SP duel version of a liberator


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SP duel version of a liberator

In case you don't know, a liberator is a charge/Blessed hammer pally. However, the b.net version of this build use conc to increase hammer dmg but it's forbidden in most SP PvP tourney. So I need to find a way to invest the pts that wont go in Conc. I invest in the basic skill then I will have 2 options for the skill and a lot for the equipment.


20 Blessed hammer
20 Blessed aim
20 Vigor
20 Charge
prereqs and salvation


1) Holy Shield
2) Charge synergy (might)


Charge Weapon: The redeemer (300ed,+119) or Crescent Moon Zerker(dont have it) or DC (dont have it)
Charge Shield: HoZ or Alma negra
BH Weapon: HotO flail (32res) or wizzy
BH Shield: HoZ
Ammy: Maras(24res) or highlord's
Helm: Shako or Andy's (29str)
Armor: UM'ed upped viper (49res all) or UM'ed GA
Gloves: Bloodfist or trang's
Belt: Verdungo's or Tgod
Boots: Gorerider or Sandstromtrek
Ring1: Near perf raven (20dex, 243AR)
Ring2: Another near perf raven or a SoJ

Any suggestions, comments for the skills&equipments options ? :)


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[ot] conc+bh is forbidden in every good pvp league in bnet also[/ot]

Your item build looks fine.


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skoolbus said:
Death cleaver would probably be a better weapon to charge with
Well, I'm still not sure about that. Redeemer = 160-208 = 184 average, Perf DC(damn rare) = 91-269 = 180 average . If you check the averge they are pretty similar dmg but redeemer has the +119dmg mod. So i have to chose between 184average ~50DS and + 119dmg or 180avg 100DS. It would be interesting to see other people opinions too. (read kab's , LE , sint, lemming, nsx :D)

[ot] conc+bh is forbidden in every good pvp league in bnet also[/ot]
Ah, didn't know about that. :eek:
I dont thin conc is banned is most tourneys, just PvP it is because otherwise hammers would kill almost all builds in a few seconds.


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farting bob said:
I dont thin conc is banned is most tourneys, just PvP it is because otherwise hammers would kill almost all builds in a few seconds.
The build is meant to be PvP as i stated in the title :D

Sint Nikolaas

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I'm just going to throw a few things at you, select the information you need. :)

- Since you can't use charge as a weapon against alot of opponents, you're probably better off going with either a BH synergy or with HS (+defiance for def boost or so).

- Charge won't be a killer, so looking at the damage of the weapon doesn't matter really much. Either your goal is to finish your opponent with hammers or to finish them with charge but then they will be casters or something along the lines of, so that extra 100 dmg doesn't matter much (since casters generally won't have alot of life).

- Charge is often bugged or locked, so putting in more points as a synergy might be hard.

- You want to be close to your opponent when firing your hammers off, which means you'll be better off with a range 1 weapon while charging then with a range 3 weapon. (IE: DC is range 3 .. )

- Which aura are you going to use? Be selective, fanatism might be cool because of charge, but it isn't the only choice! Think of it.

- In duels you won't have time to switch around your gear (I mean with ''w'' not using the stash). I suggest picking your gear carefully, maintaining the FCR needed, getting enough resist and a nice weapon to charge with.

- Chargers don't really need the FRW, allthough, if charge get's locked in the duel time you're pretty much screwed.

- Think of how you're going to duel different characters, elementalists, meleers, ranged attackers, everything. Adapt your gear and your skill points to anything you need. Also take a look at a few of the aura's one rarely uses in PvP like salvation, thorns, defiance. Use them.

- BH is viable in PvP, even without conc. Don't worry too much about that.. just make sure you practice enough in getting close to your target to hit him.

I might have some more stuff for you later on, need to catch up on the hammer things heh.. been a while for me.


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Isn't the +dmg added onto your base weapon damage even though in LCS it's only onto final damage? If so, they'll have really similar final damage, and with the +skill etc. on redeemer it'll probably ends up doing more.


