sorceress build concepts


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sorceress build concepts

my partner Tess & I are currently playing a sorc team. my sorc Rychelle is going to be pure Blizzard and her's, Asteria, is pure Meteor. These are our first sorcs ever despite playing the game for years. We are both enjoying them alot and wondering about other builds. Tess wants to do something lightning-based (but not ES/Enchant) and was wondering if there was a viable build based around Thunderstorm.

I was wondering if a build could be done based on maxing the 3 cold armors and uh... I don't know, something else. Has anyone ever tried anything like either of those? any guides you can point me to? I'm a sorc n00b so thanx for any help.


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You can see the stats for T-storm here

I think people will agree that its useless as a main skill because of its damage/rate of fire but it is still effective as a secondary attack or third for arch-mage.

Remaining other lightning builds would be nova, CL/L or charged bolt. Cl/L has the most damage potential but nova/CB would be lethel to monsters at close range. You still need pretty good gear to get it to work though, lots of fast/cast mana etc since they're all not timered unlike meteor/orb.

The cold armours all don't synergise one another in terms of damage and the damage becomes too low to be viable in Hell. You can max one with cold mastery and go melee enchantress etc but its only as a novel build IMO.

We did play a game on the SPF before though where each of us used a lvl 33 sorc with maxed armour of choice and ran through normal getting hit. The one who killed the most monsters before dying won. IIRC, AE got a pretty good score on that game :)


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your character should have no problems

i had a CL/L sorc (almost as strong as my blizz sorc vs groups) and yeah mana is pretty bad early.
but soj + suicide branch + 1pt warmth + +skills = no more mana problem

cold armor????????
you are not going to make a tesladin like sorc if thats what you are thinking. the defense would be good but the armor wont kill effectivly even fully synergized and max cold mastery.

maybe a tank enchantress
fire mast
energy shield
cold armor


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Just a small sidenote, a high level static field is always nice to have. Especially if you don't need to synergise 2 spells. But even if you go with something like FO/CL static field helps a lot.


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necrolemming said:
Cold armors - why?
call me a naive optimist, but I hate to think that Blizzard would waste an entire branch of the cold tree on skills not worth maxing for some build or another. That and I like odd builds.

keep in mind that if we do either of these ideas, it would be as part of a team so one characters weaknesses culd be made up for by the other.


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The only build that would really benefit from maxing the cold armors would be an enchantress...other sorceress shouldn't really be so close to the fray, that extra defence is needed. Just a warning about Nova and Charged Bolt...they use insane amounts of mana, especially Nova, so if you're not heavily twinked, you'll be drinking mana pots all the time. I had a Nova sorceress in 1.09 that had 2000 mana maxed Warmth, and she still couldn't cast Nova continiously.


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For the cold armor build, why not pair it with Firewall? Go for high defense gear, grab a defiance merc, and cast firewall on top of yourself. If you skipped one of the cold armors, you could invest in TK and use a memory staff for ES to add to her tanking ability.


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So you want something lightning based that's a bit different? Hmm... well if you're planning on making any kind of hybrid with the Lightning tree, I would recommend charged bolt.

20 CB
20 Lightning
20 LM
1 TS (assuming you have lots of +skill gear)
1 Teleport
1 Warmth

Now, what you do from there is up to you. Be sure to hit the 105 (or is it 115?) FCR breakpoint.

Charged Bolt will be used at close range against the larger and more dangerous enemies (including act bosses), so maxing 2 cold armours (not enough points for 3) might work well.

Alternatively, you could go with max TK and Energy shield and effectively double your life (with some of that life on a high amount of regen). It's easy enough to get about 500 life and 1500+ mana. This will also eliminate any mana problems with the spamming of CB. Mana burn and poison becomes the bane of your existence. High poison resistance and poison length reduction is very helpful.

Finally, sticking to the pure lightning attack theme, you could max Nova and Thunderstorm. With Nova maxed, not only can you use it, but with two of its synergies maxed you should be able to use Lightning too.


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I'm playing a (no enchant - going to use demon limb at level 63) melee enchantress at the moment. Have Thunderstorm as my background skill. Currently in act 5 Nm and its pretty good. I have yet to max lightning mastery or add in significant plus skills.

Not uber but I like it. I find that static field (1 point) drops the monster life and the lightning ofton finishes them off). moreover it is killing some ranged attackers outright.

However, I'm just playing though enjoying the game and not seeking to hack though in players 8.

I'd also add that a point in the second cold armour (can't rememeber the name) is really good for a melee enchantress - (so far) in that it stops you getting mobbed - very pleased with it.

How the armour and strategy will hold up in Hell with Freeze times cut and higher life remains to be seen!


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I would use a CL/L as main lightning spells. IMHO CBolt and Nova are not viable without major twinking. You can do the math and count the damage for Thunderstorm per second. Compare with other lightning spells with their cast speed and ability to hit multiple targets. Yes, Thunderstorm is no good.
I have a punching sorc using enchant and chilling armor and although she's only lvl 22, with some twinking she's viable, but not very fun and useless in MP.
For fun builds, CL sorc is great fun. Lightning in geenral is fun element to use, and the sorc has a ideal opertunithy to use it. Max LM, CL and L, and then whatever other skill you want.
Or a close range build would be TS/CB or TS/nova, original and potentially fun. with tess providing damage from another element, you should end up with a couple of mats.


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farting bob said:
I have a punching sorc using enchant and chilling armor and although she's only lvl 22, with some twinking she's viable, but not very fun and useless in MP.
How on earth can an Enchant sorc be useless in MP?


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I just tried building an untwinked nova/thunderstorm sorc last week...

It didn't go very well to say the least. :)

This build will literally give you headaches. Seriously, those are probably two of the worst skills in the game. Nova is so mana intensive, it's almost impossible to get off three or four without gulping down a potion. Thunderstorm is actually more like an aura, the only difference is real auras actually serve an applicable purpose in the game. A day or so after deleting this character (with a sigh of relief), I tried making a true lightning sorc (L/CL). While it did far better, I'm still not very impressed with the weapons in that skill tree. The damage is very unpredictable: sometimes a cast of CL would clear everything in the room, other times it would take three casts just to kill a Quill Rat in the Blood Moor. And again, the mana cost is just ridiculous. I'd hate to say it, but I'm done with lightning sorcs.


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If you haven't done this already, check out the Sorceress Forum and look for the Sorceress Guide Library Sticky. Lots of useful info is in there. Hope this helps. :)