Sorc tele secrets?


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Sorc tele secrets?

I dont usually play sorcs, esp in HC but I'm building one now to try it out as a meteor/blizz build for MF purposes primarily. I have a question for those of you who are experienced in using sorcs: What is the secret to teleporting to Baal without using maphack? Assuming BO upfront, I know WS lvl 1 is usually right-turn-Clyde deal but what about lvl 2 to the throne? Or does anyone do it without maphack? Also, any suggestions about getting to Mephisto? :yep:


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Go Left, keep wall on left shoulder for Meph it works more times than not and many times it isn pretty close.

Worldstone I go left and in lvl 2 and then right in lvl 3 and it tends to work well.

Some days you will say grrrrrrr left sucks!!! then you will switch and find ot right sucks worse!


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Stinger's got it right.

Also make certain you are wearing DR gear (Shako+String/Verdungo's) for that extra security when you meet up with the Burning Souls. Their damage is partially Physical and when TPing to the throne it CAN save your life. Even with the Damage To Mana bonus Sorcs get with their Shield/Telek synergy, there will be times when that extra DR gives you enough time to save/exit if needed.

If you are TPing to Meph, it and your merc is super strong, it would be a good idea to take his weapon away from him in case you get into a pack of dolls.


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I go right on WS 2 and WS 3. I always check the first right past the stairs from WS 1. Sometimes you'll think you're a genius for finding it so quickly... sometimes it will be the very last spot on the map. Eventually, you'll recognize some tendencies in the maps. (of course, the next run will prove you wrong) :lol:

As for surviving... opinions vary, but my preference is max block, max resists, 70 fcr, and 30 fhr. I don't like to use energy shield while I teleport (again, my preference). Mana burn monsters in the middle of a pack are bad enough without every hit you take sucking mana too. Keep your finger on a juvie at all times for those mana burns... you may not have time to drink a mana. I tele through packs. I don't hesistate or stop to evaluate what to do... I keep teleporting at all times. Don't panick if you hit a tough spot... drink juvies and keep teleporting. My two cents anyway... :teeth:


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Make sure also that you break the 63% fast cast break point and hug the walls. When i get to the wp i'll usuall check to see if there is a portion of the map that i can't see on the other side of the walls around wp real quick since usually if there is the next level is right there. Same for Durance2. When you get to WS3 there are small alcoves off to the side of the passages, try and jump into them between teles. If you tele into a pack of monsters, keep teleing, hit rejuv if you think anything is going wrong. Carry extra mana potions in your inventory and fill your belt back up when you get to a "safe" place and your running low.

In WS2 take a few seconds to fire some Orbs down the walkway from the WP just to get a clear start on your tele, it will also give you an idea as to what monsters have spawned. Keep teleing to the right in WS2 and 3 but like Stinger says go left in Durance. Also ALWAYS make big teles, not short choppy teles. Good luck, and don't tele if your not fat on rejuvs.

eh, beat my bost by 10 seconds. When you get to throne teleport back over the stairs, don't tele down the passages. Stay in the middle between the dividers.
I have 120-130 fast cast and 20% damage reduce with only like 25% block and pretty lame defense, but with BO I do okay. I don't follow any pattern, really; I just go for it and hope I don't die. If I hit a pack and get caught, which happens rarely, I just drink full rejuvenation potions and keep teleing.. if I'm still stuck, I quit the game. This method has work several times, although I've been close. I'd stick with other people's techniques, unless you're like me and don't have much.


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"Their damage is partially Physical"

I think this have been deemed a Myth now. People with very high LR and no/little DR say they take very little damage from the souls. Just informing :)


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I'm a baby and left my 70+ sorc in act 1 hell :D I used to only solo mf run, and i figured I dont really dare tele WSK w/o BO anyways, and Its only a matter of time before hell meph kills me, so i just do hell andy. Now, i do them with some friends so i Really should get her through hell....

As for WSK in hell (i used to do them with a past sorc, dont worry, im not just making this up ;) ) I think max resists is a must with oblivion knights and burning souls present, 30% FHR is needed vs fast attackers such as dolls and rat men, you will NEED the 63% fcr breakpoint, the 115ish% one is even better i hear. I say definitly go max blocking, getting hit by anything in WSK in hell can be deadly, and again, aim for high blocking!

As for tele directions, i find that it can definitly be left OR right, but it seems to be right most of the time on level 2 for me, and i have never seen any pattern on level 3, just learn what rooms CANNOT lead to it (the one with 2 branches off it which is a dead end is usually on the opposite side of the map in my experience, but that could be a coincidence..)


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ConnerMacleod said:
If you are TPing to Meph, it and your merc is super strong, it would be a good idea to take his weapon away from him in case you get into a pack of dolls.
Please explain.


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baalos said:
Please explain.
Your Brave merc will hit his mercenary career best shot and when doll dies, you die :/
kelpie snare is usefull when hell-baalruns are in topic :)


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the fast cast bp goes without saying in here, almost everyone should know that.

but i dont think the fast hit recovery bp has been stressed enough. by all means make sure you have at least 30% , and if at all possible get 45% (iirc that is the next bp for sorc)
and of course if you are super rich then max res, get 70+fc and 45%fhr and still have room for 10+ to skills on gear/charms