of finding Marrowwalks are low, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dream! :D There are more than enough places to put skill points in that synergize with teeth. You can leave prison empty, in the hopes of finding those boots somewhere. If you want to use prison in the meantime, you can find it on a wand or head easily enough.

So my recommendations would be:
Teeth: 20
Bone Armor: 1
Bone wall: 20
Bone spear: 20
Bone Prison: 0
Bone Spirit: 1-20
CE: 1+
Few extra in curses and/or minions to suit your tastes.​
I also wouldn't boost dexterity, except if needed for equipment. As Porius says, heads are fairly low block%. Besides, your strategy is to mow 'em down before monsters get in close, and bone armor can absorb any attacks that get through.

Have fun!