Sorc on a budget: Pure Fire or MeteorOrb ?


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Sorc on a budget: Pure Fire or MeteorOrb ?

Ms Burns
currently lvl57 NM.

Fire skills:
Max Fireball (lvl25)
Max Meteor (lvl25)
Will max fire mastery (lvl19)
Rest 1 pts except for Enchant and Hydra.

Lit skills:
1 teleport
1 static
1 Telekensis.

Cold skills:

Current gear and most prolly end game gear.

Spirit eth Crystal sword (+2)
Splendor Shield (+1)
Tarnhelm (+1) (getting Shako soon)
ViperMagi (+1)
Some rare with resist
Sacaren's Chance (i love the resists and stats boost too much but i cant afford maras)

Maxmimum Possible plus skills 6.

Insight poleaxe (crap damage)
Some useless armor

Now heres the kicker. She can max fire mastery for a meteor damage of 8.8k+ and 3.9k+ fireball with Frozen Orb as secondary attack. However, if i maxed Firebolt synergy i can get 13k Meteor which i can then use to pummel Hell meph using the moat trick.

She is mostly for low intensity mf to pick up the odds and ends i might need so i don't wish to invest in super high end gear for her, so any suggestions ?


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I would suggest Meteorb. That build is the standard budget untwinked Sorc, besides pure Blizzard.

Pure Fire with the gear you have will give you problems in Hell, due to many many many fire immune mobs.


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Im with melianor, the meteorb sorc will sevre you the best. You may have a bit of difficulty in NM since you dont have orb maxed (or close to max) atm, but for the most part you should fair just fine, especially since you have some pretty nice gears atm for a budget sorcie :laugh:

Good luck!

-BLoke :smug:


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Now that is the worry, she will not be able to utilise Forb at maximum effectiveness. It will take her till lvl83 at least to max FOrb and 1 pt into cold mastery and up to lvl 93 for -100% CR.