sorc spells


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meteor. It does the most dmg after synergies and fire mastery but its very useless in pvp.


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I say it's the spell, or combo of spells, you have the most personal skill with. My best combo is Chain Lightning and Frozen Orb. But that's me, and I only do PvM.


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There is no single, most powerful spell. Meteor won't deal any damage to fire immunes. There might be a strongest combination of spells.

For me, the strongest sorc is the one who can solo all of the game. With respect to that definition, a fire/cold sorc (meteor plus fireball plus frozen orb) or a lightning/cold one (lightning and/or chain lightning plus frozen orb - I never tried one, I admit) with a merc who can keep Duriel and the Ancients off her and deal with the few bosses which are immune to the two chosen elements is the strongest sorc.

Sorcs specializing in both lightning and fire (including three element sorcs) are too weak in hell mode because they don't have enough skill points to make both lightning and fire spells strong enough to be effective.