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Nice suggestions lemmeh but I wonder why you say charge wont be able to kill anything. If my calculation are right, charge dmg should be around 6.5k without redeemer bonus :eek: As for smite, I've build enough smiter so far :D

*me waits for kabal to totally destroy his arguments as usual * (shouldn't be long since there is the word 'duel' in the thread name)


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Sleepless said:
*me waits for kabal to totally destroy his arguments as usual * (shouldn't be long since there is the word 'duel' in the thread name)
Yeah, it's like a shark smelling blood. :D

First of all, I think that unless you're lagging a good deal (400+ ms) using weapon switch during a duel shouldn't be too big of a problem. With that said, I think there's a few things you should aim for:

1) 400-500 BH damage at 75% FCR
2) Good PDR
3) Enough charge damage to OHKO casters

For your skills I would suggest:

Maxed BH, Vigor, BA, Might
1 point in HS, Meditation, and prereqs
Everything else into charge
Why max might instead of charge? Might gives +20% ED per point as a synergy to charge, and the aura itself receives +10% ED per point. If you charge with your Might aura activated, you can think of each point in Might as giving +30% ED to your charge. Fanaticism and charge both give less ED, and the AR doesn't help much since your base AR will be low in the first place.

This is my proposed setup for hammer casting:

Upped Shaft
Verdungo's (can't use arachnid because of the slow that carries over with charge)
Pally caster ammy with 15+% FCR

This setup should give you plenty of +skills for hammer damage, 50% PDR, and 75% FCR. If you need to stack resists, use a Kira's socketed with the proper resist rune (ort for lightning, thul for cold, tal for poison), the Um'ed Vipermagi, and Mara's (if your caster ammy has no resists) as you typically won't need both PDR and stacked resists at the same time. When casting hammers, I suggest you do it with your Meditation aura active, since the mana regen will let you cast hammers indefinitely while providing a good deal of life regen as well. Using defiance as your aura when you're being smacked around by a ww barb or melee druid could work too, since it'll help make up for your low level HS.

For charging, it's a little tricker. If it were me playing, I wouldn't try to charge barbs or other melee paladins because of your low AR. Realistically speaking, the only people you'll be charging are sorcs, bone necros, trappers, and bowazons. What that means is that you don't need a shield (get resists from charms, vipermagi, mara's, etc.), so you can get the biggest, most damaging 2 handed weapon you can find and charge with that. An eth weapon is preferable, since charge doesn't really wear down weapon durability that quickly. I would recommend the runeword 'Honor' in an eth war pike (~700 max damage with 25% DS) unless you have something like an eth Hel'ed Earth Shifter.


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Well, does any of those would fit for charge ? I won't go with high str so there are the 2h-hand, low str, high dmging weapon I have.

1: Doom's Ribcracker
Two-Hand Damage: 357 to 532
Durability: 130 of 130
Required Dexterity: 35
Required Strength: 63
Required Level: 58
Staff Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x8e32ae25
+15 to Dexterity
+100% Enhanced Defense
+337% Enhanced Damage
+30 to Minimum Damage
+65 to Maximum Damage
+100 Defense
+100 Maximum Durability
Required Level +7
50% Increased Attack Speed
50% Faster Hit Recovery
150% Damage to Undead
50% Chance of Crushing Blow
Socketed (1: 1 used)

2: Steeldriver
Thunder Maul
Two-Hand Damage: 127 to 694
Durability: 51 of 60
Required Strength: 127
Required Level: 77
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 81
Fingerprint: 0x74d38809
+286% Enhanced Damage
Heal Stamina Plus 25%
Requirements -50%
Required Level +12
40% Increased Attack Speed
150% Damage to Undead
Socketed (1: 1 used)


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An eth Upped Ribcracker would be pretty sweet because of its extremely high min damage. Otherwise the Ribcracker you already have should be fine.