Sorcie Teleporting in Dur2 (HC)


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Sorcie Teleporting in Dur2 (HC)

I'm planning on making an mf sorc for running meph. I've already lost 2 char's to those damn dolls in Dur2 (i play HC exclusively). Now i've read the forums on how to tele to meph with a sorcie. But i'd like to know if this is a truly VIABLE plan in Hell HC??? Can i setup my sorcie so that she won't die as i tele to meph? If so what are your suggestions? Thanks.


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Those dolls are only dangerous if they explode, I am more afraid of the big muscle dudes(forget name) because they have stun and if they have mana burn, your dead unless you have quick hands. First, take your weapon off your merc(you should never tele without a merc) so he can't kill those dolls then you well have no problems with the dolls. Also make sure you put 20 into telekinsis and about 5 or so into ES. If you do that the only thing that well even have a chance to kill you is mana burn and to counter that, have some damage reduction. Now nothing can kill you unless you are very slow to press the pots.


Here are some tips that should help you out.

1. Get 75% chance to block. (eld'd whitsands shield is a good choice here)

2. Get 63% faster cast or more. (wizard spike, magefists, vipermagi and Faster cast rings can assist with this)

3. Keep moving. Dont stop teleporting until you're there.

4. Dont use a merc. Not only will teleporting with a merc cause lag, if the merc kills a doll or 2 when you are teleporting, you are history.

5. get to know what durence level's look like. Eventually you will be able to find durence 3 just because you know the general shape of it.

6. Try to get DR. Shako, verdungos, stormshield, string, shaft, rockstopper, rockfleece all have % damage reduction. This can really save you from deeds, but its not nececarry.

7. Get high life. Dont waste points in strength or energy if you dont need it. If you decide to go with no block at all....Dont put any in dexterity. My sorc has 60 str, none in dex, 450+ vitality and none in energy. At her peak (before i downgraded her) she had almost 1400 life and over 1,000 mana.

To answer your question...Yes, Sorcs doing meph runs is very viable in hell. I have found shako and other nice items running her.


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Great info, thanks.

So if i have this right, as long as you don't kill the dolls they won't explode and kill you. Are they strong enough to kill you in one shot with their attack? Both times i died, i'm not sure if i accidentally attacked them and they exploded, or they were just so fast that they hit me multiple times with their swords and i died !?

As for the right equip/stats: 64fcr, 30fhr, how much damage reduction?, 75% block?, etc. HF merc? Frozen armour?

For skill points is it possible to put points in shield and telekinesis, and still have dual elem (meteorb). Or do you have to go all cold (say blizz for meph)?

Thanks again for the info. I just don't have the time to build char's and try the different options. Damn work. Where was Diablo when i was a student?


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rate my sorc's safety for running meph

I have a lvl 80 cold sorceress.

Blizz and all synergies are maxed, 1 in all prereqs, 1 ES, 1 in the first cold armor.

I have max res in hell, 1240 life, 700 mana, about 4k defense without my defiance merc. I am past the 63 fcr bp for tele, but not sure what exactly i have. my blizz damage is about 5300 and i have 340 mf on switch.

I can run Hell andy day in and day out without even having a close call, Andy herself dies in about 5 seconds.

Do you think my character is good enough to run Meph safely now? I have tried 2 times and both times i had to hit juvs and flux.


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btw, not sure what lvl my ES is with skills but it has about 59% dr, and that is with lvl one Telekinesis


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I myself advocate using a merc for this run, mine very rarely dies to Mephisto. Without a merc Meph will cast Blizzard (probably his most potent spell) quite often. He never casts it when he is being melee'd by your merc. Havent seen any lag issues from teleing with a merc and I tele with a Oak Sage also. I suggest Reapers Toll as your merc weapon. The decrip works wonders against Meph and Pindle too.

In NM you must disarm him, in Hell I havent seen my merc one hit kill a doll yet, so if you subscribe to the keep on teleing theory as I do this shouldnt be a problem.

I agree on the Eshield theory. Max telekenisis and get Eshield to around 50% with skill bonus from gear.

