Sort of OT: bad D2 dream


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Sort of OT: bad D2 dream

I haven't played much lately. In fact, only slowwwwwly working on my concetrate barb. I'm largely out of D2 nowadays. But I was getting this bad D2 dream twice. I dreamed I was questing, and left my eye off screen for half sec, then my barb got killed by few usually "harmless" weak monsters (from full life). I just need cleaning ancient way away, then face ancients. Guardian is few hours away. But this dream made me really worried. I'm not sure I dare to continue playing him next week :undecided:

Sometimes, my dream really reflects in RL, and few years ago, I had my good D2 dream (dreamed find a ZOD in my bedroom), high rune really dropped in D2 for me (not a ZOD, only).


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Hmmm. Quite interesting.
Yeah, take a short time from him and practice later before taking on the Ancients. It's probably just Blizz calling you back to them.
They've programmed it to control your mind through dreams!

Sometimes, my dream really reflects in RL,
True. Dreams (and some may say otherwise) do show my inner emotions/feelings on recent events etc as well.


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Last night I dreamed:

I was driving home and I drove my car into the swamp on my road. Rather then just flopping into the mud it promptly started to float away from the road and sink. I reached over to unlock the door so I could get out but it was already unlocked so naturally I locked it. Then I had to unlock it again and of course by that time the car had sunk a lot and I couldn't open the door.

*Que the scream and... wake-up.*

It was 5:22am I was in dry, safe, and in bed with my g/f. I must have yelled out loud or made some noise cuz she woke up too so I hugged her.

Anyway, I don't currently live in the town where that road with that swamp is. In fact I don't have to drive past any water on my current commute. This makes me happy!

I'm sure your Ancients fight will go fine though! I've had dreams where I've stupidly killed my HC characters, and many of them are still alive and kicking in real life to this day. None of them died around the time of the dreams.



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Actually all the runes are subliminal messages programming you to play - as you have been away, the effect is kicking in and threatening the death of your barb unless you slay demons!!!! :D

I had an AWFUL dream last night that is not the subject for an open forum... suffice it to say that it was about my girlfriend and a slimy guy at work that we have both always hated. When I woke up I was shaking and had to call her..... I was shaking because I'd just murdered this guy for what he did!! Even dreaming about murdering someone is quite an extreme feeling! :shocked:


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I had my good D2 dream (dreamed find a ZOD in my bedroom), high rune really dropped in D2 for me (not a ZOD, only).
In my good dream I found Jessica Alba in my bedroom :tongue:

So far it hasnt happened real life though:scratch:


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in my dreams sometimes i carry weapons (swords, knifes etc.).
so i was thinking (in dream) what if i make a RW.
so grabbed my Jah r00nz from under the bed.


i'm crazy and i'm proud of it