Sorceress vs Duriel (normal)


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I've done it before, but don't ask me how. I got a merc and lvled us both up to 22 because I figured it was going to be hard. It's pure so not great gear, but pretty decent for a pure char. As soon as I get inn, I got maybe 5 sec before he kills my merc, unless he goes for me first that is. After dying 4-5 times with my merc dying more than I could count and not even getting him to half hp, because I had to portal out constantly I gave up for the time being.

I'm a bit gimped on the skill tree as I'm going for meteor/frozen orb, but I got 2 + fireball on my staff, 35% cold resistant and half freeze time, still I'm not even close. Should I just lvl until I get 24 and get meteor( 1 1/2 lvl away). Should I get another merc? (I got combat one). I don't see Duriel going down with the current setup. He has always been the hardest boss for me, no matter wich char I play, and normal always seems hardest because of lack of skills.


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Alright, bit of a thread resurrection, but for the benefit of future generations..

Static Field with SOME FCR (2x 10fcr rings and a 20fcr shopped wand do fine) makes Duriel easy: fill your inventory with big health/mana potions, cube chipped gems into rejuvs, down some thawing potions pre-battle, then just tank. Use the Defiance mercenary and stay alive longer. To be specific:
  1. enter chamber
  2. Frost Nova
  3. teleport right onto Duriel
  4. spam Static Field until Duriel's life is a sliver, generously hitting potions
  5. use kill skill (remember, MeteOrb is a misnomer - she uses Fire Ball generally and Meteor when convenient)
  6. breathe
This is from countless pure/untwinked sorceresses soloing exclusively in 8-player hardcore games. You'll be fine!


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Just cheat: Open up the game with your sad, useless Sorc. Find Duriel's chamber then exit the game and re-enter with your high-level character. Beat up Duriel a bit then re-enter with your hopelessly low-level sorc and kill him. I've only had to do this on normal with Sorc. Every other class has never been a problem. Sorcs are flakey.


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what I like to do is have in my alternate weapon slot a staff that adds three levels to Static Field (repeated visits to either Akara or Drognan help). This way I don't have to get too close to bosses in normal difficulty to use Static Field.