sort of a noob question


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sort of a noob question

alright, how do synergies work with masteries. Are they added together, like 200% lm/fm + 200%synergy, and then applied to the skill your using. Or does one come first or something, like 200% lm/fm applies to your skill, and then synergies are applied to whatever dmg output that is, or the other way around.

well that was a ramble... lol


Afaik, synergies modify the base damage of the skills, as does mastery. I'm tempted to say it's [base skill damage] modified by [synergy bonus] modified by [mastery (eg fire)] but It doesnt sound quite right.

If you have a fireball sorc, and say you do 300 base damage, putting a pt into firebolt (14% enhanced/lvl) instead of mastery (7% enhanced/lvl) yields more damage, so I guess i'd be inclined to think that the Synergy bonuses and Mastery bonuses / enhancements just stack with one another. % enhanced elemental from gear (eg, griffs on a light sorc, or fire facets) would also add onto this stack.

Cold Mastery gives - resists though, so while there may be no apparent -stack- in that instance, it'd just be treated as base 0, and fathom/nwing would add on top of that. S'why cold enhanced seems to do relatively more than equivalent %enhanced items in lightning or fire.

I guess I got a little OT, but hope it helps :wave:


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This explains it all in detail:
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