I like to use my shield for resist and do not use max block. Mosers with 2 pDiamonds puts a serious dent in getting to max resistance. I think max block is a player preference.
I don't use a merc... it's just so annoying when they die. If you're just going for Meph, don't get max block. In my opinion, it's not worth it for this build. I go for fast cast instead... if you don't lag or run into fanat monsters, you generally won't even be touched. I have... Max FO, max Ice Bolt (which is kinda unnecessary), max CM, Max Telekinesis, a few points in ES and some Warmth. 110-120 (Don't know breakpoint, but it doesn't matter) faster cast rate (Magefist, skin, wizard, lidless and maybe that's it for FCR). I have 20% DR (string and shako), 55% from ES and about 2.5k def. I only have 800 life and 54/75/75/54 res with all gear on, -7/20-30/~50/-7 on switch. Meph can almost kill me, and if I'm not careful those pesky ghoul lords can try as well. That's why I never do Meph without at least oe full juv, mostly for him. Seriously, the only thing to worry about teling is fanat urdars (I forget name as well, so I'm calling them urdars). If you run into them and lose health, just juv/flux. I stop in doll packs and regular urdar packs and the like all the time. I never hold alt and sometimes my mouse is screwy and makes me tele around where I don't want to go. If you're computer isn't laggy, all you need is the FCR with the DR/def etc. as backup. I originally went for max block and decided halfway through not to, so my sorc has a bunch of wasted points and still does fine.

And as for luck... I have ~300 mf now... I have run Andy, Ancient Tunnels and Meph countless times. Notable drops from Meph, including NM and Hell: Lidless and Shako. That's it. Andy/Tunnels have dropped 2x shako, 2x SOJ, 2x Wiz, Lidless, 2x vipermagi, etc. The only elite uniques he's dropped are shako, 2x Fury Visor and that crappy blade barrier. I've run him at least 500 times, literally... pisses me off.


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uhm, remember to put your eshield up. and don't tele while amped, ever. and don't find super nice items a game before like tals armor then think its funny to play tag with might extra strong maulers.

i give you this advice from experience :(


If you want 100% safe way of killing meph do this:

1. Enter durence 3 and tele up to meph
2. Get his attention and have him follow you down to the red portal
3. Teleport across the "blood moat" and walk down
4. Stop when you can still target him, but he does not attack you
5. Cast your ranged attack of choice (blizzard, meteor, firewall, hydra work well) Personally i use Meteor and firebaal.
6. Switch to mf wep/shield right before he dies, teleport to back up to the red portal and collect shakos and storms.

This method allows you to attack mephisto and he cant attack you. If you feel strong, brave and daring...Tele straight up to him, static him to 1/2 life then continue from step 2.

I hope you understand what i mean by "blood moat". There is a sort of Pad right before the red portal you can get him on...Or you can get him on the left or right side of that pad.

If you are aware of bremm sparkfist and his gang, they can be avoided easily.

Of course, this method doesnt reallly fly with the frost orb its up to you.


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^ dont use a merc either, if you have a merc mephisto will fire at it, and probably hit you also.

I find blizzard works faster then meteor, a 5k blizz vs a 10k meteor ill take the blizz anyday ;).


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Do block and do get merc, just remove his weapon as you move through durance 2. cant stress the importance of both. Also merc is a fine source of extra MF


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I just want to prove to everyone that it can be done safely if you're smart, even if you don't have high DR or defense. My level 75 Sorc with reasonably good items can teleport through Durance 2 pretty well (and really, that's the only part you should be worried about)

Life: 700 (yikes)
Defense: 1000 (eek)
70% Fast Cast (A NECESSITY in my opinion. Don't leave the wp without it)

- Stick close to the walls. That should help you find Durance 3 quicker, and its usually less likely you'll wind up in a pack of killer monsters.
- Merc = trouble. I'm so weak I end up using the moat trick exclusively, and a merc can get you KILLED if you bring him along when you're moating.
- BE ACTIVELY AWARE OF YOUR MOUSE CURSOR. If you teleport and your mouse happens to in a space where there's nothing, or even more deceptively, a chest, you'll be a sitting duck. Always make minor adjustments.


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Short clip of how fast and safely you do Meph with a merc.

Seriously, those of you who doesn't use a merc for Meph are really missing out on a much easier kill. Yes, he should be stripped of his weapon because of the dolls, but he's not the killer anyway. It was mentioned above, but I'll say it again: Meph will try and slap your merc, and he does little damage too, while standing nicely in place, so there is no reason what so ever no using him.

The moat trick is not nescessary with a merc and using that trick, there are alot of other potential dangers, like a Bloodlords right down below and the Council guy just to the left.

Look at this clip (mpeg2) and you'll see the benefit with a merc tanking Meph. Seriously. Andariel kills my merc alot quicker than Meph does. In the clip, the merc is wearing a Dusk shroud smoke and Tal's mask.

