South Park and Steve Irwin

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South Park and Steve Irwin

The episode, aired in the U.S. earlier this week, shows Satan preparing to host a Halloween fancy dress party. Other guests include Princess Diana, Hitler and rapper Notorious B.I.G. Critics have been appalled by the Irwin character's depiction in a bloodstained shirt and with a stingray still attached to his chest.

John Beyer of UK TV watchdog Mediawatch said: "This is such bad taste and the makers of South Park should review their decision to show it. Steve's family are still grieving.

"To lampoon somebody's death like that is unacceptable and so soon after the event is grossly insensitive.''
So, do you think it is too soon? or perfectly acceptable?


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Doesn't bother me at all.
If anything, the humor is in Steve Irwin of all people being in hell. Which is the same reason Diane was there. He wasn't portrayed as a bad guy at all. If my dad was famous and died, I'd be thrilled if he appeared on South Park in hell.


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Poor timing really and scrapping the barrel on this one...

I mean, South Park has always been "shocking" in that "omg, I can't believe they did that" kind of way, but I think they're being a bit premature here. It's only been a few months, geez, cut the Irwin family some slack.


I stopped watching SP awhile ago because i though they were just going for the gotcha factor instead of putting out a decent show like they did in the early years. Just my opinion howver and it doesn't count for much


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Didn't they even make fun of themselves in that joke when satan said something along the lines of "Well, still I think its too soon Steve. you are making some of the guests upset, you need to leave." Even if bad taste, It was most likely still funny to some, hurtful to others, but they did it and its done.


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Heh, no, Satan thought at first it was somebody dressed up like Steve Irwin. Satan remarked "Oh, dude, too soon, that isn't cool" or something like that.

Steve Irwin then exlaimed that it was him, and Satan then said, "Oh, well, then, no costume, you gotta leave".


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I think it woulda been fine if there wasn't a sting ray hanging from his chest.

They didn't have Princess Di crawling from a car wreck. They just showed her, and it was cool. The face that he was on there wasn't bad at all, to me at least. But the way it was presented was a little tacky.

*looks in the mirror*

Biggy Smalls... Biggy Smalls... Bi- ah I can't do it.


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Never liked Steve Irwin much, never liked South Park much, so no issues. Guess it's the last option I must vote, esp because just today some nasty kid was running up and down the bus shouting "poingpoingpoing" all the time and I have no clue what it is on this board


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I'll be able to comment in about five years when SBS gets around to SHOWING THIS BLOODY SEASON!!!

I don't know about the stingray, that sounds funny to me. South Park has done things in the past that I thought were just childish or stupid (there was one season where I considered giving up on it) - and more importantly unfunny - but this doesn't sound that bad.


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I voted:

I don't have a problem with it. It is funny as heck!

Although I only agree with the first part. I don't find South Park funny at all.

Ash Housewares

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they tried to protect the fact that they were making a joke too soon by making a joke about making jokes too soon

it was very lame