The real danger with doing Meph is, as stated numerously already, teleporting into a Mana burn pack. I have a sorc which I give BO before every run, so she has alot of HP/mana, but she still have to flux from time to time because she has no (or close to no) FHR. It happens that I teleport into a pack of Maulers and then you're pretty much stuck without FHR.

Summary: Use a merc, there is NO reason what so ever not to, if you strip him of his weapon. The "lag" from teleporting with a merc is something I've never experienced and I've played on pretty crappy setups... The merc won't die to Meph unless you are too slow killing him or he has Might from a nearby Boss, and even then, giving the merc pots will save him.

Good luck and check out the clip (might need to save and run it locally if it doesn't stream)!


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Thanks for the input everybody. I think i'll give it a try once my sorcie is up to speed.

One last question - what does 'flux' mean?

So Dirk, with all this info are you going to continue to play your 'chicken' socrcie ??????? lol
Meph killed my merc all the time, and he had bonehew, Dur Shell and Tal's Helm. Didn't stand a chance... just waste of time. I could do an entire meph run in about 40 seconds, create to quit optimally. Other runs would only take 2 minutes max. Having a mercenary doesn't matter, all you need is fast cast. Anyway, teleing isn't the danger; Mephisto is. He killed my 89 sorceress this morning, along with Wyand Voidbringer. It was the best day of my life. The end.

Anyway, to sum up the thread: get fast cast above (at least) 63%. Anything lower means death.

P.S. give my new sorceress free stuff.


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Sip said:
4. Dont use a merc. Not only will teleporting with a merc cause lag, if the merc kills a doll or 2 when you are teleporting, you are history.
Heed this one carefully... I lost my level 87 trapsin to an overzealous merc. Two of them popped at the same time and my 1400 life bubble was empty...


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Merc equipment for a merc that will rarely die and you dont need to disarm teleing.

Reaper's Toll

I am never at risk in dying as was referenced above by a non-merc advocate who carried Juvs for meph. I only carry Juvs for mana burners. Meph never gets my life below 7/8 at best. Ususally only gets my merc to half at best and sometimes doesnt hurt either of us. I rarely have to pot at all doing this run.

I honsetly would never do this run without a merc. Tele straight to the middle of the lowest level below the step and start static, the minute the merc engages spell away (FO/Meteor/Blizzard) I use FO and from the right distance can kill him in 3-5 orbs.

Again I stress, you do not need to disarm your merc if you are a constant tele sorc. I have killed Meph over 1000 times at a minimum and have never had my merc kill a doll on the tele.

The one clear message here: 63%+ faster cast.

The rest probably comes down to personnal playing style.


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Corndog said:
I myself advocate using a merc for this run, mine very rarely dies to Mephisto. Without a merc Meph will cast Blizzard (probably his most potent spell) quite often. He never casts it when he is being melee'd by your merc.

I always have my merc with me and he has cast Blizzard mabie 1/15 runs . I thought I was imaganing things as none of my friends had seen him cast blizzard before ! lol

Another thing ,if you tele to the left of the wp rather than the right the level 3 is probably closer.Still stay near the walls.

When meph shoots at merc and it accidently hits you ..well one elemental shot shouldnt be enough to hurt you badly if you wear some absorb - I belive its much more worth it to go with a merc (I used defiance myself) if he is strong enough to stand up to meph.True if you are killing him from the moat merc should not be active tho...But dont the council shoot at you when you do this now ??

Despite what everyone here and my friends have told me ,I dont have 63 faster cast on my sorc .I have had a few times where she just stops in the middle of a croud and refuses to tele away . She must think she is funny ! lol

I wear Nightwings (I will still switch to shako in a minute if I had one ! lol) and Raven frost so I have alot of cold absorb and T-Gods for light absorb.Depending what ammy im wearing My only res that isnt maxed is fire at 5x which hasnt really been a problem yet.

I also have on Skullders ,War Travs ,Wiz Spike ,Stormshield ,Natures Peace and either +2 ammy or 30 res all ammy

Merc wears Shaftstop (Hubby likes a Ral ,Ort ,Thul Gris armor or Durrys shell here to give him max res) Blackhorns for light absorb and a unq Thresher

I havent had to flux for a long time , so I think I have a pretty good sorc .

She ONLY has 755 life (just over 1k with lvl 5 Oak i think ) and 725 mana ! Max telekinesis , 70% ES and Orb for my killer . Her little life baal doesnt often move .. I cant figure out why I have such pitifil life so dont ask ! lmao

one more thing ... I have never taken merc's weapon off ... he has popped a few dolls on me which havent even made me blink an eye...Mabie the game just knows Im special and not aloud to die :lady: